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New Year fireworks at Esplanade Waterfront 2007. Apologies for the shaking because I wasn't looking at the screen more than half the time. (Who would?!) 花火がすごくきれいよ~

Quanmin and I never did plan to go look at the fireworks, and to me, it had not been the start of a new year. I felt like there were no new goals, only the passing of each day. But then I got tempted by just the mention of fireworks, so we met Jiawei after that, and went off to the Esplanade.

It was unpleasant at the start, stuffy, crowded, and having a terrible time navigating through the 'tai-tai'-ish crowd. But when the fireworks came, it made us forget all that. Except, it all came back when we were making our way home. Anyway, the TV crew was right in front of us, and they was kind of a source of entertainment for having to wait two hours for the fireworks display.

As we made our way home, the crowd was impossible. The Singaporean kiasu-ism spirit began to heat up. As we were making our way into the Esplanade through the tiny door, the crowd behind us got so excited as though they were going to rush for some goodie bag, and started pushing until I was wondering if they would push so hard that the glass walls would break.

I think one of the amusing things about life is that the funny things we see in comedies actually happen in real life. Like people living in the apartments above splashing water onto the people on the street! -sylvia dodges. xP It kind of pissed me off when it happened, but thinking back on it makes me laugh.

But it all felt surreal the next day. Like as if the fireworks were something of another world we entered. A sort of momentary bliss which evaporates the instant that last spark disappears.

I couldn't get sleep last night, thinking about a few things. 例えば...
五、サイレント・ヒウール (Silent Hill)

I didn't watch the whole show, but my dad was watching it, so I caught the last part while having dinner (that was kind of gross). Even though Sean Bean was inside the movie, I don't like watching gruesome movies. I think the thing that scares me is not about how gruesome all the splattering flesh and blood is, but the fact that it surrounds religion, again. (Okay, I'm not very sure about this, because I never caught the whole movie.) I was sort of disturbed by 「The Da Vinci Code」 too, even though I thought it was not really a good movie, because of the extent to which people can do horrifying things because of religion. And I don't know how a beautiful religion can have been made into such terrifying motivation when interpreted by different people.

Ballad of the Pimp (Japanese) - Maya Miki and "Jenny Diver"; The Threepenny Opera

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shuting, hahah! pretty right. i didn't use it at first, because my photos were too large, and i had to make some changes before it would appear alright. but now i rarely post photos anyway, so just use x) quite lolita huh. (:

angie, hello angie-chan~! happy new year! lol i'm slacking while all my friends have found jobs. : (

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pest, HURRR!! actually i did want to put it in xD like, "All of a sudden, an angry orange pest right before me gave the loudest yell to stand up for ka chua rights..." xPP

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