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 空風の帰り道 - Mr.Children

Random start, but I was thinking of using yaplog, since it has 5gb of space and OMG MAGICAL MAKER. But then they have a character limit of 5000 for each post, and for this long-winded お婆ちゃん here, it's definitely not even half enough. And I feel attached to this fc2 blog already.

edit: check out my new photo blog. <3 It's not exactly a "photo blog" entirely, but yeah, more of photos with people in it. ...because I like to use the agical maker function. xD

I met Vicky, Cindi and Sky yesterday! 本当にありがとう! It's really the best birthday outing I've had in a decade. LOL. And thanks for the presents. すきすき! ごめん! I was so shy and quiet when I first met you all! We ate at Ramen Ten, and had cake at TCC (is it called 'The Coffee Connossieur'...?) 美味しい!!!

Cindi works as a tour guide, and she gets to bring Japanese school boys and girls around Singapore.. LOL she shared her experiences with us and it was SO SO SO HILARIOUS! (And, er, as expected, I burst into my usual laughter again. ) LOL and then we were talking about fanfics, and Vicky was telling us about a deserted island story.. HAHAHAHA that was darn funny too xD

Oh and I really liked the Nobuta candle-blowing activity. Cindi drew candles on the tissue (shucks I forgot what it's called) and after i made a wish and blew out the candles, she covered the candle flames with another tissue

Guess what, I bought another dress. Can you believe this? OMG. i've been spending too much on clothes. Anyway this one is entirely black, with a red belt. It actually looks like my brown one, the first dress I ever bought, except that this belt is hard and the one on my brown dress is a self-tie ribbon. My mum didn't scold when I got home, can you believe that? I was staring at her, waiting for her to scold me and she didn't. Speaking of buying stuff I also bought a Kinki Kids poster HAHA. And guess what, although it's small and unofficial, it's actually my first KK poster. X_X

We all went to take purikura at Heeren:

*For Vicky Cindi and Sky, the original scan sizes are here(click to enlarge):
img270original.jpg img272original.jpg img274original.jpg img275original.jpg

MY FACE ALWAYS LOOKS THE SAME LAH. I am so so so UNcreative in poses. We messed up a little on the first machine, and in the end we all got very huge purikura prints xD But it didn't matter, because who wouldn't mind having another go? xP (Honestly whenever we go out in a group of at least four, there's NEVER such a thing as taking neoprints at only ONE machine.)

The nicest thing about fangirling/fandom is actually not the part about "drooling" over pretty boys. It's the community. (: You have no idea. x)

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waaaahhhh, i really envy vicky! she met u, sky and cindi already! next feb when i go to sg, we have to meet up and take purikura too!! yakusoku nee!!!

can u see nayla's diary in sg? i watch it everyday, and they still copied 1 litre T_T i have sent sms-es to the PH but nothing has changed they still wrote it's just fictional! if kitou family knew they would be very sad, coz their daugther's story is said to be fictional T_T *kills all the shameless PH ppl*

ps : i heart Pi's long hair LOL!
pps : i miss syl's fanfics T_T write more!!!

dianne:2006/12/19(火) URL  [編集]

faith, tehehe thanks (: i realised we haven't taken neoprints together before!

sky, elloooo!! hahah you know that black dress, my mum said wear it on CNY (maybe cos she don't want me to spend more money T_T) but my dad sid my grandma is very superstitious and my relatives are those kind who will find something to pick on hurrrrrrr. so i don't know if i should wear it on CNY >_<

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