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solo resto coi ricordi domani tutto finira;


I don't think Chinese characters would show up so I print screen-ed instead.

I took lots of photos recently (as in, not of myself, but of stuff I bought etc), but I'm lazy to edit and post them up.

My dad got me that dress from Pull And Bear which reminded me of Tsuyoshi, but I didn't get the purple one though (which would REALLY have been Tsuyo-style!) because I think the brown one suited me more. Purple was just a bit too loud. I never seem to look good in purple. Every single time I go out with my dad I feel guilty because I spend without thinking! Get me a job so I can give my parents money.. Guess what? He bought me December's Duet magazine! Uwaaa. And then we went to Daiso and he picked up this cute froggy ashtray for himself and I got random stuff like bells and 和風 origami paper. And my mum actually sponsored $50 for that dress.. Deep down inside I was really touched. Not for being able to buy that dress, but for my mum actually wanting to pamper me deeeeep down inside. Suddenly the dress became really insignificant as compared to this feeling.

Boo. I really want to earn money and pamper my parents now.

I have been addicted to green tea recently.

Oh, and I went out with my gang, minus Esther cos she was sick , on Thursday, since Waiyan had to fly off to Hong Kong the next day. We had lunch at Sakae Sushi, haha. I want some more.

Estherrrrrrr, we haven't gone to Vivocity together yet.

But for now, I have overspent in merely 3 days. It's the post-As spirit.

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