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when every town looks just the same;


Adult onlies see that the experience of growing up as the only child has given them many positive qualities. They're capable, reliable, a good friend to others, sensitive, thoughtful, considerate, organised and responsible. And some themes have emerged very clearly too.

As children, most wanted more children to play with and were fascinated by larger families. Very few rebelled in their teenage years.

The intensity of the child/parent relationship, its potential invasiveness and lack of privacy has often led to feelings being locked inside. As adults, many have difficulty now expressing deep feelings in close relationships. Despite the independent image, they are still emotionally dependent on parents, or their memory.

An issue that looms large for everyone who has not already lost both parents is the loss of the last one, leaving them alone with no one, with whom to share family history.

The loneliness of the only child comes full circle.


Only child have this tendency to have just a few close friends and do not have as socially intense lives as others. It's true that maybe we suffer no less or no more than the people with siblings, but in this world where the world is cruel and would possibly leave one alone, it's terrifying for only child to think that they might be abandoned and left alone to the world one day.

Why do you envy us as only child(s)? I have heard so many people tell me, "You are so lucky! You are an only child! You can have everything you want! You don't need to fight with your sibling!" Does that really sound so fortunate? Actually, some of us secretly think the opposite, we think siblings are blessings. So what if they piss you off for stupidly minor things? At the end of the day, there's still someone there. But when you're an only child, all the gold and diamonds in the world won't replace that loneliness. Then tell me, what's so good about material gains? When your parents don't understand, who do you talk to? Of course there are friends, but they are not immediately there, and to throw every single thing on them, isn't that unfair?

So can you all just stop saying "you are so lucky because you are an only child"? Are we so lucky? I'm not saying that having siblings is lucky, but that it's a little bit more comforting to know that you have other people there along with you.

Oh this is darn funny xD

HAHA. There are other funnier ones such as the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, and Aladdin ones.. "Get your own room." LOL.

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