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Was feeling lonely so I started to talk to myself through doodling again and I drew this! :D
other sketchbook doodle(s):
[Chae Gyung]

The song I used for the previous video on messages to my classmates was 「空風の帰り道」by Mr.Children. I liked that song so I, er, tried translating it... It's not very good, because I never really took Japanese lessons but generally this is what it means.

空風の帰り道 (A Dry Wind Blows On The Way Home) - Mr.Children

空っ風が吹いたから(A dry wind blows)
少し手をつないで歩こうよ (We walk a little while holding hands)
花や草木に習い僕ら(Following the flowers and plants we)
かるく揺れながら (Lightly sway along)

昨晩見にテレビの中 (Last night I saw from the TV)
病の子供が泣いていた (A sick child was crying)
だからじゃないがこうしていられること(it is not the reason, _________)
感謝をしなくちゃな (I am thankful)

今日の日が終わる (Today has ended)
また来週に会える (We’ll meet again next week)
「さよなら」は悲しい響きだけど (“Goodbye” has a sad sound to it but)
君とならば愛の言葉 (With you it’s like words of love)

悔やんでも嘆いてても (Even if we _____ or moan)
時間は過ぎてしまうから (Time has passed by, so)
花や草木に習い僕ら(Following the flowers and the plants)
黙って手を振ろう (Quietly we waved our hands)

今日の日が終わる (Today has ended)
また必ず会える (But we’ll meet again)
「さよなら」は悲しい響きだけど (“Goodbye” has a sad sound to it but)
僕が言えば愛の言葉 (I say it as words of love)

空っ風が吹いたから (The dry wind blows)
ポケットに手を入れて歩くよ (I walk with my hands in my pocket)
花や草木に習い僕は (Following the flowers and the plants, I)
向かい風を受けて (Feel the wind blow against me)
一人でバス停まで (Alone at the bus stop)
空っ風の帰り道 (On the road home when the dry wind blows)

ソメイヨシノ - Domoto Tsuyoshi
(Wow I haven't listened to this album in MONTHS.)

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-:2006/11/16(木)   [編集]

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