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わぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ~ Somebody stop me from changing blogskins! I still like my previous though.

I'm almost done for European History. That is, content-wise. But I am so dead for econs and SEA History! Super tired. And I'm still slacking. When am I going to learn? Some miracle might save me. I feel that a laminated certificate isn't "life" but it is for life, no matter how unfortunate that is. What's my 12 years of studying going to churn out?

Guess what? I'm addicted to Goong!! I must be the last person in my clique to have got hooked onto it (hm except Wai Yan, but I don't think she likes Japanese/Korean dramas). But I forced myself to stop at the third episode because I needed to finish up Russian Revolution. Oh, and do a bit of Econs. I actually think that when Yul gets emotional and looks at the ground, he looks like Tegoshi. The same baby face xD

When I look at the Jyannis boys, I get motivated to study, because even people like Tegoshi who hate studying can get into Waseda! And Sho at Kei-o and Yamapi and Keii-chan in Meiji University... Then there are people who never 'completed' their education (is it ever possible to complete education?) have made it... But when I think again, the people who have gotten into these top five Japanese universities have worked a hundred times harder than me, and even if they couldn't go to university... They were in JE already, they had a pretty much stable job and future (as long as they don't do anything wrong), and they don't have to worry. Or else if -touchwood- they had to pick another path, they would probably be well-trained by the challenging industry. University for them is an alternative route.

But for me, it's almost the only route. Because there's nothing I can really do other than studying, at present. Then I ask myself, why am I not working harder? In this world, to survive, you have to be useful to society, and not yourself. I don't know, people say you can fulfil both, but it's not that easy, is it?

Youthful Days - Mr.Children

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angie, huh serious? i-230 oookay i've never heard of that before.. hmm where'd you read that from? but they still have to sit for entrance exams..

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