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見て見て! アリスのファイルよ! きれいでしょう? 紀伊国屋に見つけたんだ。 すごく嬉しいですよ!

I bet there's grammar mistakes in there but who cares?

I'm having a bit of a cold. I guess it's because of the weather, it's been raining recently.

I went to Liang Court to 勉強 with みちゃん yesterday! 楽しいです! We met "big shot" people haha. And also a person who talked really loudly when she was talking about 「Death Note」, as though she was showing off that she knew a lot about Death Note. HAHAHHH.

At 紀伊国屋 we saw 「Snap no Shingo」 and Tsuyo's photobook, both of which could not be opened to be browsed through...

<--this will forever remind me of MASSU. HAHA! The ブタ-lover.

When will お金 drop from the sky so that we can get to 日本??!

Boo I really admire (yeah correct word to use!) みちゃん’s 折り紙 cranes! Darn. Let's get that 折り紙 book and after our 大変 times we can have some sort of er..... 折り紙 festival! Haha! I want to fold that onigiri. It really amused me to no end. Heh.

山下智久 doesn't smile in photoshoots anymore... Actually, I kind of missed his skinny face.

We were at 明治屋 before we went home, then we paused and heard KinKi Kids Pretty old songs, but very happy too ! We heard that song that goes, 「愛されるよりも...」...something like that. And yeaaaaahhh there was Jetcoaster Romance which I secretly like a lot! It makes me really happy. Oooh and not forgetting 夏の王様。 「オエオエ!」(To which みちゃん replied, "Oh eh 个屁啊!")

Random Things:
1) I want to watch Sample Bang again.
2) みちゃん only just knew recently that Uchi was imitating Winnie the Pooh on 堂本兄弟! -akira SHOCK-
3) I still want to write fanfics.
4) I always manage to miss NaNoWriMo every year. (National November Writing Month)
5) I forgot the hand actions to News Nippon, Kirameki no kanata E, Teppen, Venus and Sakura Tasuku Uta.
6) I miss watching Shounen Club.
7) I miss the Nobuta season when Pi kept acting drunk/baka on Shounen Club.
8) I miss baka Jin.
9) I am still convinced that Ueda is a girl.
10) Happy birthday to both Koki and Esther.
11) I got Hiro-chan's file for my birthday present! (From みちゃん!)

12) I owe her two years' worth of presents.
13) Tell me who kept saying 「まじで?!」 Was it Pi?
14) KEN-KEN!
15) I miss calling Tammy "Mrs.Yamashita"!
16) Read one of Shige's jweb entries on Binan No Nikki, and Keii-chan gives the most amusing road directions. x)
17) I miss reading jweb entries ! Used to read every one posted up.
18) I miss Keii-chan!

Before I end, I want to say...
OMG I WANT 「Harmony of December」 single!
Yeaaaahhhhh it sounded more like a 春 song. But it's okay, I love KinKi Kids' songs like that. (:

 虹を見たんだ そこで世界は変わった。
(僕らの音 - Mr.Children)

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girl!!!! GOOD LUCK FOR A LEVELS!!!!!!! *shoots nobuta power to you*

angie:2006/11/05(日) URL  [編集]



HUIWEN:2006/11/07(火) URL  [編集]

mrs yamashita is here!

hahahas. wow long list! hahas. reading it makes me start to miss fangirling all over again! i wanna go to some jap ktv and start singing teppen! hahahas xD

will be looking forward to read your fanfics too! xD

good luck for the a levels!

tammy:2006/11/07(火) URL  [編集]

*screams the last line with slyvia*
i actually like the song more after looking at the PV preview..
KOICHI~~~ faints!
lol..and tsuyoshi as passionate looking as always!
kimi ni aitai,
ima aitai...
~ ~

deborah:2006/11/20(月) URL  [編集]

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