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in my eyes you do no wrong;


Josh Groban performs "You're Still You" on Ally McBeal.

Lip-sync, but LOL extremely adorable peformance! My favourite male singer! :D New album release on November 7th. Can't wait. (:

...you know what I currently wish to learn to do? I want to learn to know what I can share in conversations, and what I do not have to share. I want to know how to chat without making constant reference to myself and my worries. I need to stop bitching about others to my friends, and I desperately want to know if we don't talk about people, what else we can talk about. :(

Because every time I share my own problem with someone else, I feel so selfishly self-centered.

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Pest, lol yes I realised that the content i very applicable to you =x and ehhhhhh i hope you're not offended but you still do it now ^^;; although, yea, I understand why you do it lah, cos it meant a lot to you..

but you know what. when I talk about my problems or something i experienced, at the same time, I will think, why do i keep talking about me, me and only me? and why am i always trying to think of the right thing to say most of the time in response to others instead of genuinely responding to others' words? although yea, i listened and it's just that i don't know how to respond, but still.... grrr. of course not all the time,i do have genuine responses but i'm so worried that half the time I might not be sincere. well, okay, the scary thing is, I don't know if i were sincere or not. i really cannot tell.

but they all come out of one main hope that the other party will know that i am genuinely listening. i-238

you see!!! even now i'm only talking about myself!

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-:2006/10/23(月)   [編集]

Faust, hahaha omg the irony! i didn't notice that when I posted. >_< haven't chatted with you in a long while, lol. after A levels. ha.x) thanks, and hope you'll do well for your promos!

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