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great expectations;

Why do you put such expectations into me? Why am I expected to be nice to you? Why am I expected to know what I should do just like everyone else? Why am I not forgiven if I am clueless? It's so tiring, sometimes I feel like I just want to be alone so I don't need to think so much about what I do.

I don't want to live up to what you define as 'Sylvia' and then when expectations come crashing down I am just a piece of shit.

And YOU. You think you can push me over. In fact you think you can push everybody over. Don't use your games, it doesn't work anymore.

Then you, you, you and you. And the list goes on forever.

You see, being nice does not pay. It will only serve to make others build up their expectations of you, and you will realise one day, you're so tired from all the things you need to do.

And we should stop wasting our breath and shut up because nobody believes our words. It never matters what we meant from our actions. It only matters what our actions appeared to convey to that person and he/she will believe nothing else than what he/she wants to believe. Because we're all just pieces of shit, so of course our words are shit, right?

"Don't be so naive,
We believe what we want to believe."
-'Stories', Forbidden City


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-:2006/10/03(火)   [編集]


-:2006/10/03(火)   [編集]

Faust, hi, haven't chatted with you in a long time :) hope you're doing good. hahahhh nice people are rare? o_O um actually i don't think i'm entirely nice.. >_< anyway.. haha. x)

Siti, HAHA. Hey I consider you as one of the nice people x)

Sylvia:2006/10/04(水) URL  [編集]

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