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he promised me back snow cherries from france;



Vanessa, for you: つよちゃんの写真!(click). (:

Super adorable. (: Actually to tell the truth, the magazine is not overwhelmingly fantastic this time (the fact that it's on discount shows hahhh) but since it had a 30% discount on it, so I bought it. (: (Speaking of which hey, Liang Court's Potato, Wink Up, Duet July issues are having discounts at the row of magazines, only $9+! :D Yay lucky scoop today! Bought on impulse, the aftermath of which was guilt because I and Vanessa stayed there to flip magazines for so long.

It sounds exaggerating but it was...liberating. xD Got to see my favourites again ! Although it's pretty outdated. And Pi doesn't have the shy leaer look anymore, which I really miss. Hey, if you ever see Okada's pinup on my wall, it's only because of the yukata. x)

Lots of 日本人 reading 漫画 at Kinokuniya today, so I guess manga comes in on a Saturday.

We saw the random-est set of people today at MacDonald's. The baby who hit his head against the table without the parents knowing (and which baby-entertainer Vanessa saved), a boy who looked like Wentz, an European with punk hair, a lady with a pretty dress, a touchy couple, the most hardworking MacDonald's worker, a fierce-looking MacDonalds manager, uncouth Singaporean ah bengs, and right across me, a girl with an Abercrombie jacket. (:

Oh and yesterday at school, Shuting had a study session together, and we had fun picking out animal biscuits. xD Shuting has an adorable papa!

Shucks. Still thinking of Origami. Shall get it tomorrow !

Please give me a good Johnny's dream tonight, which I haven't had in months. (: I don't want anymore of Shingo getting into hospital, or Koichi with something bad happening, and most of all, not Tsuyoshi sitting in the same bathtub eating sushi foaming with bathwater !


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Kawaii na~

*(Don't know why suddenly think of kansei ben, haha!! Okay, random, hee.. =P)

Tsuyochi!! So adorable!! *hugs*

Haha, that sushi in bath tub dream!! Wah, missed those times we talked about our JE dreams, haha!! (^_^)

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sky, hahahaha yah our dreams were super funny and random xDD tsuyo-chan is fat ! but never mind it's cute :P

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