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tear in your hand;


-photo from gettyimages.

All the world is
All I am
The black of the the blackest ocean
And that tear in your hand
All the world is danglin' danglin' danglin' for me darlin'
You dont know the power that you have with that
Tear in your hand
That tear in your hand

Maybe its time to wave goodbye now
Time to wave goodbye now

I realise I haven't spoken to Vicky and Resha in months. I miss you girls. I wonder if everything is okay. In a matter of months everything seems to have changed. I've lost contact with a lot of people. And I guess it's my fault because I didn't do my utmost best to contact them. I really don't know how I've been filling in the gaps every day. All I remember are Robespierre and Arcite and Palamon now.

Give me a sign to tell me you're okay. It's frightening to realise that I'm not assured that you all are doing great out there. I'm sorry for the neglect, but I haven't forgotten you all. I miss our times together online and also when you (Resha) came to visit Singapore. Miss fangirling with you all.

And not forgetting Kelly Tammy, Sky, Vanessa, Di-chan (nichi!), Lina, Deborah, Manfa, among many others, and even seeing Orenji at work. x) Maybe one day we'll meet in Japan, haha. ((:

I want to talk about Ken-Ken (Piiiii). And Endlicheri-san. And Keii-chan. And Massu's huge 笑顔!! And so many others more. Which I haven't done in ages. But it's amazing I'm still holding on. I guess it's because of you all. :D

And how long since I last visited MISE?!! In a way, yeah, I don't spend money lol, but it's really.... sad. ):

I feel like nearing the end, thinking back entirely on the past two years inside and outside school is a bit too overwhelming.

青空ペダル - 嵐
きっと塗りすぎた色って 白に戻れないけど
それでいい 新しい色で明日を描こう
(even though the page won't be white again with so many colours painted over it,
that's okay, we'll just paint a new colour over tomorrow.)

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-:2006/09/09(土)   [編集]

Endlicheri-san, haha, don't know why I smiled when I see that, hee!! Nande Endlicheri-san da no? Mou Nii-chan jya nai no? =P

Your Ken Ken, haiz, now really like Tarzan!! Last time too skinny, now a bit too build.. Man, take him in hand!! *Oops*

I'm sure you know I'm fine, with the call I gave you a few days back, haha!! Gomen ne if I distrub you studying? Demo, too shocked over K8's hairstyle!!

Lets go Mise one of these days, go pick up my card, or should I say our card, haha!! Mise sure is "efficient" ne?

Oh, I went to took the test, haha, quite accurate leh, waas a bit shocked when I read the results, haha!!

I like the lightings in your pictures!! If there were a bit softer then it will be perfect, haha!! You looked so cute!! I love the 1st picture!! Man, I sounds like Tamaki, hoho.. =P

-:2006/09/09(土) URL  [編集]

i wonder..if things in life have been well for you. i just hate the feeling of slowly drifting apart from people so dont blame yourself =) i understand so reali its okay ^__^ we know you are so its reali okay 8D

manfa:2006/09/17(日) URL  [編集]

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