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a moment of narcissism;


I have fat legs. LOL but it's okay, I had fun relieving stress. Now I have to make up for the studying. One day when my hair isn't in such bad condition anymore, maybe I'd dare to venture wearing my hair like that when I go out. I am such a narcissist ! xD Every day I'm starting to look at myself more and more in the mirror. But really, it's not only because I'm getting more and more vain, but it's because I want to assure myself that no one will look at me oddly when I go out.

My first time using the tripod stand for photography. x) And I never knew the kitchen was so fun for taking photos. And one of my regrets was that I didn't think of shifting the plant into the photo because then it wouldn't look as plain. >_< I realised plants with colours of green, red and yellow light up and GREATLY enhance photo of that lighting. The things smaller objects can do. Sigh.

夏模様 - KinKi Kids

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-:2006/09/05(火)   [編集]

HEY! i moved my blog. but it's password protected.
How have you been?!v-14

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-:2006/09/07(木)   [編集]

wow so many pwetiful pixs of sylvia ^_^ your purple dress looks very nice on you. stylish and prettiful =)

dont think you have ugly legs >< i have alot of scars on my legs so trust me your legs are fine =D

be confident =) trust me worrying too much wont get you anywhere.

manfa:2006/09/07(木) URL  [編集]

Jolene, hey I don't know the password so i don't know how else to reply you but to type here. yea i'm pretty fine, except i'm panickingand feeling guilty for slacking for prelims..hahh. x) hope you're doing great! so do I relink you?

faith, thank you. (:

manfa, I got a shock from seeing so many comments from you lol!! i-237 sorry for having been quite unresponsive for very long.. sigh. because lots of things have happened, but anyway glad to see you here :D haven't been chatting with you hha. It's ALWAYS summer here in Singapore. sighhhh. hm?! it's spring in australia? means winter has passed?? oh australia reminds me that some time ago a friend of mine moved to melbourne.. kinda miss him. ahahahaha. how come you're making 1000 cranes?! gosh that's A LOT. those were given by my friend.. she tie them to a ring and made it this pretty rainbow-coloured crane ....i don't know what you call it but it's very pretty. (((: oh and i realised roses don't last very long ne... so sad. three days later it was already drooping. guess daisies are still the longest lasting (: thinking of getting a cactus xD you have really sharp eyes like kelly xD ("Kusano-eyes") at first i was wondering what kelly was saying about her seeing kusano then after you commented in that same entry i realised it was the photo in the background xDDD teehee my fatty daddy x) is super childish. when i said, "hey my friend said you're cute!" he replied, "i have no more face!!!" xD haha he says this but i bet he's feeling happy inside xD eh?! why o pink gerbera daisies remind you of me?! LOL.. yeaaaa i love daisies too ! they're so happy and yet inexpensive and....yea they're just <3 guess what, the purple dress is actually a SKIRT x) i played around with it LOL. and thank you (: ah. but i still have fat legs and i don't exercise x) the scars won't fade ?

Sylvia:2006/09/08(金) URL  [編集]

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