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you raise me up;


Some people just can't grow up. :P

The biggest lie he told me was...

"Papa is the tallest man on Earth!"

...which I found out was entire untrue when an European walked past him in a departmental store. But it is the cutest lie I have ever heard. (: Thank you for always taking my tantrums and giving me so much that it is impossible to measure a return.

I am blessed to have the greatest dad on Earth one could ever have. He is always there for me even when he doesn't understand or know what has happened. He comes home and brings me a daisy on random days, and lets me throw all my childish pranks on him. He is the most childish daddy you will ever see, but who cares? We make a great team.

Thank you for buying everything I've ever wished for, and these random things mean more to me than possessions, they are a mark of your intense love for us, and I really appreciate that. I love your spontaneous reactions, and your silly actions (which are paralleled by yours truly :P).

I've called you a thousand nicknames and you'd laugh them off.

Above all, thank you for being my father. My dearest daddy in the whole world whom I'd stick to like irritating bubblegum (as quoted from dearest mama).

-photo by Sylvia.

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-:2006/09/04(月)   [編集]

your entry is so sweeet...and that picture of ur dad is so cute >< i didnt end up doing anything for my dad on father's day i feel like an idiot.

but ah =) that was really touching ^__^

manfa:2006/09/07(木) URL  [編集]

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