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Apparently I couldn't keep my blog on hiatus for long , because something happy happened today, even though I'm still feeling quite horrible. There are many wonderful things eyes can do. But at the same time, eyes can do such horrible things to you.

I saw the cutest Japanese guy I ever saw in Singapore today at Meidi-ya when he asked me and Vanessa to try the food at the Osaka Food Fair. The pretty boy with the gangster hair. Who has such big lovely eyes that totally made my weekend. (:

Though it didn't mean I solved everything that was on my mind. But Liang Court has always been my little place of escape. Yea anyway that guy was super キレイ、カッコイイと可愛い!

I learnt that it doesn't matter whether you meant to hurt a person or not, but only the fact that you hurt that person matters. In any case I didn't mean any harm, but I don't ask for forgiveness either. It was one of the worst things I ever did to a friend, perhaps even the worst itself. I did unto others what others did unto me six years ago without knowing. ):

Things will never be the same anymore. I wonder if it was necessary to have kept a distance from others before you cycled to the top of the hill and realise it was so much steeper on the other side. So down you go and hurt the person who was merely a little in front of you on that hill. The worst thing was that I did not even know how to cycle.

you walk past me
i can feel your pain
time changes everything
one truth always stays the same
you're still you
i look up to
everything you are
in my eyes you do no wrong
and I believe in you
although you never asked me to
i will remember you
and what life put you through

-josh groban.

it's time to let go.

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-:2006/08/27(日)   [編集]


-:2006/08/27(日)   [編集]

is the food fair still on..
eh..u're gg to be on blog hiatus?!?!
all the best for schoolwork!!
just a few more months to go!
guess skl is catching on me too..
in case we dun come here before prelims/A's,

ALL THE BEST SLYVIA!!^_________^

deborah:2006/08/27(日) URL  [編集]


-:2006/08/28(月)   [編集]

i saw another cute guy yesterday!!! hahas he went to kino with his friend xD couldnt stop peeking at him when we were browing through SEVENTEEN. kakaka~ we went over purposely to take a closer look and they both stared at me and my friend when we started talking in english. > < mans, i feel like a stalker!!!

liang court makes me happy! hahaas
oh i went yesterday and the cute mediya guy wasnt there. maybe he only works on weekends. hahahha ^^

tammy:2006/09/02(土) URL  [編集]

hi tammy =D

i havent visted your blog for a long time. i hope you have been well =) i realised you changed the layout again ^^

i could really relate to that poem when my friendship wif a friend ended...but my circumstances were different =) i hope that your friend will understand that you never intended to hurt her even though the damage has been done.

manfa:2006/09/07(木) URL  [編集]

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