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Singapore Fireworks Festival - Team France


Above video captured by me. I apologise for the shaky video because I wasn't watching the screen but the sky itself instead. Cut out some parts where there was music but no fireworks, to size it down to less than 10minutes for YouTube posting. (If you're wondering why the video sometimes get quiet, it's because I kept switching hands to hold the camera and while watching the sky I didn't realise I covered the audio-input area.) Oh, and plus towards the end I cut the video off because I wanted to take a photo of the finale. So here's a video of the end I found online:

*28secs video by harperlp.

The display was magnificent. (: Yesterday's was the best ! It was entitled "Celebration of Life", choreographed by France's fireworks team. Though perhaps every team actually used the same types of fireworks, they managed to beautifully present very colourful and meaningful themes.

For "Celebration of Life", it reminded me of growth in life, from tiny, shimmering, green buds/seeds of fireworks that resembled the birth of life on earth, very quietly, gently and gracefully, to suddenly bursting out with energy and happiness. Through many difficulties and unhappiness beautifully represented by red and green and gold fireworks, to emotions of sadness from golden fireworks slowly falling to the dark pits of the Marina Bay, rainbow-coloured fireworks shoot out after that, and drives away the unhappiness. The finale, a massive shower of gold reminds us of how rich our lives are, no matter what unhappiness there might be. (And actually, I really felt like we were showered by golden sparks literally. They were AWESOME. It's something watching a video of fireworks cannot express.)

I never saw fireworks as anything more than pretty lights going "pop-pop-pop" before. It was a really happy albeit tiring trip. :)

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-:2006/08/14(月)   [編集]

wahh your video is giddy-inducing. but yea, real pretty ^^

faith:2006/08/14(月) URL  [編集]

i didn't go for the france one ><
but the singapore one i went reminds me of raining stars..^_^
they have matsuri and hanabi taikai in nippon,
we have fireworks festival and NDP in singapore ^_______________^ Y
ok, going to watch your video now =D

deborah:2006/08/15(火) URL  [編集]

HELLO! ehhh so sad i didnt get to watch the fireworks. WHY? arrived after it finished. *kicks myself* EHHH I JUST REALISED.... UR A FAN OF NEWS TOO!!! OMGOMGOMG!!!! hahaha im a new fan ^^

angie:2006/08/18(金) URL  [編集]


-:2006/08/19(土)   [編集]

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