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summer is here.


9 seconds clip of the windmill spinning. xD

Got it at Meidi-ya's mini Natsu Matsuri. :D I wanted to get them last year, but when I decided to get one, they were already gone by that time. キレイでしょう?? Me and Vanessa spent some hours at Liang Court doing our usual stuff, and we realised we haven't been there for very long, because... MacDonalds' totally became a CAFE ! No actually it's still Macs', but they renovated the whole restaurant. Actually... It looks classy and comfortable but it removed the old feeling of studying there.

We found lots of Japanese sale postcards for 50cents each at Kinokuniya. Whoo! (Siti's habit is getting to me.) I got stationery. Two more volumes of 「NANA」, CHEESE STICKS <3 and that windmill of course. :D


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wow..that fan is so pretty ^___^ i love those special paper~ its like so colourful nice and decorative =)

i miss summer T___T damn winter ><

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i have reali bad memory sylvia T__T so i dont know if you missed out a comment unless it was something really serious =)

is japanese origami paper dat expensive? i'll go check at kino next time ^__^ and we'll see if singapore sells it reali expensive or australia does 8D have you been talking to kelly lately? kelly is...sho kawaii ROFL 8D i remember i folded a little lady in a kimono in my jap class and it was kinda complicated =x but maybe i suck in folding things so it might be a breeze for you~ ^^

dont get burnt sylvia 8D and make sure you drink HEAPS of water...dont want you to die from dehidration XD and are you serious that singapore doesnt have 4 seasons?!

...x_o so its hot all year around? >_<!

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