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life is a cabaret, old chum.


Actually, I found Cabaret pretty disappointing. But come to think of it, still, the experience was well worth the money. The tunes are unforgetable. (: The pineapple scene was totally anti-climatic:

Herr Schultz. Can I beleive what I see?
But this is too much to accept.
It's so rare... so costly... so luxurious...

If you brought me diamonds,
If you brought me pearls,
If you brought me roses
Like some other gents
Might bring to other girls,
It couldn't please me more
Than the gift I see;
A pineapple for me.

The acting, though, couldn't really come through because I think there was too much glamour in it to bring out the acting. (Although I guess it was SUPPOSED to enhance it.) Such as, when Cliff finally leaves and Sally Bowles stays, her last line to him was, "Dedicate your book to me, Cliff." But because we were sitting pretty far behind (but pretty good for $15, having been subsidised), I couldn't see her facial expressions, and through her voice, I couldn't get the exact message it was to convey. Did she say it in a laughing/mocking manner or in a way that she still loves Cliff and misses the past? Although the latter is probably more likely. I've never read the story. =|

I also liked the irony at the end. In 'Willkommen', the EmCee sings:

Leave you troubles outside!
So - life is disappointing? Forget it!
We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful...
The girls are beautiful...
Even the orchestra is beautiful!

And at the end of the show, there is another round of 'Willkommen', but this time, the Emcee says, "Where are your troubles now? Forgotten! You see? I told you you would forget your troubles. In here, there are no troubles!" Yet, ironically, in the background sits Cliff on the train homeward bound for America, sad and depressed with more worries than he had BEFORE he encountered the Cabaret.

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