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Natsu Moyou


夏模様 (natsu moyou) - KinKi Kids

WOW. I love this. (: Haven't been following up on JE for very long, and am glad they put a smile on my face. :D TSUYO'S HAIR ROCKS !

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nice nice racial harmony day photos! i love your yukata!!! cant wait to get my own.....but hundred bucks, omg. remember the dream i told u about? the one about me and kusa at the natsu matsuri ^^ and u drew me a drawing of us wearing yukata <3

somehow i feel that, there are people that i dont welcome reading my blog :x makes me very insecure.... :/ esp when there are teachers in my sch who go round visiting students' blogs @_______@

i dunno when the mini natsu matsuri will end! theres nothing much though, only like 3 or 4 stalls haha. and its indoor!

kelly:2006/07/23(日) URL  [編集]

omg nice song :D
i really like the summer feeling in this song! and the pv shots are nice <3 ahh natsu no kimochi kita!!!

i went to the mini natsu matsuri too ^^
small but rather nice. hahas. there was traditional mochi makking on sunday afternoon
oh, they sell this really nice windmill for $8. i bought a pretty kaleidoscope too! hahas

i hope there's natsu matsuri again this year!

tammy:2006/07/24(月) URL  [編集]

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