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racial harmony day 2006


-Photos by Sylvia, Esther and Vanessa
song: himitsu - Ninomiya Kazunari

This is absolutely the best (although the shortest) Racial Harmony Day I've ever had. Finally we wore costumes. (: Vanessa and I got to wear 浴衣!! In a funny way, for once, I felt like we were a class.

(photo by esther)

Oh and for people who wanted the photos, here they are. [CLICK HERE] (I have totally forgotten WHO wants WHICH photos. )

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damn nice!!! <3333

our class looks so colourful! (:
hope we'll get a chance to wear together again :D

& NAISU UTA hahaha
(biased fangirl x) )

vk (::2006/07/21(金) URL  [編集]

uwahh ^____^!!! i cant wait to look at the pictures and omg sylvia you look pretty alreadi from the back =D

btw i want you to read this short sad story i posted on my xanga =) its reali touching and i like to hear what you fink about it ^___^

*goes off to fangirl sylvia* HAHAHA XD

manfa:2006/07/21(金) URL  [編集]


-:2006/07/22(土)   [編集]


-:2006/07/22(土)   [編集]

wahaha thanks everyone :D had a fun racial harmony day with you guys !
manfa, i'll read your blog now !! -clicks- okie i just finished it.. that was really touching ne ! :D other than 'touching' i really don't know how to describe it but.. touching.

Sylvia:2006/07/22(土) URL  [編集]

thank you for reading sylvia =) its just beyond describing in mere words....i was asking people what they thought...and some thought that the parnets were selfish, closeminded and mean while others were like well its expected i mean we would take care of family members for sure but i dont fink if it was friends.

that reali shocked me...i mean are we humans selfish enuf we are not willing to take care of our loved one's friends?

i reali dont know =/

today i got a cactus ^___^ do you like cactus sylvia?

manfa:2006/07/22(土) URL  [編集]

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