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i want to swim in that ocean with you.


Very cute Beluga Whale in Yokohama, Japan (2006) trying to frighten people off by opening its mouth suddenly. Although after the video I felt sad that such a pretty whale had to live in a space-constrained aquarium. But at least it's still alive. (:

Went out to Tampines Mall with Vanessa お母さん today. 超楽しいよ~! There was a 北海道 (Hokkaido) food fair there, and I bought seasoned scallops and beans (which I think should be called BEANUTS because we kept calling them nuts. xD) Amazing. They look like rocks but they taste so sweet ! LOLLIPOPS GALORE TOO! The trip was tiring but so so so good. ...if not for the food being so expensive. x)

And, ヤッパリ、we were meant to bump into Mr.MacDonalds'.

We explored Toys R' Us (I want to be a 子供 again!) and had to leave our bags at the counter (does that apply only to students? I never experienced this before.) then we realised... "Hey, what about our wallets?" xD

A happy happy day. Can't wait to show mum what I got. :D

And I got Pest a Birthday present too. Belated one x) Happy Birthday girl. (: Cheer up. (:

Oh I miss Underwater World. I want to see those beautiful schools of fish swim by. I miss the fish. I wish there were more aquariums in Singapore with a lot lower entrance fees. Like, A LOT lower. Depriving fish lovers. I mean, the milder fish lovers. =|

You stare at us while we swim in circles
But we stare right back at you
And stay amused at your imitation of us too.

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hi v-222 I was searching about Tsuyoshi when i found your blog. I wanna say, ur blog is very nice and i like the top part a lot... Very happy to find a Tsuyoshi fan like me色付きの文字v-11

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Siti, hello! thanks for dropping by my blog. (: yay ! another tsuyo fan ! there are lotsof tsuyo and kinki kids fans around in Singapore (as compared to other JE grous xD) but I don't know a lot of Tsuyo fans though..

sky, haha yeah one thing i hated about the hokkaido fair was the crowd, but the food bought was kinda worth it. (: and it really depends on who you go with and with what expectations you have of the fair xDDDD

jiaying, i think it's crowded EVERYDAY! xD couldn't move through the crowd at all. I saw your blog; you tried so many different stuff ! we didn't really eat . just bought those tidbit-y things xD haha.

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