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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Trailer Leak)


YO-HO! POTC2 tomorrow!

I pray there is no last minute make-up lesson(s). Who cares about Will Turner? CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW. I haven't been to the cinema in AGES. (:

There was a two-hour break and then a one-and-a-half-hour break today, which practically made us very free and slacking around. Besides, we were watching movie after movie today. Fortunately I found a copy of The Hobbit on the library shelf and picked up where I left off in my reading. During the second break, we all went out to Serangoon Central, and Esther said, "You see! We all came out just to accompany you to buy SHAMPOO!" We sat and ate at Macs and chatted after that and headed back for school for dratted econs remedial. (They should call it official lecture anyway. It's going to spoil wednesdays.) I don't mind spending wednesdays like that, really. (:

"Immortality! Take it! It's yours!"
(has nothing to do with POTC; been watching too much of TROY.)

later edit:
oh oh oh ! I forgot to add this!
We're watching CABARET at the Esplanade on 23rd July !
My first ever musical :D Starring Fei Xiang xD I've been wanting to watch Cabaret, and now we're gong as a literature class. ((:
I was scanning through the sistic page, and I caught under the admission ruels: Infants in arms or children BELOW the age of 15 SHALL NOT be admitted. Maybe they will ask for my IC. HAHAHA.

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have u watched the movie ? when that green scary outback jungle people captured um orlando bloom O___O that was sooo scary XD and Johnny Depp is soo good looking yeah? hes one of my favourite characters ^___^ i reali dont like the ending of POC2 >< it was such a gay hangcliffers and i hate those stuff =P so yeah POC3 is coming out next year i heard.

*pokes sylvia* with all that cute baby fat =P ppl mite mistake you for being a 14 yr old =D *huggies* hehehehe ^___^ i wish i look younger =/ i look like an old bat T___T

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manfa, haha i watched it this afternoon already yo~! actually... it was a big disappointment. the director (or someone) did mention it was loosely tied-up to link it to the third movie, but I think if a sequel doesn't stand out as a whole enough movie on its own, it might as well not be made. but no doubt jack sparrow was... v-238 HAHA. there were so many questions unanswered ! like why didn't barbossa die? what did the guy who was called lord (i only remember him as mr.collins in pride and prejudice xD) want with davy jones' heart?! half the time i didn't get what was going on. =_= why is bill turner alive?!

miao, haha yay ! although i wonder how fei xiang will sound like x)))) i like alan cumming's version of the MC. (: potc2 was so disappointing T_T but i'l still watch the third one though. =\ since i already started on the first two. ^^; how did you find it?

Sylvia:2006/07/13(木) URL  [編集]

Haha... I'm watching POTC 2 with my SMAP khakis this Sunday. And do you believe it? I only watched POTC 1 last week thanks to my colleague's vcd(I borrowed from her since the beginning of this year but I dragged till last week to watch it).. v-12

anyway, enjoy your movie ya! v-81

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