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i hope you frown (but i know you won't)


I don't think staying far from school is a fantastic excuse to shirk off responsibility to go to school. If so, you might as well not go to school every day. And among everyone whom I asked whether they were going to school on Sports Day or not, the line, "I live so far from school, YOU live so near to school." came out so often at me that I got very very very very very pissed off. But of course no one could tell on MSN. No doubt it is a fact, but for the past year and half this excuse has always been shot at me, so often that I wish wish wish I chose some faraway JC like CJC.

You tell me, "I really want to catch up on my sleep." But I don't think that people who live nearer to school DESERVE to wake up earlier, have less sleep and leisure time just to watch people run on the track and reach home with migraine. And if you tell me I can wake up later, you're wrong. I don't get to wake up at 7am. Wy should I deserve less rest and get doubly dark eyebags than the rest of you?

I am not a nice person, really.

So, not even deep down inside but right outside,
I wish you all would get punished.
But I know you never would.
And I'll just continue to sulk.

I WISH WISH WISH WISH no one knew I lived so close in proximity to the school.

On a happier note, look at my new stickers.

Feeling very 不甘心 about the CCA relay results as well. Track should've come in first but due to a last blunder they got disqualified and Esther injured herself. grr. ahbu heartpain also.

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-:2006/07/08(土)   [編集]

pest, i was just quoting an example and that one came to mind! =_= okay fine replace it with...er.. JJC, YJC whatever faraway jc you can think of x)

Sylvia:2006/07/09(日) URL  [編集]


-:2006/07/09(日)   [編集]

*hugs* daijobu desu ka sylvia? dere will be always be insensitive and dumb people out there =/ they just think that you living closer is more a privilege or they either look down at you bcoz you live closer...

dont let it get to you okay? remember that quote that goes "i dont care what other people say about me"... didnt you say you want to be able to say that one day?

manfa:2006/07/09(日) URL  [編集]

manfa, demo it's not really about what people think of me deshou? it's about the excuse they keep giving.. arigatou :D i feel less angry now x))

Sylvia:2006/07/10(月) URL  [編集]


-:2006/07/10(月)   [編集]

siti, yes I KNOW. but.. what i meant was.. that it wasn't a good excuse to keep talking about distance.

Sylvia:2006/07/10(月) URL  [編集]


-:2006/07/10(月)   [編集]

siti, it's okay laaaa :D i'm am TOO sensitive also. after i reflected =_= just that people kept bringing it up. like, not only you !

Sylvia:2006/07/10(月) URL  [編集]

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