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...Actually it's just a compilation of the photos I've taken, mostly of the clouds inside. Playing with Windows Movie Maker again.

manfa, uploaded for you. :) My first 中島美嘉 song ! [CLICK HERE]

Finished 「NANA ③」! When I saw the movie I really hated Shouji because he appeared to be such a jerk, but the manga brought out the fact that it wasn't entirely his fault, and he was actually a 優しい person. Besides, he looks much better in the manga (as do all 漫画の男 do).


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sylvia chan!!! ARIGATO GOZAIMASU!!! *bows down to sylvia*

i love nana =D but i started reali late reading it >_< i started reading like the latest chapters XD so i kinda skimmed through vo.1 and 2 because i knew wat was going to happen o____o but yeah =D i wanna watch the movie now XD

manfa:2006/07/06(木) URL  [編集]


-:2006/07/08(土)   [編集]

kyaa~ I bought the vcd to watch 2 days ago and I super rabu it!! v-238 Now I'm thinking if i should get the manga annot. HAHA~

I prefer ナナ so much more to 奈々... love her style... and Hiroki as Nobu's so cute in a way~ v-10

maybe I should dl the anime to watch~

by the way, you have yuna ito's "Endless Story" and "Journey"? Wanted to dl but then hard to find. If you have can send to my email? Haha~ お願いします!

Orenji:2006/07/09(日) URL  [編集]

orenji, sure ! i'll send them to your email okie.. ((: yea I like Nana more than Hachi, but Hachi is also a bit of me, so I can't totally say I don't like her haha. the movie doesn't do justice to the manga ! And the anime totally simplified the drawings. T_T so i stopped watching and started reading the manga.. (a bit of it was some nudging from my schoolmate loll)

So... READ THE MANGA! after reading the manga I understood Shouji and Hachi better, and it made my opinion of the movie even worse xD but can't say so much with so little screentime ne.. haha. and the manga is less luo1 suo1 than the anime ! xDDD

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-:2006/07/09(日)   [編集]

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