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Dear Yahoo!: If one person yawns, why does everyone else in the room want to yawn? Lynn Garland, Texas

 Dear Lynn: Yawning is extremely contagious -- 55% of people who witness someone yawn will yawn within five minutes. If a visually impaired person hears a tape of someone yawning, he or she is likely to yawn as well. Face it, the likelihood of you making it to the end of this answer without looking like one of these gaping maws is unlikely. Although the contagious nature of yawning is well established, we know less about why this is so. Researchers are currently giving the topic some serious attention. One theory suggests it's a holdover from a period in evolutionary history when yawning served to coordinate the social behavior of a group of animals. A recent study postulates that contagious yawning could be part of the "neural network involved in empathy." While the mystery of contagious yawning has yet to be solved, perhaps researchers are closing in on an answer. On the other hand, given the subject matter, we wouldn't blame them for falling asleep at the wheel. In the meantime, give the "yawn challenge" a try -- it's tougher than it looks.

Went out with Eewei today. She got two new novels, and I got my third volume of 『NANA』! Also bought myself 可愛い stickers and something for both me and Vanessa. (: きゃぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ~ すごく可愛いよ! Want to take a photo for it but I'll give away what it is. Saw another set of cute stickers with words like 「天才」、「キター! キター! 」、「笑」、et cetera on them.

 夏はいいね?! I miss miss miss writing. Last night I thought of the things I've written and I fell asleep. It was such a happy feeling. 幸せ~ But now it's not the time to write anymore な。

Haven't laughed like that in a long time. With Eewei anything is really funny.

Took photos on the way home of the clouds and also before the exam started. Shall upload them tomorrow if I'm not procrastinating. x) It was the second time I saw dark but yet beautiful rays shooting out from above a big pure white cloud. 感動しました! Okay that's kind of exaggerating.

"Rotten sponge! Can sponge rot?"
"Rotton sponge expanded!"
"A big orange cloud is passing the rotten sponge!"
"It's the smoke from our exam-smoking."


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