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34°C Winter: sign;


Is this one too many updates? I finished this right before the thunderstorm just now. Again inspired by Mr.Children. (: Second one of 34°C Winter series :P (The first one was 'Dakishimetai'. (: ) I love my 4B pencil and my new sketchbook. I think I need a new rubber soon. I want more pencils ! You are reading a stationery freak's blog.

Paranoia still lingers.

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You draw so well!! Help me with my storyboarding man!! I can't draw humans!! *crys*

Am I crazy in typing this way?

sky:2006/06/11(日) URL  [編集]

*pokes sylvia* ur goin crazy on updates =P CALM DOWN HEHEHEH XD

uwahhh ^__^ lucky luh! going to japan wif ur fwend =D and oohhh the countdown! how come she doesnt like kinki kids? if she hasnt listned to them and doesnt like them well try and convince her luh! AHHAHA XD so cute i-278u want a polka-dotted umbrella~ i-237

well...on my exchange program..we have to live 9 days with my host family then we go to Tokyo (places like harajuku, shinjuku, disneyland), kyoto, osaka, hiroshima. i actuali have to pay my trip to japan =P...its like around $2700 ish..><! o_o it pays the air fare accomondation n stuff. wat do you mean by kansai areas? i wanna go to yokohama and see kusano .___. *kakaka stalks* XD

the subjects im studying? well i study japanese, modern history, compulsory history (australian history) , yucky geography, P.E, english, maths, science luh. i chose modern history because i tho i wuld b able to be wif my bestie clare .__. we've never had a class together til this yr wen i have her for the worsest subject...MATHS i-183

my cousin called me today tellin me hes going to hk 2molo morning so i told him i want like crown/skull accessories XD i asked him if he culd get me any NEWS concert dvd or merchandise..but dat wuld b hard .___. but sigh... i really miss news i-240

australia fashion is SLOW. =p so it wont b for a while til crowns pop in soon..XD cant even find the good bling crown/skulls belt unless u go to the azn shops in the ct.

MUHAHAHAH =D i want to do something reali creative and different for you =) im plannin...to get something simple yet personal for kelly =P cant expose it here luh she'll see =P but yeah XD im just so stuck on what i shuld get u luh ;___;

pix of irises! =D


my mum sometimes buy flowers coz its like cheap at coles and shes lik ooh sam mite like it so yeah she buys it? she doesnt buy it no more tho i-227 i just realised i love the name iris...so i mite end up naming my daughter iris if my brother takes away the name melody XD me and my bro have a bet on whoever gets a girl first shall call her melody =P

well it really depends why they brokeup and how it got broken up u get me? but yeah and it really depends on the girl too i-229but argh...i duno i dont fink a guy nowadays wuld give roses to a girl..probarbli too cheap or never considered it u noe?

omg...in yr 7 one of my family fwends used to like me and he gave me a flower which he claimed was a "rose" but instead he gave me a gerbera daisy i-239AHHAHAHA XD


dats a gerbera daisy!

dont wori ur not pessimistic...i get sad wen i see flowers die >< but hey! they gave their everything and all to bloom beautifully! u shuld enjoy their beauty and it just shows how fragile "life" is i-277

why cant australia have festivals i-231lucky bum =D i saw a pix of u wearing ur yukata and uwah sooo cuute luh ^^ i want to go to a festival in japan =D imagine how fun it wuld b! and eating takoyaki~! YUUMMMM~! i-235have u tried takoyaki b4? its reali nice! i love the winter =D and majority of my clothes are winter clothes ^__^ i dont blame you =) singapore is very hot dats why you have more summer clothes luh!

also i want to go at winter coz then i culd see the snow...and i just the feeling u get from winter..just get so excited coz u just feel the love...and people are cuddling to get warm ^__^ and its a new year..and our birthdays are coming..xmas is coming...HAHAHA XD just ..yeah =D i-203

i need to check it out at kino! =D i actually look at the books sections instead of the stationary/accessories area ^^ bt yeah i need to go kino soon! i-239coz i need to buy me seventeen mag and omg my favourite model is in the front cover HA HA!

lateli im reali into pjames ^^ everytime i see the underwear/pjames/bra shops i wuld always poke my head in and look around ^__^ i actuali need to get new pjs O_O! coz my pjs ive had them since....yr 7 O.o dats like 3 years luh! i-280

did i tell you my online fwend from california sent me mashimaro slippers for my bday/valentine day present ? i-237i was so happy coz my feet get cold easily! and omg tonight is so cold!! ><! i-202

damnnn the evil counter person. XD did your friend ended up getting you stuff? i duno... i just feel bad if i asked someone else to get me stuff coz i want to actuali go and buy it myself and den be super happy for what i chose =/ but yeah...i just dont get auctions...confusing .__.

my keitai strap is so plain now luh...i usuali put heaps on it but its only got a strap where u can put your head in. i just worried dat the straps i put in wuld scratch my fone. my fone is a pink LG u880. i want to decorate it with pwetiful sparkly crystal like stickers soon ^^ (to cover the scratches =P) what do you put on ur keitai strap luh? sigh..i want a kusano keitai strap i-205

wow O_O ur defintely a skirt person! sometimes i wear skirts but i reali perfer wearing jeans and pants ^__^ do you find it uncomfortable? im just worried about the wind XD under my skirt so dats why i sumtimes dont wear skirts i-239i've flashed number of times =P

[ kimi ga suki ] yeah...i reckon those scentists were doing like tests on them... but also like how did the mr children people had to do wif it? u noe at the end how they died on the stairway...the guy just walk into the car..n yeah O.o gomen -__- im so slow luh!

im d/ling the song now ^__^ there was this other song i like...it was in ad of yamapi drinking coke XD it was something no blood
ROFL but i reali love it =) but havent been able to find the mp3 for it ><!

*poke* studying hard ay? ive been studyin a bit but ive lost my studying spirit i-239

ne at singapore...do you have prom?

manfa:2006/06/11(日) URL  [編集]

hello! yes, we have prom in singapore.. graduation ones.. でも I have never attended any.. how to say ne.. i like the dresses (though i can't be in a long one) but I don't really like taking part in these events.. because i am afraid of being in crowds. haha i don't like being lonely but i don't like being in crowds xD i will feel outof place. :(

no no my friend likes KinKi but not really a fan.. as in, she likes their songs :D and .. hmm not sure how to explain, but her ichiban is ARASHI!! :D so.. if i want to see KK and she wants to see Arashi, why not see both at the same time? although i really like KK concerts lah, but... imagine seeing all the others too e-265 that'll also be fun (: even though the 2005-2006 countdown concert was kind of disappointing x) and this year no NEWS as a group in.. :(((

$2700!!?? O_O; takai ! I want to go to disneyland na... :( the kansai areas are places like Osaka, Kinki, Kyoto etc etc :D hahaha stalker you !!! xD

oh my gosh you study a lot of subjects O_O! i want to study japanese too.. there's japanese studies at university level but i'm not very good with the language.. and there was japanese for secondary school before, if your grades are particularly good but mine weren't. MODERN HISTORY?! you mean the one where you still have to read up on yesterday's news for the exam?? how's english? what do you all study for english?? :DDD LOL maths! i hate maths. booo. our class is a non-math class :D generally society would see us as a no-future class deshou.. T_T

oh.. for some reason right, anime stuff is a lot harder to get in Singapore than HK! :( sigh. there are so many things i want (DVDs!!) but they don't sell it here and even if they sell it here, the price is really 15 or more times more horrible than HK or taiwan!

haha take your time and decide, my birthday is a long time away !! i'm still thinking for you and kelly xDD (and also a lot of other people, gosh.. everytime birthdays come i feel really really hapy for my friends then i'll get worried over what i'm going to get/do for my friend's birthday xD

gosh all those flowers..make me feel like going to the florist now anf getting myself a flower.. but as far as i remember, there's no florist here within walking distance.. T_T sigh. The name "Iris" reminds me of the anime called 'Sakura Taisen' because they have a character inside called iris :) the irises are pretty!! they look simple and somewhat tiny but they are pretty :D you and your brother are so cute ((:

i want to call my daughter Meredith (: if my husband's surname is Chan (or even -daydreams- a japanese xD) then I'll give my daughter the name 'Hiroko' :D ahahaa although i did give myself the nickname 'shiroko' but the other one was hiroko xDD so i always stamp that on my artwork and letters xD I LOVE LETTERS!!!!

haha your family friend is amusing ! it doesn't even look like a rose ! xD BUT OMG IT'S SOOOOO PRETTY!!! sigh. i want flowerrrrrs. i love how the colour blends and fades out into a paler shade !

haha it's because in singapore we have the japanese people association and japanese schools.. so they will hold sports festivals and natsu matsuri ! but it's actually kind of boring. because they do it on a very small scale and there are no fireworks.. so must go japan and experience one day ! yup i've tried takoyaki! but somehow i ate too many times and got kind of tired of them ^^; and it's really expensive here ! last time my friend in the Philippines said, takoyaki there only costed SGD$o.70 for four balls or something... T_T here it costs SGD$2.20 for 3!

there's a place in japan, i can't remember is it Hokkaido? which snows almost all the time :D pi went there before to show the audience where he and his grandma went to in the past.. haha i'm not a christian (are you??) but still Christmas gives off a warm feeling (: sigh actually nowadays people take christmas as exchanging gifts and nothing mroe deshou? oh well.

you have kino there in australia?? :DDDDD
the stationery section is so <3 pencils stickers cards and LETTERSETS!! ok now i got the urge to go there X_X haha who's your fave modeL?

slippers?? you mean those furry furry slippers?

yup my friend did get me stuff and me and my other friend whom she also bought stuff for, sent her a present :D but we chatted a bit more through PMs and she suddenly got busy lah. haha. we used to fangirl over the same people and wonder why eople don't like the same combination as us x) but i guess now we fangirl different people ^^; human relationships are scary na.. have to maintain !!

actually that person is masako . (: (abaka !)

yea i'd feel bad and i really really felt bad when i asked that i thought for a while before sending the M, even though she did offer to help us first.. but she's really nice :D

i put a fan i got from kino on my keitai stras, and hello kitty stickers on the buttons xD i want those cute stickers with crystals that surround the screen !!

haha oh my gosh there was once i flashed and it was so darn embarrassing and i heard people laughing at me behind ><

haha for [kimi ga suki], i think the ppl in mrchildren wanted to stop their pain. as in, let them be together.. maybe so that they can die in peace, since they know if they left they would die but they still left anyway..

ohh EIEN NO BLOODS! they never fail to sing that at concert.. i'll send you?? cotto ne i go upload..


tadaa! :D enjoy !

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