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take me to that paradise;


My new shoes ! Finished painting and sewing them last night. Chased away the giddiness. It makes me feel like making black ones with white ribbons. (: This pair looks so watermelon-ish. Pink + Green, what does that make you think of? (: They were the only two colours of fabric paint I had (bought it TWO years ago) lol.

I have this 苺 air freshener in my wardrobe, and when I open it up to take clothes out,「草野!」

This shot was too dark, but it's to give a better view of the shoes. (:

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-:2006/06/10(土)   [編集]

oops sylvia i put my latest comment at ur Cinnamoroll comment. gomen nasai!

btw your shoes are sooo cuuute ^__^ i cant wear flats coz they dont lookd good on me but im sure they look reali cute on you ^___^ i love the bows! i-237

manfa:2006/06/10(土) URL  [編集]


kelly:2006/06/11(日) URL  [編集]

haha i'm saving money for Japan ! :D i'm not really planning to buy anything there, but I want a polka-dotted umbrella... =X LOL go all the way for an umbrella?! but the airfare is quite expensive na.. :( so have to save up for that too. and me and my friend want to watch johnny's countdown concert.. but i heard the tickets are horribly expensive ! ah but she doesn't like KinKi's concert.. held at the same time.. but then.. countdown can see EVERYONE~!

what do you do on the exchange student programme? I've never been on one.. oh what are you studying by the way?? :D spend $2000!! -jawdrop- but i would've done that too, if my air ticket were free xDD which part of japan does the exchange programme cover? i want to go to the kansai areas ! but no $$$. :(

60 bucks for a crown belt o_O; WOW. i think my friend got it for a lot cheaper than that.. O_O; crowns seem to be the trend now ne?? is it so is australia too? ohh i remember there was once in a wink up photoshoot, on the page before koyama wore this skull ring, and on the page after, he removed the ring and tegoshi was wearing it !

yea imagine.. the sanrio company.. just have to draw simple lines and add two dots for eyes and draw a cute mouth.. and POOF! A money-earning cutie comes out ! boo but they are so adorable !

i'm thinking of how to celebrate yours and kelly's bday this year haha xD must do something JE!! :D and NO you're not lame ! :DD that's very sweet of you na~ <3 ^^

ahh I don't really remember exactly how irises look like.. boo . T_T shall pop by the florist sometime soon! how come your mum buys you irises?? so sweet :D ooh your friend is a flower-lover? but won't she feel sad when the flower wilts? (gosh i am so pessimistic !) HAHAHA DUMPING PRESENT xDD hmm yea.. and imagine if the guy gave her a bouquet of yellow flowers.. and then when they walk separate ways and she's holding those flowers.. people would know what happened.. ^^; ah but after breakup, who cares if others know what happened. but if given by a friend that'll be nice ne ! :D

YES !! SPRING IN JAPAN IS WOW! i want to goooo. but no concerts in spring where both me and my friend will watch na.. Summer is nice too, only for the fact that there is summer festival ! the summer festival in Singapore isn't really nice, but it's a nice excuse to wear a yukata xDD haha how come you like going in winter?? yea precisely, the cold.. sigh. i don't have winter clothing T_T

summer is approaching ! i think. because i keep seeing summer fest greeting cards at Kinokuniya. they are really fast. the cards from japan are really creative and beautiful ! compared to our local ones.. boo. i want one. but have to save $$. but i did buy a Hina Matsuri (dolls fest) one ! :D that was my only one ^^;

lol but thick hair has to be managed well xD my mum has very thick hair too xDD but i really like how your hair waves ! YAY pyjamas rock !! (i'm in one too now and it's cinnamoroll on it hahaha) they are sooo comfortable ^_^

concert goods ne.. there was this time when i asked a friend in japan to help me get a pi uchiwa and KT keitai strap.. used to send long PMs to each other on a-baka but then.. i think she got busy.. and we never contacted each other anymore na.. i don't really like auctions xD i'm such a lazy girl so i don't like to negotiate with the sellers x) in mise, there used to be a shop-tender with short hair and she'd just chat with the fans about the idols ! but now they've changed the person at the counter.. and i don't talk to that person lol x)

what do you put for your keitai strap?:D

haha i like any type of long skirt... exept i don't like jeans/denim/anything-related kind of material.. dunno why.. i don't have a single pair of jeans ^^;;; i have fat thighs cos of my height and late dinners x(( so i can't wear tight fitting boo. i'm mostly on skirts haha .

for [kimi ga suki], i think the two people were under some medical condition so they had to be kept inside those rooms to survive. (but kind of weird isn't it? then they just make them sleep on and on, then what are they living for?) yes they died in the end ! because they wanted to be with each other and those doctors/scientists were stopping them. come to think of it maybe those people were doing an experiment with them O_O

haha tsuyo looked really quiet deshou?? xD i was so shocked when i saw him act baka. and i think his acting is great :D i love his dramas :DD hmm KinKi Kids songs ne... ahh!! i know ! i'll send you my all-time favourite ok ! i never got tired of this song:
(anniversary - KinKi Kids)
other nice songs are garasu no shounen, ao no jidai, seppaku no tsuki, ko.a.ru.bi.yo.ri, 99%liberty... gosh and a lot others xDDD

sighh. will blog a bit more then study T_T jyaa ! enjoy the song (:

Sylvia:2006/06/11(日) URL  [編集]


-:2006/06/11(日)   [編集]

Wah, your reply damn long, haha!! =P

Nice shoes!! Me lazy to do all these things, although I love to, but now, no time at all!! I want to watch dramas!! Do you know beside this season's 5 dramas, there are still around 10 dramas that I borrowed or downloaded from others??!! *crys* No time to watch.. I want semester break!!

Me now still trying to do my report, zen zen no inspiration, haiz..

Don't remind me of Japan!! I dreamt that I only got $100 for bursary, $100!! Not $1000!! Is it a sign?? *CRYS* Why can't they just inform me fast whether I got the bursay anot, haiz..

Watched Japan hour, super episode about the different festivals in Summer!! Make me even more sad.. My SMAP concert!! Gomen ne, Kinki and JE, I will try to go to your concert next time, SMAP more important now, hahahahaha!!

Haha, getting the NEWS uchiwas and KT ketai strap, that period was fun na, although have a small disagreement, baka us na, haha!!

Shi-chan, I miss you!! Aitai yo~

sky:2006/06/11(日) URL  [編集]

btw, if u want to go for a KinKi con,
I volunteer to go with you..
( but that is if i can get enough $$ ><)
somemore they next yr 10 year anniversary!!!
my fren say japan got 2nd hand shops where u can get a shopping spree..but need to find them tho..
and yes, i luv tsuyo's hair twds the end of 2004 to e start of 2005..anniversary to fantastipo that period..and yes..he seems to slightly changing his hairstyle slowing..
sadly..really doubt he'll change back to an old hairstyle..(he suits black) ..like the to Heart drama hair too! he designed that one..
maybe if he does a drama, he'll dye black..
i think EDWIN is a line/brand of clothes..
then endlicheri is another brand, or rather series of clothings designed by tsuyo under EDWIN's line of clothes..nt too sure do..
like maybe how FASIO is under KOSE..
and yes! i've watched daite senorita 2nd june, just right when i came back from camp!! ^_^
so sweet that kame wanted to hear v6 sing before he left..
i'm not sure..what that lines means though..
but it's something like " that guy...(......) cannot already..."..>< my jap is horrible..HAHA..
anyway, i was refering to u meeting kelly??
at least u've seen each other!! lol..
but nvm..i was lucky my old skl had je fans..
my last yr was super fun..partly cos i found fellow fans in skl =D

deborah:2006/06/11(日) URL  [編集]

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