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i'm the king of the castle;


This is Cinnamoroll.
He promises to rule better than King Louis XVI.
He would like his kingdom to be bathed in twilight.
He wants to show you his beautiful kingdom and his subjects.
Above all he loves solitude in a tealight lamp
Under the stars at night
And under the beautiful clouds and sun
On a peaceful morning.

-photo by sylvia.

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once again im here to praise you on ur cuteness of your photos~

lateli ive been intro crowns ^__^ i reali need to buy more clothes and accessories dealing with crowns...but ive seen some skull accessories too and it reminds me of koyama kun! i-235

i want a skull belt and ring LOL i-278

my fwend today received a stuff toy of the same character (is Cinnamoroll his name?) and it was sooo cute and soft ^^ it also had pink cheeks and heaps of ppl tho my fwend put makeup on it =P

well talk to you soon luh~ bye bye

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haha studying outside is indeed more productive cos theres no temptations *except for food and shopping haha* XD butttt, you'er still more hardworking than me. haiyo. eh yuuto?! haha but i dont think yuuto cute eh. i prefer ryuutaro morimoto!!~~

singaporeans are stingy. yeah, its like, whats wrong with donating a second time?! they paste the sticker on to show that they've donated. that defeats the purpose of the sticker!! that sticker is used for promoting the charity organisation right??

uwaa, you got a new camera just like that?!?! haha tsktsk. nvm, i dont like to use cameras haha. yeah my phone is flip phone :) ive always been using flip phones. all my previous phones were flip phones. i dont dare to use bar phones or slide phones cos the screen is like 'unprotected' haha, i scratch my stuffs really easily :x

yeah JE seems like a bore now. everything revolves around KT and K8, not like its a bad thing but its just that, we're NEWS fans luhhhhhhhh. haha XD

renfred looks arrogant! i think he is too. im over him already lah hahah. omg was that true? so cocky!! i hate proud ppl. but eh he cute mah hahah.

haha i very energetic meh? its just that i dont really get tired often haha! maybe cos i wake up at like 12 everyday XD

i cry over the smallest things ehh!! its really embarrassing crying in mise because outside the shop there are like ppl staring and wondering 'why is that girl crying away in that little pink shop' haha! and you know heeren is crowded on weekends @_@

sometimes my friends are too busy for me. besides they've got os this year so they have extra lessons. and it doesnt help that it seems like most of my friends have os this year. obviously lah, cos all born same year one hahah :P

eh!!! no lah taiyou is still the tallest!!! who can ever defeat taiyou's height! :P shoon is like the shortest now already, i think even hikaru taller than shoon now hahahah! but they all look like sticks because they're so long and skinny, shoon is the normal-looking one, just that he has a square face haha! :P

my friend has that oriental-looking phone! heard the functions not good eh. i dont like nokia phones! oh, ive been checking on phones lately cos sis wants to change her phone since shes upgrading her plan or smth. cos we use m1 and now got some students promotion haha XD

kelly:2006/06/09(金) URL  [編集]

wow it's going to rain here again. :( just now the sun was shining REAL BRIGHTLY and now it's so dark. i don't want to cut off my download !! (for some reason even though i'm on broadband i get disconnected when lightning strikes.)

about the shakespeare post na.. it means that being at the worst state you can ever get may not be a bad thing, because you will know that any change that comes will be a good thing. (: (since things can't get any worse. )

OMG YES!!! CROWNS ! <3 it's actually the crown on this Cinnamoroll that made me buy it ! there were others too.. i found this from a shop with lots and lots of cute collectibles that people have sold away.. and crowns really remind me of Keiichan too xD I keep seeing crown necklaces everywhere and wanting to buy them but i'm trying to save money T_T ohh my friend has this crown belt and it's really really pretty :D skulls also remind me of KAT-TUN O_O haha.

lol put makeup on Cinnamoroll?? wahh i like Cinnamoroll's cheeks ! although the CM for Cinnamoroll was just...weird O_O i can't believe Sanrio x) but they really know how to make money anyway.

ahh your birthday is 17th dec deshou?? :DD kekeke what if my sis-in-law gets jealous i wrote a fic about kusa and another girl?? xDDD teehee lets see what i will do for your birthday ! -smiles-

WHITE !! yea white roses :D i think red roses are too common... boo T_T and white is my ultimate favourite colour <3 oh and i like daisies too ! i think they really brighten my day up when i receive one in school :D if i ever go to the florist... i think i won't feel happy unless i leave with a flower in my hands xD they are so pretty na~ :D

..suddenly have the urge to get flowers for my friends x) haha kusa + yellow rose. green + yellow wahaha.. oh but i heard if a guy gives a girl yellow flowers, it means a breakup....??

KELLY'S GOING HK IN DECEMBER??!! i'm going japan .. most likely ^^; but i want to go in spring... but concert is in december !!! T___T

lol a lot of people say that about me ^^;; that i have a baby face. wahaaaa. i'm so short that... i have so much fats on my >_<
heyyy you don't look old !! you're pretty :D I like your hair.. gosh. mine is so dry and... -speechless- i want your hair na~ T_T is that hello kitty pyjamas? :DDD <3 by the way, wavy hair ROCKS :D

ohh.. you can try auctions to get stuff ! cheaper than MISE some more. did you know, that mise charges DOUBLE price for concert goods??? like a keitai strap, actual price was SGD$18, but when they sold from their shop, they sold it for SGD$36 ! a poster bought at concert venue costs SGD$12, but in mise they sell it for SGD$39.90 ! of course, maybe it's because of shipping fees but then .. still... the price is... *shock* after months and months of purchases.. i learnt how to refrain myself from buying.. just a little better ^^;

lol 164cm is a good height yo !!! not too short not too tall.. i'm like, way below average. T_T so i love long skirts but i can't wear them T_T

[and i love you] is one of K8 Ohkura's favourite songs!! (I nearly typed his name as Osaka .. gosh.) ohh you can check out mr children's pvs from YouTube.. i tihnk the [Kimi Ga Suki] PV is nice too :D happy + sad..

Yup that's the correct spelling (Tsuyoshi) ^^ haha yea when he comes out with his album, you start imagining he is this serious, unapproachable guy, and he also has this book of his essays from myojo.. he thinks quite deeply i think.. but when you watch his variety shows... it's the opposite xD
he has a great voice !! <3333

it just thundered !!! KOWAII!

ah, there was once on SC Koyama sang fiesta alone and that was so sad !! it's 11months more before they come back as a group.. its sad not to see them as a group in photoshoots anymore..

i am an only child x) and people usually say, "Thats lucky, you get everything you want!" but.... it's really so lonely... sometimes when my parents are out i have to be alone.. haha i have very thick hair, so my mum keeps insisting i have to tie my hair so that it doesn't drop all over the place. sigh. she LOVES cleanliness a lot.

yea i wonder what's with the weather.. i keep getting brief colds now and then because of the weather..

ohh i have this schoolmate who is called Samantha too, and usually people call her 'Sam' for short.. haha but 'manfa' is really unique :D LOL imagine if you're on the streets and then someone calls out, "Hey MAN!" xD

gosh stomachache boo.. *runs off* xD

Sylvia:2006/06/10(土) URL  [編集]

omg! T_T the whole day was fine and den it started pouring hard while i was playing badmition ;__; when can the weather be stable?! i-202

oooh ^__^ what are you saving money for? i need to save money...im going to japan too! ^__^ for exchange student in the end of sept =) for two weeks luh ^__^ i wanna have $2000 spending money..wonder if dats enuf? XD OMG ur fwend is so lucky! i want a crown belt too! i saw one in the city but it was like...60 bucks i-240 oh yeah! skulls do kinda remind me of kat tun but i tend to see koyama more wif skulls ^__^ remember his funky belt? XD

you know...the people who make sanrio and lik the characters and stuff are so smart O_O i mean just fink of how much money they earn....i-229

ur right! *facepalm* dont wori about the story =P we dont want our cute kelly to be angry luh! ^__^ am i lame coz im alreadi plannin on how i shuld spend u and kelly's bday XD i-239 i still havent decided for you .__. HMMM~!!!

daisies are reali cute! ^__^ i reali love white roses...just so..pure ^__^ white is a reali nice color ne? every since i was little mum has always bought me irises ^__^ so like its lik my favourite flower coz i used to like purple alot wen i was younger.

my best fwend clare LOVES flowers! i-233<--- her wen she sees flowers. ^__^ so wenever its our fwends bday and dey receive flowers...she goes spastic HEHEHE ^__^ it doesnt necessarily mean a breakup...but its hard to say =/ i dont noe if a guy shuld give a girl yellow roses if they breakup....makes it seem like its a dumping present ROFL. i-239

WAIT! we hafa ask kelly to confirm if shes reali goin HK in dec! XD im worried about wen i shuld come over to singapore i-240coz i dont want it to clash wif ur and my hoildays and yeah .___. which concert is on december? ILL LOVE TO GO TO JAPAN IN SPRING! imagine! the cherry blossoms! OMG?! XD! actuali ill perfer to go at winter...~ oh the snow...but it wuld b super cold! i-4

but trust me =D you can fix your hair luh! ^__^ buy those conditioner treatments and in no time your hair wuld be soft and smooth i-278 my hair is actuali rather thin .__. so it reali sucks >_< me want thick hair. *nod* yup its hello kitty pjs =D i loveeee pjamessss YUM!

sigh T__T im havin an acne attack on my forehead ><! NOOOOO!!!!

auctions...good idea O_O sori..im like reali crap wen it comes to these stuff but yeah i reali want a kusano uchiwa ^^ one of my goals wen i go to singapore is get a kusano uchiwa ^o^ i-237but wow..mise just rips off so many devoted fans! i-238same goes wif kino =/ the magz are so expensive luh...but cant help it >< still wuld buy it...now u make me want get a kusano phone strap i-203

wat kind of long skirts do you like? like those cute gypsy ish types? well im a person whos all the way pants =P kekeke coz im just a tomboy in heart i-175

i watched [kimi ga suki] but i didnt reali get the story =/ like why they were locked in those rooms and tanks....just dont get it .__. lik did they die in the end? IM SO CONFUSED >_<! i-240

u noe before i saw the live of news first time at tsuyoshi's show thing..i always tho he was quiet but i love his character ^___^ reali amusing and funi. any good songs to recommend? i want to try some kinki kidz songs but not sure which ones i-229

i just d/l the live of koyama singing fiesta and didnt he also sing cherish by himself too? ><!

i heard from kelly that you dont like being alone by yourself ne. my mum isnt strict on me =/ so pretty much i can do wat i want XD so yeah..i kinda wish she wuld be more strict on me but i dont want those crazy strict controlling parents! i-191so annoying luh! but yeah =) u shuld see my room i-239so messy..ur mum wuld go crazy =P

well all i can say is wherever you go..always wear a jacket ne ^__^ i mean espeicalli wif this crazy weather...its reali easy to catch a cold, which isnt good coz we have exams/tests coming up i-280

actuali i mite turn around if someone said "hey man!" if i recognised the voice ^__^ coz yeah..sometimes we do say "man" XD

i realised the way we talk is so different =/ *pokes*

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