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the rainbow star;


I chanced upon this today. So weird, but so TSUYO. And he's still with that suit, can you believe it? (x My first time listening to this song. I still love that EDWIN symbol that was flying around. (Is it called EDWIN even? But that triangle anyway.)

This guy is unbelievable.

How come he doesn't produce anymore clothes? ^^;

ps: i'll reply everyone tomorrow yo !

edited on monday morning: I replied minna HERE. :D

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ahh sis-in-law, this template very nice! vert artistic! it's so... you! XD i like the comment open thing, but i dunno how it works!!

i didnt know there were flag days on sunday until yesterday too, haha @_@
and no eh, some people dont even bother to smile at us!! they just ignored us! ouch, my pride ^^;;

YEAH I THOUGHT THE EXACT THING TOO! we asked for money donations, not smile donations :/

haha btw, megapixel how to see whether its good? means the more megapixels, the clearer the photo will be? i hate my camera's shutter speed, its really super slow. yucks >_< anyway i take photos with phone camera more frequently ^^;; dun like to bring camera around, heh too heavy :P

ack. it feels sad not to fangirl kusano :/ but i still lived through it for 4 months remember? i'll survive and wait for him happily! and the rest of NEWS. that's what shige wants anyway, so must obey him haha, but never be sad :) shige says time will pass more quickly when we are happy. shige is so sweet!!! ok i shall stop talking abt shige and go back to kusano ahhaha. since i was only a kusa fan in 2005, i missed out on alot about him in 2003 and 2004, so im taking his break as a chance to fangirl about his past :D so that's how i still remain a kusa fangirl :) KUSA KUSA ALL THE WAY! <3

i remember last year everytime im bored in school, i'd go down to the garden downstairs and pluck a grass to tie on my stuffs haha. my friends were like, whats kelly doing??!?!

i see no point in flipping mags cos no kusano luhh. its more of 'accompanying ppl to flip mags' while i flip seventeen haha! once i was in town's kino and i met vann and another kelly and her sis flipping mags, when they saw me, i was flipping 8 days for renfred haha! i went to accompany my sis to browse mag but there was nothing for me to see and i was super bored so i had to resort to flipping 8 days -_- felt so pathetic haha.

WHEEEEEEE! green and pink. kusano and kelly :D arigatou <3 thats why i love you so much, you always remember me and your niichan!! jean also told me that because of me, everytime she sees green and pink, she'll take a second look and she'll get reminded of kusa kelly :D!!!!!!!

haaa my sis isnt a spendthrift but then after she became a NEWS fan she spends on alot impulsively @_@ before NEWS suspension, she buys every month, but now, she buys only those that tego looks damn hot in. haha :D cos those mags dun even categorise them as NEWS, so see already very fed up hor.

do u think the letter was too heavy or bulky to be sent as a normal letter or smth?

i love the docomo posters!! but i also like kame's dreamboy poster haha. random. but then again, im not really a kame fan or a jin fan so it doesnt matter if i have those posters. but then again, the docomo posters really so nice!!!!!!! omg. i want all of kusa's concert posters! i rmb that time i cried in mise, i felt super sad that everyone was looking for the stuffs they had ordered for the con and i was just standing there looking at everyone being happy. i miss kusano so much!! i always look forward to con goods preorder so i can get kusa's stuffs and then that time i couldnt get anything except the pouch >_< and mise was playing NEWS music, at first i was shaking already but i didnt wanna cry in public, vann was like "kelly stop shaking >_<" and i was like, yeah im ok.. then suddenly the background music, kibou ~yell~, it was kusa's turn to sing, when i heard his voice, i started crying @_@ now i dont dare to listen to that song!!! everytime i listen to kibou ~yell~ i'll think of that scene in mise, so embarrassing :/

AND I MISS BEE SO MUCH TOO!!! fumio is not as good as bee :/ tsktsk. last month they were recruiting staff right? i dun think they'll disappear just like that!!!

'sometimes even around people i feel lonely' that's how i feel everyday @_@ i really miss my class. my current class, they're just ppl i talk about crap to, nothing heart-to-heart, i cant click with them. argh. everyday i sit in class staring into the mirror can!! and i sit directly at the back, everyone's like, woah dunno kelly come to school for wat. haha >_< im like sitting there observing everyone/daydreaming/stoning... sigh.

1988!!! haha fine, same year #%$&^(*!!
haha i same year as.. yabu and hikaru.
... -_-;;... heh!

ooh that person. if he's the one who cant open up, then easy lah! write him a letter to tell him dont misunderstand, that you still want to remain friends. maybe he still feels awkward? (i've read about this similar situation in a column before!)

i want to change phone too! did u see the new samsung e870? its so nice!

kelly:2006/06/05(月) URL  [編集]

OMGGG =D Sylvia ur like sooo popular O_O *glomps* kekekeke xD *turns into a sylvia fan*

thank u for linking me =DDD i found it hilarious that you didnt know it was kelly who was next to you in kino while ur flipping magazines ^__^ heehhe i wonder =/ what i'll do if i see kelly xD probarbli scare her by hugging her ^__^ and of course pinching her adorable cute cheeks *glomps*

i understand how you feel about changing layouts all the time O_O xanga has alot of skins too and it took me ages to actually decide on that yellow sunflower one i have now ^__^

*nod nod* we gotta thank yamapi for making us getting into NEWS !! ^__^ BUT YEAH !!! to me i reckon koyama is hotter =P like i noticed him for his cool hairstyle but den my fwend Maggie started likin him so den i started noticin him n i realised..wow the mum of NEWS is actuali quite good looking O_o! i love everyone in NEWS!!! >_<! so awesome in their wonderful beautiful crazy genki funky weird way kekekeke~!!

*nod* NEWS is my ichiban group in JE ^__^ you see before i got into NEWS i didnt listen to any JE groups coz i tho they culd only dance and look hawt and cant sing =x BUT DATS NOT THE CASE!!!! NO WAY!!! NOT NEWS!!

*starts fangirling kusano* <3 =D

wow O_O ur turning 18! XD are u excited? have u planned what you want to do wen ur 18? my brother is also turning 18 this year in sep 3rd ^^ the damn boy is going to party so hard wen he turns 18 *sweatdrop*

WELL!!! it was nice hearing from you! and take care!

p.s omg >< its so cold! its been raining hard all day! >_<

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Are?? me = popular?? haahahaha

i saw kelly's uniform and did for a moment remind me of Kelly since it was her school then i didn't give it another second thought !! xD then i think i picked up the magazine she wanted to flip xD hoho i imagine if you bump into Kelly, it'll be suck a cute scene ! :DD (Kelly puffing her cheeks is cute x)) ) *imagines samantha pinching kelly's cheeks xD*

i think keiichan is husband-type guy !! (other than mama-type xD) did you join A-Baka by the way?? did you read keiichan's jweb on the "Daite Senorita balloon" incident?? xD so cute !

haha Japan entertainment is a lot based on visual WOW-ness x) so i guess a lot of them can be famous without having a good voice.. but over the years it's really fun to see how their singing improves.. and it's fun to follow them on the 'growing-up' journey ! actually when they started i didn't like NEWS' singing but later on i felt they got better... and you can really see them working REALLY hard !! I think that's the main thing. haha.

T__T turning 18 na.... feels just like just a bigger number ^^;; usually i don't remember my age until people ask xD then people will laugh at me when i think very long before saying "oh i'm 17" haha. you have a brother??? wahh is he nice? i'm jealous na hehee (: i want an elder bro !

take care ne ! cold weather... oh are you scared of thunderstorms?? (haha random question )

-random- I want to go for Natsu Matsuri !!! T_T

lol jyaa i'm going off to my usual hangout to study ! exams coming up : ((( -hugs-

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