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Wink Up November 2000 Message Board

*thanks to sky for telling me 大阪巨蛋 is Osaka Dome x)))

From: Johshima Shigeru
To: Domoto Tsuyoshi

Thanks for guesting in our show "駭哥任务"! Your hairstyle has changed again. I wonder what you will look like the next time you come again? Oh yes! Tsuyoshi, do you have true friends? If it is possible, I want to be your true friend! (laughs) Forget it! I'm not going to joke anymore. There are only two members in KinKi Kids, don't you feel it's lonely? I really want to join in! I am serious! (laughs) Ah! But my surname is not 'Domoto', so I can't join... (laughs)

From: Kohara Yuki
To: All the fans

I would like to tank you all very much for all the support and encouragement you all have shown towards me. From now on, I'd really like to concentrate on my studies, so I'm going to quit Johnny's Jr, and I won't appear in front of the crowd anymore. If everyone would give me your blessings in this, I would be really happy. I'm really grateful towards everyone during this long period of time!

From: Domoto Tsuyoshi
To: Inocchi

I've already told 阿厚! He even asked if we wanted to form a new group! Of course, he will be the lead vocalist! (laughs) What do you think of it? Also, next time, invite me for barbeque party! I'll be waiting.

To: 辰已雄大 and Arashi

First, to 辰已, when we were on set for drama, you kept hanging out with the other group of guys, and you didn't really take notice of me. This made me a little lonely! (laughs) But you don't have to are about me; having a good relationship with everyone is more important. Then, I hope you all will become real brothers!...Nn, so it's set. (laughs)
To the members of Arashi, don't throw me behind and you four go work! Even if you have to do that, don't use the name 'Arashi'. (laugh)

From: Nagano
To: Jr's Nakamura Sho (??)

During 20th Century's concert, I really liked your dancing. You danced like 馬场-san! It made me really happy! Thank you!

From: Taichi
To: Inocchi and Yamapi

Inocchi, next time for Sports Day, wear a singlet/vest with the number 4415 on it, is that good? Oh yes! If you're free, let's have a meal together sometime soon! Tomohisa. ...sorry, I addressed you too intimately! (laughs)

From: Koichi
To: Sakamoto

I caught 'Music Station' the last time, and your smile among the V6 members is the sweetest, it made me fall in love with you! (laughs)
Anyway, when you're free, let's all go play baseball. The results are really different when you are playing with us!

From: Sho
To: Kohara Yuki

We've had a meal together in August before, and I haven't had such a food, long chat with you in a long time. It really felt good! We ever thought of asking all the Arashi members out, but even though the plan failed, next time we must all meet up and go out! From now on, yoroshiku too!

From: Takki
To: (Domoto) Tsuyoshi

Thanks a lot for giving me the pair of sunglasses that I most wanted! Later on, I heard from the others that it was one of your favourite pairs, and yet you gave it to me. I am really touched! I will treasure it!

From: Okada
To: Jrs. who participated in Coming Century's Concert

Otsukaresama deshita! At the final show in Yokohama arena, you all stood in a line and said, "Otsukaresama deshita!", and then clapped to congratulate usl I was really happy! Because of you guys, we were able to bring out the best in Coming Century. My tears are coming out already, thanks a lot. From now on, you all can take the initiative to come chat with me. I'm too shy to take the initiative. (laughs)

From: (Murakami) Shingo
To: 吉_悠
(sorry I don't know how to read the character in the middle so I couldn't type it out.)
Thanks for giving me a call. Your drama has also finished filming smoothly, otsukaresama! Everytime when I call you, you always seem to be having a flu, and your body seems to be in weak condition, so please take care of yourself! We really need to have a meal together one of these days! Guess what, I'm also into emailing!

From: Morita Go
To: Inocchi

We went to play bowling before..., your skills are kind of lousy! (laughs) You seem to think that you have to use a great force to throw the ball, that's not correct right?! (laughs)

From: Yamapi
To: Koichi and Nagase

First, to Koichi. Thanks for your message last month. Even though you praised me for having a handsome face, if you look closely, you will realise that I am not what you said I was yo~! (laughs)
Next, to Nagase. I bought TOKIO's latest single! It's really a good song~! I've been listening to it during breaks at photoshoots today! And, I also want to tell you, Doraemon is really great yo!

From: Aiba
To: Tsubasa

The last time, when we went to Yokohama baseball stadium (A/N: or pitch?!!) to watch a match, I slept through the first round to the third round, I'm really sorry! Haha! Let's go watch a match together again next time! I want to watch the 中日隊 one!

From: Tsubasa
To: (Domoto) Tsuyoshi

Thanks for coming out with me to play twice in September! The last time you even accompanied me to watch Osaka Dome's concert videotape, I sang Natsu no Ousama inside, and after watching the video I was very embarrassed. But you even consoled me in a yasashii manner, "The key of this song should be higher right!" I'm really happy! Whenever I'm with Tsuyoshi, I'll always laugh until I have a stomachache, I really enjoyed it!

From: Toma
To: (Domoto) Tsuyoshi

When I came back from Thailand and called Tsubasa to tell him, "I'm back!", it was you who answered the phone instead, it gave me a huge shock! (laughs) I told you I was in Thailand filimng a drama..., and you actually told me, "It was hard work on you! Have to go there to shoot 'A Traveller's Journal'!" This made me laugh! The drama is airing on 25th of November, please watch it yo!

From: Nagase
To: Koichi

About the "勇者門恶壟VII" videogame, what's your progress? Although you played later than me, but I'm sure you're better at the game than me, right? Hurry up and teach me! I've been playing very badly recently, and I made no advancement at all, when I play my analytical/thinking skills go down, and I forget the reports I get a few minutes before! (laughs) That's why I need your help! But, after you finish playing, don't unplug from the socket, okay? (laughs)

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the feathers on kusa is cho kawaii!! he looks like a black chicken!!!!

koichi's yoru no umi is so nice! i like XD

yeah stupid tabloids. #%#^*& to hell with them..... >_<

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