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Very tired. Am going to eat laksa tomorrow morning, followed by a trip to 海!!!<333 Can go draw names on the sand again ne? Going with Eewei. A bit tired. But we planned it for 2 months. And we promised to go after our promos... Because we want to do something..

きやあああああああ~ But suddenly they said I have an exco meeting for CCA. I know I have to go help out, I feel bad not going, but at the same time, Eewei was super disappointed lah... Do you know how horrible it feels to be caught in the middle? It's like, I want to go with Eewei, but I'll make Faith sad. I go for meeting, I'll make Eewei sad!!

I don't want anybody to be sad! If the teachers weren't so last-minute... #&*@^*$&@

My eye is being sensitive again recently. Can't stand it. I bought something for Kelly without thinking, "Hey I don't have her address." xD Ichigo stuff again. Sigh.


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Aww Sylvia you bought smth for me?? Heehee so sweet arigatou ne <33333 Demo haha yeah we dont have each others' address >< We exchange? Then we can be penpals so cool!!!

Heh I want to pinch Kusano too :)) Pinch until his cheeks red! And I want to poke his arms and kick his stomach, mwahaha. Am I abusing him?? ^^

Nyaaah heyy I also preordered for $23.90!! Where got same for everyone?!? Bias!!! Haha maybe the Mise lady doesnt think highly of Kusano T__T She says less than 10 ppl buy Kusano stuff haha I mentioned before right? Eeks >< Haha everytime I buy photos etc they will have Kusano and she'll go "Kusano again ah?" ^^;; That time I was paying up and I browsed the stuff at the counter and I saw a Kusano keychain!! Only one!!! Haha I took it and she said "Lucky you went to browse, only one!" I have a feeling she mocks me for liking Kusano, haha like why my taste so bad ><

I like Popolo photoshoots! Maybe cos most of the time I buy magazines I will just keep it cos I scared flip through will have thumbprints haha! So like very wasted, cos I nv really go read through every magazine ><

My menses is late for a week! Though it should be coming already. I dont know too!! I rmb once in school I had cramps soo painful I couldnt even stand up! I went to the toilet to puke. That was so bad >< Lucky we all girls school so all of us always liddat. So every week a different person has bad menses cramps haha quite amusing :D

Oooh. The day your grandma passed away did she mention anything? Waa she sew her own clothes? Using those old type of sewing machines right? Those that you must keep turning the wheel to start the machine or smth. I've seen one in my ah ma's house! Though I think rust already doesnt work anymore haha. I've never really seen my ah ma sew. She likes to make kueh though haha.

I'm a free-thinker, though we have an altar at home. Mum says we're not considered Buddhists cos we are not devotees, like cannot eat beef etc that kinda thing x_x

My ah gong from dad's side also passed away before I was born!! My ah gong from mum's side passed away when I was in P6 I think, woah 3 years already! I'm closer to my ah ma from my mum's side though, maybe cos my father's side the relatives all stay very far, and I dont like them much ><

OMG our generation of ahmas made up of those ah lians, must be seventy years old still dye golden hair with big big hoop earrings, spaghetti straps and mini skirts!!! OOOO *falls out of chair* Can u imagine?? ><

Haha Myojo, the one with KAT-TUN on the cover? I preordered it at Liang Court, I think you go preorder sea shipment cheaper!! Still, those mags prices are killer, I really think shouldnt spend so much on mags!

Haha I know who's that on your profile pic! 白いちゃんな~~ <3 Heh

Btw I'm on Abaka and saw your thread on what's on your keitai strap

NYAAH WE HAVE THE SAME CINNAMOROLL STRAP!! *hugs* we must be long lost sisters haha :))

Hero is cute na?? Actually all of them are cute!! I love all of them!! xDD So who's your fave??

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ICHIGO ICHIGO! Haha thank you na :)) I saw your hidden comment already, later I post mine after this comment okie!

jean wants to order her seishun amigo signle too, so i accompany her go mise :)) Then i can go see what else i want heh. no $ too :/

hahahaha 'I wanna run off after attendance is taken but the everyday-put-lipstick security guard will catch.'

our security guard is old and fat and she's a woman cannot run after us wan lah muahaha only know how to book ppl for being late and read newspaper ><

haha my sis only likes kanjani 8 out of the je grps. esp uchi. if the kanjani 8 vids no uchi she wont watch. tsk!

haha yeah kusano soo kakkoi i think he's the most kakkoi in NEWS. haha but nobody agrees with me. too bad his face too qian bian everyone see already want to slap :/

nv see myojo, sold out already. and mine preordered havent arrive for sea shipment. and yesterday was japan's sports day so the nobody row boat to send our magazines for sea shipment.. aiyo wat am i talking abt ><

haha i wanna see kusano's expression when i kick him :) aiyo he's sooo cute!!

yeah the lady at mise seems to know everyone :/ her memory so good ah. our sch uniform is yellow! tammy also mentioned she saw ppl from our sch, so mayb u did see ppl from our sch. i nv knew there were other je fans lurking ard in my school too leh T_T

"btw.. cough, hope you don't mind.. err if today i upload today's photos, you see what i did. ^^;;;;"

im curious. wat did you do???????? upload upload~

haha girls sch, everyone just jokes ard when someone has a period so it's ok. like you'll just announce who has a pad and someone will hold it up for you in class, nobody minds lah. since all girls :) and there'll be sufficent panadols since usually more than 1 girl brings panadols for menses cramps heh xD ahh my menses always late wan, haha i nv knew when it'll come until i feel immense pain ><

haha every person has a bad relative side and a good relative side ah. yeah my dad's side all very proud and the cousins v dao and distant. demo mum's side stays near each other, have dinner together etc. yeah we opposite! :))

haha chubby ah ma or slim ah ma doesnt matter, as long is good ah ma! haha why we discussing ah mas?!? i like small-sized ah mas who tie their hair in a bun cho kawaii!!!

haha our generation ah ma should be all take money from children go do botox so all no wrinkles ><

now macs got the sanrio character bookmark thingy, did u go buy? i bought cinnamoroll wan! yeah white white one then ears big big.. ahh so cute!!

a few wks ago i saw a mickey mouse in blue natsu matsuri clothes and holding a matsuri uchiwa! reminds me of k8 naniwa irohabushi! i wantt!! but soo ex ><

haha hero and xiah sing the most, but most of the time hero is the one to start singing first.
hero's voice is very thin and light
xiah's is husky and high
micky's is husky and deep
uknow's is deep and eh weird haha
max's is a combi of xiah and hero haha

uknow and micky do the rapping most of the time. which song which verse u referring to? omg im so excited i wonder who's ur fave voice. me.. i like hero's and xiah's and micky's and max's xD and sometimes uknow sounds good, depending on what kind of song he's singing. some songs suit his voice but for others he sound like crap. he sound good in one! okie you tell me in one which verse is ur fave??

i go post my address and keitai number in my next comment okie so you can save it up :)) should i write to u first or u write to me first?? haha so fun!!!

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