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haven't been reading.

I am so behind in my passion for reading. I wonder if I've lost the passion for it? Nahh. That's not true. I'm going out with otou-san today to Plaza Singapura and Chinatown. ^^ Haven't gone out with him for so long. Maybe we can stop by Times bookshop (although I want Kinokuniya...) and pick up a nice book of poetry. I have to finish my Geisha (Liza Dalby) and Harry Potter and the HBP (Rowling) books! Yes, I haven't finished Potter. I guess the interest somehow faded away, plus with all the negative comments. I hope the last book is good. And not too thick. Sometimes thickness has to know its limits.

Before I read all those books, I have to finish my MEASURE FOR MEASURE book. Honestly, why are we studying that book for literature?!

ONLY the human Pest.

I watched Disc One of MIJ concert yesterday. (: And my dad went,"AGAIN?!!" I haven't watched that concert in MONTHS! What "again"??? I didn't actually skip any songs, because I've been watching the younger JE people for too long, *sigh* now you can really apreciate SMAP's outfits. Oh wait I only skipped the front parts, all the way to after Flapper. And it was fun to wave your hand (though lazily cos of weariness) to Original Smile. (: And I couldn't catch up with Freebird lyrics anymore. >.<

Hoho if okaa-san doesn't want to watch TV tonight I can watch MIJ concert Disc 2! Disc 2 is pretty short...

そうです, yesterday Eewei replied and said she couldn't go out today because she told her mum she did badly for Literature, and her mum wanted her to stay home to study. No laksa~ But we promised after promos we'd go to the beach and also to eat laksa!

Changed blog song to Dawn by SMAP.

I dreamt of buying flowers yesterday.
at $0.65. xD

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Did we miss each other again??

Haha baka me, got the wrong person. Ah sooo. Eewei put Kusano #5?!? I think Sky likes Tegoshi most right? Or Ryo? Haha she got same taste as Jean x_x Jean's fave is Tegoshi Ryo and Uchi leh. Haha. Oh and Kame! xD

I went at around 12++ or 1++, you?? When I went up to Mise there was only one girl browsing the buy-1-get-1-free official photos reprints haha so yeah never see 2 NYJC girls! Uwaa NYJC?!? Good school naaaaaaaa why so smart! I think studies-wise, I can be compataible (how do I spell it?!?!?!?) with Bakanishi >_< Hmm and I think Kusano this kind also cannot study wan hahaha.

Woah eighto-kuns! Will you really go make the cloth one if you're free? I think very hard to make eh. Haha your latest addiction is making eighto-kuns isit!! My Arts&Crafts not good x_x Uwaa thinking of this reminds me of Home Economics, last time sec 1 and sec 2 favourite subject!! Now no more :((

I want to sew smth for Kusano!! Demo what if I send it then the JE staff throw away and he never gets to see it and my efforts wasted?? Waa so lucky, maybe cos SMAP's manager nice leh? Haha aye pass present to a member to pass to another member very hurting leh! If I go Japan pass present I must pass personally or I stand there until I rot for Kusano to appear!!

Haha noo see ugly boy then cannot study. Cos keep thinking of going toilet to vomit, cannot concentrate haha.

Oh the photo of Uchi+Kei+Pi, is that a official reprint?? I think I bought that too!! Yes Kusano so attention seeking eeks, but I think that's bcos he doesnt get to be in the limelight (you know why right..it's always Yamapi >_<) so that's why he's like that?? Poor darling. But good, he wants to attract attention means he can stand up for himself, look at Ya-Ya-yah, Shoon and Taiyo just keep quiet and let Hikaru and Yabu shine >_< Cannot lah Shoon... I think I dont like Shoon that much already!! In the first place I think I like him cos he looks like Hero ^^;;

Hahah ooh yes! Kusano thinks he's so hip mah hor, look at his pants. Everytime wear so low... and his shirt in front must tuck in abit to show the belt >_< So beng fashion, but he wear until sooo kakkoi ne!! *I self-contradicting haha*

Everytime I criticize Kusano I very shiok, but I also heartache haha. Think he very poor thing, maybe I shouldn't bully him that much ^^ But if I dont bully him then not fun already right??!

Haha you didnt manage to see Kusano's flabby arms cos the photos all photoshopped already heh. Actually I think Tegoshi's weight is perfect, and I think he got taller!!!

Haha nyaaaaahh my hair not as short as Teppei if it is I'll die!! I didn't cut my behind length, only the in front so I think the problem with my hair lies with the fringe hahah i think it's starting to grow, I've been pulling it everyday!!

Jean once texted me abt Kusano:

"aye he hyper, you hyper. you two can together forever laa."

Heh ureshii yo~ She sent it on 3 October, I kept that msg ne heh xD

Haha dunno eh, my classmates like to criticise my love for Kusano. They think my taste very bad :*( Cos Kusano looks so ah beng haha. Nvm lor then no one fight with me. Nah I think Shige doesnt look kakkoi at all! Gomen na my impression of Shige not good! But he's Kusano's friend so I must learn to treat him well too ;)

Yeah now I'm not sure whether I want Massu's Summary uchiwa cos like not very nice leh. Kusano's one the nicest! I'm so scared ppl will fall in love with him!! That's why the uglier Kusano is the more I like him! The more pple criticise Kusano the more I like him!!~

Haha Tegoshi is sooo good looking. I like his eyes they seem to pierce through you. Demo Kusano's eyes prettier, Kusano has eyes that seem to be smiling ne <3

Did you go check? Kusano is Troublemaker in the Memequiz o_o Haha yes why is Kei model student?? Maybe cos he managed to get up to university. Woah then Pi can be Mr Perfect. Everything is perfect abt him, only now abit fat ^^;

Haha woah the Micky straps were selling for $39.90 right? So fast sold out somemore. Akame fans quite fast with the money ah xD Akame really got similar keitai straps??!

Yay Kusano will da qi for me~ Hah I think he'll rather die then hold those pom poms. I'll force him to wear the cheerleader's costume for me!! Heh okie then Koyama will da qi for you na~
Ganbare too xD

Today I had my Lit paper, I did like crazy!! I like Lit, but I always find that I dont have time to like complete the paper in peace, always so rush x_x

Nyahhhh I never watch the NEWS Abake you mentioned/ Haha guess what I've never heard of it *kicks myself*

I'm still thinking of the letter. I really wish to give Kusano smth.. HOW??? It's like if I do until very nice in the end he doesnt even get to see it.. I'll die. And I want him to reply me~~ So I'll know he has received it!! Argh how to make him write a letter! Seriously I've never seen him holding a pen and writing smth down haha xD Or studying.. Kusano do you ever study?!?!

Ohh btw I think Massu and Tegoshi look really good in school uniform *refers to the photos I saw in Mise* Maybe cos their shoulders broad enough, they wear the blazer kakkoi desu~~ Kusano just looks beng. Ah beng grass <333333

Haha I think my fave SMAP song is Best Friend <3

And I like the way Kusano speaks! Very qian bian, I can look at him talk forever <3333333333


Haha I just saw your Eighto-kun progress card! Confirmed really obsessed already xP</font>

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-:2005/10/06(木)   [編集]

Haha I was bored of that layout T__T But now change layout, the font see already want to faint x_x

Hahha okay I know already. We are always at the same place on the same day but different timing. I was there at 9++ to 12++ xDD

Waaa you buy so many albums at one go?!?!?! Heh I think you were at the shop I went to. Did you see the price difference?!? OMG.

Wahaha comment 170 xD
Okies commment 171 now!! xD

Haha I keep getting wrong info ah. Ok Kusano at #4..


NUMBER 4?!? So high ah. Kusano got that good looking meh???! Heh but he's my NUMBER 1 zutto <3333

Tell sky I advise her to choose Tegoshi! Cos Ryo very bad, that time rmb he slapped Kusano :( I think it was 2 yrs ago, but I keep bringing it up T__T

Woah you made me want to go Raffles JC! Which I confirmed cannot go >_< I'm from Crescent.. they say it's a good school but noo! The teachers are hypocrites who look down on the last class! *think Gokusen2 where the last class gets a classroom in an isolated building* Us.. we're the class where the classroom is obviously smaller than the rest >_< When we go to other classes we'll be like "Aye..how come this class look so big ah??!?" and "Aye..how come this class got this wireless device our class dont have ah?!?!" Wah damn sad I tell you!! :*(

Haha oh ya didn't think abt that. If you make cloth eighto-kun you got to buy alot of cloth.. EEKS! Johhnys fan so poor thing, everyday spend $$$ on them tsk neverending wan..

I'm serious my arts&crafts cannot make it wan! And I'm not interested in it. Maybe I'm not patient enough. But cooking, yes. Sewing also yes. When I think of sewing and cooking for my loved one (i.e KUSANO) I am happy ne <3 I want my future boyfriend to like cooking, the 2 of us can cook together ^^ I like the feeling~ And guess what? HERO LOVES COOKING! Kusano..he'll stand there and eat demo.. I think his presence is enough xDD

Kelly wants to be a housewife haha. A stay-at-home-and-take-care-of-her-darling wife <3 Even if I become a rich tai-tai and I have maids to do housework, I want to do the cooking and the washing! Doing the laundry might be tiring demo, Kelly doesn't like the feeling of another woman washing her husband's clothes! Kelly likes the feeling of seeing her husband wearing the clothes that she washes for him everyday. And when her husband grows fatter, it's cos of her cooking na <3 Haha that's my little secret. When I told Jean she says I think too much, now only 15 ne think of getting married already >_< Haha that's why on Kusano's girlfriend list he included "Must be able to take care of him when he's sick." I was thinking "I'll still take care of you even if you're not sick!!!!" <33333

Where will you go if you get to spend a day with Pi/Keichan?? I've though abt this before ne~ If I can spend a day with Kusano, I want him to bring me to the Natsu Matsuri xD Him in a blue yukata and me in a pink one wahhaa xDDD Then he'll go to the game stalls where he'll point to the stuffed toys and he'll ask me which one I want, then he'll try his best to win them for me <33333 Hmm Kelly really wish this dream can come true one day ^^

I'm soo jealous!! Means she talked to Tegoshi lah! OMG. Upclose and personal somemore!

Haha I really dont like Shige. He's the most qian bian person I've ever met, other than Kusano! And Kusano though he qian bian but I love him nvm leh, Shige is.. >_< I dunno why too, the moment I saw him I decided I dont like him. Haha reminds me of the days I go "eeee wah lao this one so ugly look like dog lor whats with the moles!" at Kusano when I was a Yamapi fan.. and today I'm such a kee siao Kusano fangirl :) Hate becomes love, I dont even rmb how come I suddenly decided I love Kusano >_<

Oh yaa. Shoon and Taiyo always get the uglier costumes somemore. And I think Yabu and Hikaru young that time so cute, now they look so weird! *no offence ne..* But Yabu last time eyes big big one, now so weird... and the 2 of them too skinny already lah!

Hahah yeah Kusano so fun to bully ^^ Can imagine right! The first time I want to do when I meet Kusano is to hit his head and ask him why he took so long to meet me finally.....Yikes when will that day ever come T_T

OH OH I KNOW! Did your classmates say Tegoshi look like a BUNG? Haha Tegoshi so SHUAI, can see is boy what!!!

Haha oh yes I saw the Abake and dled it, but haven open. Omg the construction noise is killing me *increase speaker volume* Your blog is playing SMAP so the house is now filled with the voices of SMAP ^^

Haha Massu eat so much but he dares to admit he eat alot! I bet Kusano eats a lot but dont dare to say. How come still so skinny! Must get Massu to influence him. Haha and I think Massu's face got fatter!! You compare with NEWSNippon time, omg!!

Haha why are they crazy over Mickey? Yeah I also went to Mise website and saw, I nv ever seen it at the shop.. the fans too fast already lah!

I read that thread on Hina replying Mindy~ (haha I spelt as threat just now hahahaha I find it so amusing, yes??) Demo, Mindy stays in Japan right? We in Singapore, if put return envelope I cant include stamp ne, cos need Japanese stamp!!

Waaa do you think NEWS/Kanjani 8 will sing BEST FRIEND when *coughs*Uchi*coughs* comes back?? Haha I think Ueda and Kame's version also very nice~ I like Ueda's voice leh!

Haha my name is Siao Cuckoo xD

Btw I read your Chinese post. Your chinese name is Jiahui?! My chinese name is Jiaqi leh haha. ども、佳です! Same 'Jia' ^___^

Yay another essay-long comment :))Oh yeah I take pure Lit, cos my Geog and Hist both cannot make it, so last yr streaming I choose pure Lit haha :)

SEE YA (heh hopefully)~ *hugs*

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*reads through comment* UWAA I think this comment is longer than the Lit essay i did just now hahah xDD

Forgot some stuff.

Tegoshi dunno eh.. he really seemed taller than Kusano!!! Haha guys stop puberty so fast meh? No lah you know smth? Xiah is 19 already but his armpit hair haven grow yet hahahaha. Hero too. Slow developers. But that was last year.. now I dunno start to grow already or not ,never check their armpits to confirm ^^;;;;

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