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Seven Angels

Fanfic dedicated to Vicky / luckypurple on ABaka. ((:
*inspired by Akira Senju's 'Seven Angels' as heard from Summer Snow.
Lyrics from Seven Angels as well. ((:
Starring: Koyama Keiichiro.
*note, Keii-chan's nephew doesn't really have this name. ^^; I actually was lost for deciding on a little boy's name! I had Hiroto, Kiyoto, Yuuto, from Hiroko I thought of Hiroki, from Masako I thought of Masaki. And ended up with that name. Only when I actually finished it did I realise I used MASAKI. And Masaki is Aiba's name. Honestly I didn't do it on purpose...
i just realised Keii-chan's nephew is called HARUTO. Arigatou Vicky!

Seven angels hide and seek games
April rain and clear blue sky
Humming birds are singing love songs
Season's greetings from dear friends.

I could not forget that April. Outside it had been raining so hard, but I had been so warm inside. Okaa-san always told me the story of the seven angels who would each give the newborns of the world a gift of their own. I decided the first gift was my existence. The second was me being born into such a wonderful family, and the third was my life now.

In my room, I looked at the pile of postcards from my friends fondly. I went through them, hoping to find that familiar name that I was looking for.

No one knows my secret garden
A forgotten yellow diary
Summer breeze bring dandelions
Starlight in a holy night.

April 29th. I had brought my little nephew, Haruto, to the mall, the both of us dressed in identical black and white horizontally striped, long sleeved shirts, with long grey pants. There was a drizzle outside, and as I walked with Haruto towards the mall, he made attempts at keeping a lookout for puddles and splashing them. He was having so much fun. I held his little hand, to make sure he didn't topple over from all that enthusiastic fun.

Little Haruto was my gift from the fourth angel.

I kept the umbrella as soon as we got under shelter, and little Haruto had nearly run out to the puddles again if I had not caught him back. I couldn't get him exposed under the rain; he was too fragile.

"Haru-chan, look!" I squatted by him, pointing to the toys in the toyshop. He grinned, and walked forward to place his hands onto the window display of the shop. Two curious, happy faces stared inside. I took him inside, and he attempted to run, nearly losing his balance many times. He seemed not to make up his mind what he wanted. He looked, and looked some more.

And that was when I got my fifth gift -- fate.

"Ah, Haru-chan, would you like this?" I brought down a soft toy of a fat cat from the shelves. "Haruto??" He was gone suddenly. I heard a topple of toys, and a woman screaming, and I quickly turned round the corner within the store. My first instinct was that Haruto was crushed under the boxes of toys, but later I saw a stunned lady holding tightly onto Haruto, looking at the mess.

After a while, the lady looked at Haruto, saying, "Dame yo, little boy, you'll get yourself hurt like this."

"Haru-chan, are you alright??" I ran towards Haruto, squatting down and hugging him. He was crying from the fright. "Arigatou." I thanked the lady.

"He was reaching for that box of An Pan Man toys."

"Ahh, hush hush, Haru-chan, it's okay now." I lifted Haruto up, wiping his tear-stained cheeks. He looked towards the lady, and then suddenly smiled a little and held his hand out, as though wanting to thank her. She put her hand out as well, and Haruto grasped it tightly.

"Is he your son?" she asked.

"Ah, no, he's my nephew. I don't even have a girlfriend yet!" I laughed.


"Hm? There's nothing to apologise for." We had silence after that as we both stood there. "Ano, can I ask for your name?"

"I'm Vicky."

"I'm Koyama."

Oh my love
I shall seek for what makes me happy
I love you
And you always bring me a precious time.

I had a deep urge to want to see her again, and so very quickly thought up of a way we could meet up again. I had no idea why I did that, but I'm glad I did.

"Ne, ne, there's a matsuri at my university the day after tomorrow. Would you like to come?" I blurted out.

She seemed to consider for a moment, then she nodded and smiled. That was such a beautiful smile. "I'm here for a study course. It'll be great if I could attend a festival before I end my course next week."

I was overjoyed. But at the same time I was a little disappointed that she was to leave so soon. We exchanged ketai numbers, and then I added excitedly before we parted ways, "Yakusoku yo!"

30th April. I was overjoyed that she had received my package. She sent me a text message that read: Thanks so much for your gift. I love it a lot! I wish I could give you something in return for it. (:

But her receiving it was already the return gift for me.

1st May. I fetched her in my family car to my university that evening. It felt a little odd to be in a yukata and driving, though. I saw her waiting at the steps of her hotel. She was in a purple yukata. That was my gift for her. I thought purple fitted her well. And the yukata really looked absolutely sweet on her. I could only stare at her while I led her into the car. It was only when my hands were on the wheel again that I realised I had just finished escorting her into the car.

She loved the scene. You could tell from the happiness dancing in her eyes. Well.. To notice this, I actually asked myself, "Was I staring too much at her?" This new stranger did not seem at all like a stranger to me.

"Oh, look at that beautiful purple fireworks!" she exclaimed, and the next instant, a purple yukata sleeve decorated with pink sakura blossoms was lifted, and I looked to where she was pointing at. After a while, she turned to me and said, "Koyama-kun, happy birthday."

I widened my eyes. "Eh?? How did you know it's my birthday today?"

"You sent a text message to the wrong person!" Vicky laughed.

"Ahh gomen, I am such a baka!" I apologised. "Ne, Vicky-chan, you can call me Keii-chan." I told her shyly.

"Ano... Keii-chan, as a birthday gift, can I do this?" she asked. I looked at her expectantly, wondering what she might do. I stood rooted to the ground, waiting, and she tiptoed, so she could reach my face. I felt her soft lips press against my cheek. Koyama Keiichiro was blushing. Yes he was blushing. And he is still blushing.

I got my first kiss on the cheek.

I was sure if I didn't start talking, I would have melted on the spot.

"Gomen, was I too bold?" Vicky asked worriedly as she noticed me stunned.

I shook my head immediately. "Arigatou." I pulled her hand immediately after that, bringing her to the yo-yo balloon stall. "I'll hook up a purple balloon for you!" I grinned at her.

She tugged on my yukata sleeve a little to hold me back. I looked back at her, wondering what was the problem. "Keii-chan... Can you hook up two instead? I want you to have one too." I nodded.

"Uwaa~~ This is hard. All the little kids are pushing the balloons around..." I said to myself. Then I heard a familiar voice calling out for "wang wang". I looked up. It was Haruto! Haruto was at the festival!

"Wang wang!" he called out again, and I laughed at him. The kids were amused. I saw Vicky run to him, bending down to his height. He smiled back at her, showing the little teeth that he had. He seemed to be confused by the pushing of the balloons.

"Which balloon do you want?" Vicky asked him.

He pointed to my yukata, saying "wang wang" again. I was wearing a purple yukata as well, and Vicky laughed. She gently guided his hand to the center of the tub, swiftly hooking up a purple balloon for him. Haruto was overjoyed.

"Yokatta ne, Haru-chan!" I exclaimed, then realised that I had not started hooking up balloons yet. I was pondering on how to hook up two purple balloons before the hook got disengaged from the flimsy bit of paper. Vicky carried Haruto over, and Haruto kept on calling me "wang wang" non-stop to cheer me on. He was obviously glad to be in Vicky's arms.

I finally spotted two loops from two purple balloons together in the water, and was lowering my hook to them when another hook very swiftly stole them away from me. I looked up, wondering who that was. "Ah!" I exclaimed, standing up. "Yamapi!" I pouted. "You know I was eyeing on those balloons~"

"Precisely." Yamapi laughed, dangling the two purple balloon yo-yos from his finger. He had brought his girlfriend along.

"Hajimemashite!" she greeted, bowing.

I looked back into the tub and there were no more purple balloons. "Ne, Yamapi, you did that on purpose!" I complained playfully, trying to act fierce.

"...Keii-chan, it's okay, forget it. We can pick other colours." Vicky assured.

"I'll give them to you if you win me in the competition." Yamapi challenged. I agreed to it. Every year, our university's festival has a competition round the running track, and the winner gets to initiate the traditional dance of the school.

Vicky was smiling at our little challenge. The purple balloons were passed to Yamapi's girlfriend. She was a fairly short girl. I think I've seen her somewhere in the school of humanities before.

I prepared myself on the track. We were running in our yukatas and I wonder how we were going to make it. I hadn't joined this race before. Ad certainly looking at this year's obstacles, I'm going to have a water balloon fight with Yamapi. I stretched myself.

The race was about to start, and before the signal went off, I distinctively heard Vicky shout, "Ganbatte Keii-chan!!" and little Masaki in her arms going, "Wang wang!"

We sprinted off. And then it came to the point where we had a basket of water balloons with us. Unfortunately it was compulsory for us to carry it during the race. I would gladly have preferred just dodging the water balloons. I leaped further as Yamapi aimed a purple balloon at my feet. "Yamashita, take that!" I shouted, throwing a water balloon at him. He managed to dodge it too. For a moment we only aimed the balloons at each other, until we suddenly recalled the other racers were aiming for us too, and in an instance, we started aiming the water balloons for them.

There were now three of us left in the race. Yamapi was a little ahead. No, no, I'm going to get Vicky that purple balloon! I was almost out of breath but I shut my eyes and ran at full speed all the way to the finishing line. ...I felt like my yukata could just fly off.

"First place, Koyama Keiichiro!" the announcer exclaimed, and I plopped down onto the gorund immediately, sweating non-stop, and grinning.

"Kore!" Vicky bent over me, while Haruto was attempting to pull my hand. She showed me the two purple balloon yo-yos. And as I got up, in the middle of the track, I hugged her. She didn't push me away. She held me even closer. I was overjoyed. Very silently, we acknowledged each other's existence.

One way ticket to a town south
Sunset scene from a little hill
Broken shells and tears of mermaid
An adventure in my mind.

The next day after her study course, I called Vicky up in the afternoon, for a trip down to Osaka.

Why of all places, Osaka? Because that's where Hep Five Ferris Wheel is. I'm afraid of heights, but I wanted Vicky to really have a good view of the beauty of Japan from a high place.

We got there by train, and Vicky was smiling at the sights outside the window. The train was relatively empty that day.

"...I wanted to bring you on...this." I pointed to the Hep Five Ferris Wheel.

"Arigatou." Vicky replied happily, and gave my hand an extra squeeze. I had not noticed that we were holding hands! I was secretly happy inside, and while she wasn't looking, brought up my fist and said, "Yokatta!"

We were almost boarding the Ferris Wheel. I wonder if Vicky could actually read my mind because she later on asked, "Are you scared of heights?" I nodded, a little embarrassed. "Then maybe we shouldn't-"

"No! We're going up the Ferris Wheel." I assured.

She smiled at me gratefully. "Then Keii-chan, I'll be there with you when we are at the topmost height of the Ferris Wheel. I'll make sure you're not scared, I promise."

It was a very peaceful ride up, and since it was the evening when we arrived at Osaka, the sun was just beginning to set. It was very beautiful. It wasn't often that I got to see this sight. We were at the topmost, but I didn't notice. Because I was looking at Vicky staring out the window, one of her hands holding mine.

"Vicky-chan..." I started. She turned towards me, and I completely forgot what I wanted to say. I ended up being flustered and blurting out, "Please be with me!" I shut my eyes tightly.

The princess in a timeless story
Endless sounds flow from little streams
Your sweet voice and eyes forever
Our promise yesterday.

Her reply was simple. She gave my cold hand an extra squeeze. I opened my eyes, and for the first time...

I kissed her lips. She approved of it. And she kept her promise of not making me afraid when we were at the peak of the Ferris Wheel.

And her promise, was the sixth angel's gift.

Oh my love
I shall seek for what makes me happy
I love you
And you always bring me a precious time.

On the last day of her stay, we went to the seaside. This is where I spent my quiet moments alone, and I wanted to share this little hideaway with her.

"Vicky-chan, suki da yo." I suddenly said again.

"Watashi mo, anata wa suki desu." she answered.

"I wish you didn't have to go. But... Everytime I miss you, I'll come here and look out to the sea. Because somewhere across the sea, you are there. It brings me closer to you." I told her.

She held onto my hand, smiling quietly, looking out to the sea with me, her head on my shoulder.

I love you more because
You bring sweet precious times.

Through a span of a few days, there was a spark between Vicky and me. And that was very surprising. And finally through the pile of postcards, I saw her envelope. I held it tightly in my hands.

It's her birthday today. Though I cannot celebrate it with her, I know she is right across the sea, and I hope she is having a good time with her friends.

She is the gift from the seventh angel.

Vicky, happy birthday. (:



And I made this for Vicky!
Hope you're having fun out there!



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*speachless* i really touched for all this... hounto ni doumo arigatou gozaimashita!! u really sweet to me *hugs*

the fic makes me cry coz of too happy and the graphic makes me super happy <333

thank u!!

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so touching.....its such a good story sylvia ^__^ your soo good at writing stories ne! >_<!! uwah!

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