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santa filled my stocking with books (:


My Reading List 2006
1. 金田一:鬼火岛之迷
2. Great Expectations - Charles Dickens
3. 改造野猪 - 白岩玄
4. lighthousekeeping - Jeanette Winterson
5. Ten Nights of Dreams/Hearing Things/Heredity of Taste - Soseki Natsume
6. The Beggar's Opera - John Gay
7. Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen
8. Princess Diaries 6 - Meg Cabot
9. Princess Diaries 7 - Meg Cabot
10. The Hobbit - J.R.R. Tolkien
11. The Knight's Tale - Geoffrey Chaucer
12. Fortune's Slave - Fidelis Morgan
13. The Little Prince (re-read) - Antoine De Saint-Exupery
14. Charlotte's Web - E.B. White
15. The Fellowship of the Ring (re-read) - J.R.R.Tolkien
16. Northanger Abbey - Jane Austen

It has been a most unsatisfying year for movies but a rather satisfying one for books. :) I don't read much, but I greatly enjoyed what I've read this year. And I shamelessly tell you that I cried after The Little Prince and Charlotte's Web. The most page-turning books were Fortune's Slave and Northanger Abbey.

Surprise, surprise! I just said that a Jane Austen novel was page-turning! I mean, yes, I love her novels, but at the start, whenPersuasion was my very first Austen novel, I didn't appreciate as much as I do now, and to me it had been a bore. But only after studying it with a little more depth did I realise how amusing Austen's novels are.

I finished Northanger Abbey last night (past midnight, rather). It wasn't exactly a romantic book, ("...though Henry was now sincerely attached to her, though he felt and delighted in all the excellencies of her character and truly loved her society, I must confess that his affection originated in nothing better than gratitude, or, in other words, that a persuasion of her partiality for him had been the only cause of giving her a serious thought." -Northanger Abbey) but it was certainly an amusing one, filled with Austen's usual sarcasm, irony and anti-climatic sentences added to the end of paragraphs. I caught myself smiling to myself quite a few times while reading, and totally enjoyed that feeling. (:

It wasn't as easy for me to sympathise with the heroine in this novel as compared to Anne in Persuasion, and....I don't remember why. But only after she was removed from Bath and gone to Northanger Abbey did I subconsciously sympathise with her quite suddenly.

Northanger Abbey holds a very different overall tone as compared to Persuasion or maybe even Pride and Prejudice. Maybe it's because the heroine is pretty young, at 17 years of age, but the writing style seems to be faster, more forceful, more "openly" energetic and more "directly" opinionated. (I mean, of course Austen shows pretty strong opinions in her novels but she wrote it more openly here, without needing to read between the lines sometimes.)

It's not my favourite plot (to which, the back of the book cover had a description not exactly more than half true) but it's still a good read. I nearly picked up Sense and Sensibilty or Emma, the seemingly more heard-of titles among Austen's novels but Northanger caught my eye and after I read the description of it I decided to buy it. I felt cheated by the description! BUT still, I liked it. It's funny. Really.

And then I read Charlotte's Web, for the first time, when I'm past childhood. While I was watching the movie, there came a point when Templeton told Wilbur that he was to be killed and eaten in Winter, and this little boy wailed VERY loudly in the cinema, crying out, "NOOOOOOO!" until his mum had to carry him out of the theater. It was a very..."broken" film, as though they were just visually translating the book, (whatever the book said,they just put it up, without a good enough flow or a nice, constant pace) but the part which saved it all was when Charlotte was about to die, and when Wilbur went home and they all looked up at the corner of the door where shreds of Charlotte's web still remained. I was about to cry, but from the corner of my eye I saw my dad looking at me (and I later found out he really was trying to catch me crying! ) so I decided to hold it. Grrr. That was one of the two things which saved the movie. The other was its soundtrack and credits. IT WAS A BEAUTIFUL SOUNDTRACK. The movie was only an hour plus long. They didn't really focus on the issues which would strike older readers/viewers more - like the part about the Queensborough Bridge (something like that) and the thing about spiders' web being miracles themselves, so I guess the target audience was KIDS. They really just visually translated the whole thing! Without any emphasis on any scene except when Charlotte was dying!

"Why did you do all this for me?" he asked. "I don't deserve it. I've never done anything for you."

"You have been my friend," replied Charlotte. "That in itself is a tremendous thing."

-Charlotte's Web, by E.B. White


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wish i could be;


Sketchbook - 4 - Ariel by ~Rebellious-Phoenix on deviantART

Wheeeeee I finished this today. (: Ariel in a musical composed by Sebastian. ((: Was just a random idea. x)

Going off to shower now.

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frame by frame.

Is it safe now?
Try and stop me.
-'Closing In'; Imogen Heap.

ps: GOMEN! To Vicky and Ruby, for not meeting you two because something cropped up. :(

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on komodo dragons.

Virgin Birth For Komodo Dragons: http://news.yahoo.com/s/nm/20061220/sc_nm/britain_dragons_dc

すごいね~ And what perfect timing for such a discovery so near Christmas! (Except, mating their own mother...?) Reminds me of the song 「Ordinary Miracle」 by Sarah McLachlan, which is on the Charlotte's Web soundtrack. At first when I heard it, I didn't know why the song was titled "Ordinary Miracle", until I read the book:

'Do you understand how there could be any writing in a spider's web?'

'Oh, no,' said Dr Dorian. 'I don't understand it. But for that matter I don't understand how a spider learned to spin a web in the first place. When the words appeared, everyone said they were a miracle. But nobody pointed out that the web itself is a miracle.'

The world is full of miracles which we don't see!

I'm going to catch the movie on Friday with my dad. (: PIGS. I hated spiders before I read the novel (which is why I can't stand to play the Chamber of Secrets PC game anymore), but after I read it, I got to admire spiders, even though I still don't like them.

Caught 「太陽の歌」 with Vanessa yesterday. (I refuse to acknowledge that the title is translated into MIDNIGHT SUN!) But it was quite disappointing. Although that 「Stand Up!」 guy was quite amusing with his バカ faces. I kept wanting the toilet though, which was really frustrating. We had cakes at TCC (again hahh!) and stoned for a while... It wasn't the movie I was looking forward to, actually. =x Just wanted to do some catching up. I felt quite sad that after As started, we never got to see each other anymore. (I mean, yeah we see each other in the exam hall and say 'good luck' but that doesn't count!)

Been wanting to exercise but there's always some reason which stops me from doing so. And I feel darn bad to Faith. Really. I owe you a favour for having postponed it again and again.

I don't think I'm getting 「I album」 , because I am entirely broke! I owe people money... ごめん!!

Tomorrow's the dateline for the fanfic contest so I better finish it off later! But when I read it and I think of the storyline, it's not...just not up to my previous "standard" (if I even had any!) I think I read too much of Jane Austen and Charles DIckens and Tolkien that I started to concentrate on details and became too longwinded. I can't work with word limits.

life is like a gift they say
wrapped up for you everyday
open up and find a way
to give some of your own

-"Ordinary Miracle', performed by Sarah McLachlan; Charlotte's Web OST.

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忙しそうな街に 埋もれない優しさがある ;

 空風の帰り道 - Mr.Children

Random start, but I was thinking of using yaplog, since it has 5gb of space and OMG MAGICAL MAKER. But then they have a character limit of 5000 for each post, and for this long-winded お婆ちゃん here, it's definitely not even half enough. And I feel attached to this fc2 blog already.

edit: check out my new photo blog. <3 It's not exactly a "photo blog" entirely, but yeah, more of photos with people in it. ...because I like to use the agical maker function. xD

I met Vicky, Cindi and Sky yesterday! 本当にありがとう! It's really the best birthday outing I've had in a decade. LOL. And thanks for the presents. すきすき! ごめん! I was so shy and quiet when I first met you all! We ate at Ramen Ten, and had cake at TCC (is it called 'The Coffee Connossieur'...?) 美味しい!!!

Cindi works as a tour guide, and she gets to bring Japanese school boys and girls around Singapore.. LOL she shared her experiences with us and it was SO SO SO HILARIOUS! (And, er, as expected, I burst into my usual laughter again. ) LOL and then we were talking about fanfics, and Vicky was telling us about a deserted island story.. HAHAHAHA that was darn funny too xD

Oh and I really liked the Nobuta candle-blowing activity. Cindi drew candles on the tissue (shucks I forgot what it's called) and after i made a wish and blew out the candles, she covered the candle flames with another tissue

Guess what, I bought another dress. Can you believe this? OMG. i've been spending too much on clothes. Anyway this one is entirely black, with a red belt. It actually looks like my brown one, the first dress I ever bought, except that this belt is hard and the one on my brown dress is a self-tie ribbon. My mum didn't scold when I got home, can you believe that? I was staring at her, waiting for her to scold me and she didn't. Speaking of buying stuff I also bought a Kinki Kids poster HAHA. And guess what, although it's small and unofficial, it's actually my first KK poster. X_X

We all went to take purikura at Heeren:

*For Vicky Cindi and Sky, the original scan sizes are here(click to enlarge):
img270original.jpg img272original.jpg img274original.jpg img275original.jpg

MY FACE ALWAYS LOOKS THE SAME LAH. I am so so so UNcreative in poses. We messed up a little on the first machine, and in the end we all got very huge purikura prints xD But it didn't matter, because who wouldn't mind having another go? xP (Honestly whenever we go out in a group of at least four, there's NEVER such a thing as taking neoprints at only ONE machine.)

The nicest thing about fangirling/fandom is actually not the part about "drooling" over pretty boys. It's the community. (: You have no idea. x)

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they are calling from across a distant shore;

The Shores of the Swilly - Sinead O'Connor

By the shores of the Swilly, two children at play
The king of the castle, the queen of the may
Just me and my sister, in a world of pretend
Where the sun would keep shining, the day never end

By the shores of the Swilly, now with kids of our own
Another year over, and see how they've grown
Then we'd watch the last sunset, and walk arm in arm
Till I see you next summer; God keep you from harm
And if I was a flier who crashed now and then,
she would put me together and fly me again.

And if I was a flier who crashed now and then,
she would put me together and fly me again.
By the shores of the Swilly, with an aching inside
I'll watch as her body is raised from the tide
Her life has been taken, and I'll never know why
but I feel in that moment, a part of me died

-to my grandmother, and to "Eomer".

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and in dreams we will meet again;


In Dreams
(sung by Edward Ross)

When the cold of winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams
I can hear your name
And in dreams
We will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall
And we come, to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there,
I will go there
And back again

It always brings tears to my eyes. A reason not to skip credits. (: And also Ben del Maestro on Forth Eorlingas and Minas Tirith:

(I couldn't find the Minas Tirith track on radio.blog.club.)

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乾いた北風が ひゅるり落ち葉を集めてる;


Harmony of December - KinKi Kids

乾いた北風が ひゅるり落ち葉を集めてる (The dry north wind gathers the fallen leaves)
「今夜は雪が降りそうだね」うれしそうな声で ("It seems like it will be snowing tonight (da ne)" (says) a voice which sounds happy)
いつもの公園に 今日は静かな夜が来る (Within the usual park, today it'll be covered in a quiet night)
つないだ指がとてもやさしい ふたりきりの温度 (Our intertwined fingers are especially gentle, from the warmth of us both)

ふと気づけばいつも隣で笑ってる (Unexpectedly I noticed someone who was always beside me smiling)
僕の心に咲く花 (A flower bloomed in my heart)

君に会いたい いま会いたい 離れた一秒も (I want to see you, right now, even if we were only separated for only one second)
僕の想いは 夜空彷徨う白い羽根さ (My thoughts are wandering up to the night sky on white wings)
君を抱いて 羽ばたいて 永遠よりも彼方へ (I want to hold you ___________, longer than forever (?!) )
消えないでいて この恋よずっと (It cannot be erased, this love is forever.)

忙しそうな街に 埋もれない優しさがある (in the busy streets there is an unburied gentleness)
道を行き交う微笑み見ると (Walking along the streets to and fro (??) many smiles were seen)
良かったなって思える (I thought, 'That's great na..")

君の願い事が叶うように僕は (Your wishes were sent to me (????))
そっと守っていくんだ (I quietly protected them)

君に会いたい いま会いたい 離れた一秒も (I want to see you, right now, even if we were separated for only one second)
僕の想いは 夜空彷徨う白い羽根さ (My thoughts are wandering up to the night sky on white wings)
君を抱いて 羽ばたいて 永遠よりも彼方へ (I want to hold you ___________, longer than forever (?!) )
消えないでいて この恋よずっと (It cannot be erased, this love is forever.)

何度もキスを重ね 12月を奏でよう (No matter how many times we've kissed repeatedly, in December 'it will be played' (??!!))
君との日々に 僕は生きているよ (On the day I was with you, I was born)

君に会いたい いま会いたい どんな言葉よりも (I want to see you, right now, more than any words can express)
そばにおいで 君がいるなら ただそれだけで (Run to me*, I only wish for you to be here, that's all)

君に会いたい いま会いたい 離れた一秒も (I want to see you, right now, even if we were separated for only one second)
僕の想いは 夜空彷徨う白い羽根さ (My thoughts are wandering up to the night sky on white wings)
君を抱いて 羽ばたいて 永遠よりも彼方へ (I want to hold you ___________, longer than forever (?!) )
消えないでいて この恋よずっと (It cannot be erased, this love is forever.)

乾いた北風が ひゅるり落ち葉を集めてる (The dry north wind gathers the fallen leaves)
「今夜は雪が降りそうだね」君とふたり…uh ("It seems like it will be snowing tonight (da ne)" You, and just the two of us.)

shucks my translation sucks like nobody's business. makes me feel like taking proper lessons. But what about Italian? How on earth do you translate Japanese into English where it ends off with a 「だね」?! It's like, something you understand but just can't explain it in words. And * it's not really "run to me", I think it's more like, literally translated, "come to my side/come beside me", but in English it just sounds.........weird. And what's 「12月を奏でよう 」? Shucks. Help.

In the future when I change blogskin again, the translation probably can't be seen because it's coloured in white x)

Skyちゃん said that in this performance on Music Station, Tsuyo had a sore throat and his voice sounded husky and weak. And as usual 光ちゃん expresses his constipated voice! LOL. Jk. (: Waiting to watch the rest of Music Station.



"...I'm hungry."
"Pippin! "

this is a very random edit:
someone posted this thread entitled "BEST Sounding Language?" in A-Baka, and I realised I haven't written on this in my blog yet, so, being the lazy girl that I am, I decided to post my reply in my blog too. xP For some reason, I felt that this post was the most "out-of-place" of all I've posted on A-Baka.

i think that's kinda hard to answer. cos... like what Kazanko mentioned, every language is beautiful in its own way. There are things that another language cannot express, like Chinese and Japanese can say "Jia you!" or "Ganbatte!" but in English you can't 100% perfectly translate that. (You can't say 'add oil' or even if you say 'you can do it', it's really not the same still.)

but if not for comparing beauty, my favourite languages are English, Japanese and Italian. English, for me, is because , er, yeah I speak it, and I love love love <3333 English literature. It's like the language comes alive and hits you in unknown ways. =x

For Japanese, well.. other than JPop, I love the Japanese culture, so therefore, the language as well. I love how Japanese songs can paint hills and skies into pop tunes and ballads and various other types of songs, unlike, for example, Taiwanese boybands (no offense) who sing, "I love you, you love me," etc etc. For people like me who have not entirely grasped the language, on first hearing it sounds like those i love you you love me' tune but then when we really sit down and 'try' to translate (of course as mentioned there is no perfect translation), we realise they sing more than that! <3

For Italian, I feel that other than just plainly romantic (oh but they sound lovely in love songs!) I think to me it sounds really passionate (of course, different people see this passion in language differently, because it is really up to each individual to define). I fell in love with this language after listening to Josh Groban's songs and watching Roberto Benigni's films. (Only two films though.) There is a passion in Josh Groban's voice in his Italian songs, and when Roberto Benigni speaks of the bird in the forest etc etc, this one bird can be spoken of so passionately, so greatly, that it is no longer a bird, but a fascinating creature woven out of the passionate voice and beautifully magnificent words of Benigni in Italian. (:

wow i didn't mean to write such a long post. but yeah inconclusion there is no ONE/TWO/THREE/ANY NUMBER of language(s) that is/are the most "beautiful". After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder xP therefore i guess it's more of like, what's your favourite language. yeah. ^^;

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she learned romance as she grew older;


That colour in the background always reminds me of Anne Elliot. It's like a sort of dull and melancholic yet rich and elegant red, full of suppressed passion, waiting to be polished into a bright, flamboyant red. Just like Anne. (:

I got that Snoopy figurine from some store in Wheelock Place which sell ultra-adorable collectibles. (: How could I pass up on a Snoopy collectible? xP That red leather diary book at the back was bought from Kinokuniya. The entire book is so... so...Literature-ish. (Tell me a better word to use. )

And a photo I captured at Orchard Road:

-photos by Sylvia;
entirely unedited.

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