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"I'm not a naive person anymore...
But I want to keep on pretending that I am naive,
Because I don't want Nana to hate me."


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summer is here.


9 seconds clip of the windmill spinning. xD

Got it at Meidi-ya's mini Natsu Matsuri. :D I wanted to get them last year, but when I decided to get one, they were already gone by that time. キレイでしょう?? Me and Vanessa spent some hours at Liang Court doing our usual stuff, and we realised we haven't been there for very long, because... MacDonalds' totally became a CAFE ! No actually it's still Macs', but they renovated the whole restaurant. Actually... It looks classy and comfortable but it removed the old feeling of studying there.

We found lots of Japanese sale postcards for 50cents each at Kinokuniya. Whoo! (Siti's habit is getting to me.) I got stationery. Two more volumes of 「NANA」, CHEESE STICKS <3 and that windmill of course. :D


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Thank You for staying with us.

Hello customer, "Thank You" for staying with us.
We are a group of hotel staff under the hotel name-
"Temporary Hideaway".
You come as you like
And you can (can you?) expect anything out of us for a mere weekly, monthly stay.
Customer, you see us as a hotel; you think we will naturally
Welcome you, because
You think that's what Hotels do.
You think we'll pull you through
Because we have nice staff here.
And finally you drop us behind when you find another beautiful country to go to.
We smile and say "have a nice day",
Maybe we're just being nice-
But maybe we never meant it
But were still being nice anyway.
So you finally see us out of our staff uniform, and
One day you'd come to us and say,
"Why do I feel people watching my back all the time?"

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for I will never die;


Remember - Josh Groban

I this guy's voice ! Actually it was partly because of him singing for the movie, Troy, that I decided that I REALLY wanted to catch it. And until now when I hear this song I still tear. The other movie I caught with him singing the theme song is The Polar Express, although actually a lot of the enthusiasm was really derived from loving these genres on movies. I love catching Christmas movies every December. (:

Hey. I love Josh Groban's hair too! (Now you know why I am fascinated with Siti's hair HAHA.) I have a soft spot for dark, curly hair.

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life is a cabaret, old chum.


Actually, I found Cabaret pretty disappointing. But come to think of it, still, the experience was well worth the money. The tunes are unforgetable. (: The pineapple scene was totally anti-climatic:

Herr Schultz. Can I beleive what I see?
But this is too much to accept.
It's so rare... so costly... so luxurious...

If you brought me diamonds,
If you brought me pearls,
If you brought me roses
Like some other gents
Might bring to other girls,
It couldn't please me more
Than the gift I see;
A pineapple for me.

The acting, though, couldn't really come through because I think there was too much glamour in it to bring out the acting. (Although I guess it was SUPPOSED to enhance it.) Such as, when Cliff finally leaves and Sally Bowles stays, her last line to him was, "Dedicate your book to me, Cliff." But because we were sitting pretty far behind (but pretty good for $15, having been subsidised), I couldn't see her facial expressions, and through her voice, I couldn't get the exact message it was to convey. Did she say it in a laughing/mocking manner or in a way that she still loves Cliff and misses the past? Although the latter is probably more likely. I've never read the story. =|

I also liked the irony at the end. In 'Willkommen', the EmCee sings:

Leave you troubles outside!
So - life is disappointing? Forget it!
We have no troubles here! Here life is beautiful...
The girls are beautiful...
Even the orchestra is beautiful!

And at the end of the show, there is another round of 'Willkommen', but this time, the Emcee says, "Where are your troubles now? Forgotten! You see? I told you you would forget your troubles. In here, there are no troubles!" Yet, ironically, in the background sits Cliff on the train homeward bound for America, sad and depressed with more worries than he had BEFORE he encountered the Cabaret.

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Natsu Moyou


夏模様 (natsu moyou) - KinKi Kids

WOW. I love this. (: Haven't been following up on JE for very long, and am glad they put a smile on my face. :D TSUYO'S HAIR ROCKS !

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ride on those clouds and chase our dreams (:


-photos by Sylvia.
(larger versions in my deviantart gallery. (:

粉雪(konayuki) - レミオロメン
I always cry when I listen to this song.
This is the piano version. (:

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racial harmony day 2006


-Photos by Sylvia, Esther and Vanessa
song: himitsu - Ninomiya Kazunari

This is absolutely the best (although the shortest) Racial Harmony Day I've ever had. Finally we wore costumes. (: Vanessa and I got to wear 浴衣!! In a funny way, for once, I felt like we were a class.

(photo by esther)

Oh and for people who wanted the photos, here they are. [CLICK HERE] (I have totally forgotten WHO wants WHICH photos. )

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i want to swim in that ocean with you.


Very cute Beluga Whale in Yokohama, Japan (2006) trying to frighten people off by opening its mouth suddenly. Although after the video I felt sad that such a pretty whale had to live in a space-constrained aquarium. But at least it's still alive. (:

Went out to Tampines Mall with Vanessa お母さん today. 超楽しいよ~! There was a 北海道 (Hokkaido) food fair there, and I bought seasoned scallops and beans (which I think should be called BEANUTS because we kept calling them nuts. xD) Amazing. They look like rocks but they taste so sweet ! LOLLIPOPS GALORE TOO! The trip was tiring but so so so good. ...if not for the food being so expensive. x)

And, ヤッパリ、we were meant to bump into Mr.MacDonalds'.

We explored Toys R' Us (I want to be a 子供 again!) and had to leave our bags at the counter (does that apply only to students? I never experienced this before.) then we realised... "Hey, what about our wallets?" xD

A happy happy day. Can't wait to show mum what I got. :D

And I got Pest a Birthday present too. Belated one x) Happy Birthday girl. (: Cheer up. (:

Oh I miss Underwater World. I want to see those beautiful schools of fish swim by. I miss the fish. I wish there were more aquariums in Singapore with a lot lower entrance fees. Like, A LOT lower. Depriving fish lovers. I mean, the milder fish lovers. =|

You stare at us while we swim in circles
But we stare right back at you
And stay amused at your imitation of us too.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest (Trailer Leak)


YO-HO! POTC2 tomorrow!

I pray there is no last minute make-up lesson(s). Who cares about Will Turner? CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW. I haven't been to the cinema in AGES. (:

There was a two-hour break and then a one-and-a-half-hour break today, which practically made us very free and slacking around. Besides, we were watching movie after movie today. Fortunately I found a copy of The Hobbit on the library shelf and picked up where I left off in my reading. During the second break, we all went out to Serangoon Central, and Esther said, "You see! We all came out just to accompany you to buy SHAMPOO!" We sat and ate at Macs and chatted after that and headed back for school for dratted econs remedial. (They should call it official lecture anyway. It's going to spoil wednesdays.) I don't mind spending wednesdays like that, really. (:

"Immortality! Take it! It's yours!"
(has nothing to do with POTC; been watching too much of TROY.)

later edit:
oh oh oh ! I forgot to add this!
We're watching CABARET at the Esplanade on 23rd July !
My first ever musical :D Starring Fei Xiang xD I've been wanting to watch Cabaret, and now we're gong as a literature class. ((:
I was scanning through the sistic page, and I caught under the admission ruels: Infants in arms or children BELOW the age of 15 SHALL NOT be admitted. Maybe they will ask for my IC. HAHAHA.

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Pretty daisy colour :D

I scored my first 'A' for a Literature essay in my entire JC life ! And it's the first 'A' among all my subjects too. x)
So you see how lousy I am.

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プリクラ !


"I feel like taking neoprints."
-stare at each other for 10 seconds-

(I finally have a scanner :D)

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i hope you frown (but i know you won't)


I don't think staying far from school is a fantastic excuse to shirk off responsibility to go to school. If so, you might as well not go to school every day. And among everyone whom I asked whether they were going to school on Sports Day or not, the line, "I live so far from school, YOU live so near to school." came out so often at me that I got very very very very very pissed off. But of course no one could tell on MSN. No doubt it is a fact, but for the past year and half this excuse has always been shot at me, so often that I wish wish wish I chose some faraway JC like CJC.

You tell me, "I really want to catch up on my sleep." But I don't think that people who live nearer to school DESERVE to wake up earlier, have less sleep and leisure time just to watch people run on the track and reach home with migraine. And if you tell me I can wake up later, you're wrong. I don't get to wake up at 7am. Wy should I deserve less rest and get doubly dark eyebags than the rest of you?

I am not a nice person, really.

So, not even deep down inside but right outside,
I wish you all would get punished.
But I know you never would.
And I'll just continue to sulk.

I WISH WISH WISH WISH no one knew I lived so close in proximity to the school.

On a happier note, look at my new stickers.

Feeling very 不甘心 about the CCA relay results as well. Track should've come in first but due to a last blunder they got disqualified and Esther injured herself. grr. ahbu heartpain also.

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...Actually it's just a compilation of the photos I've taken, mostly of the clouds inside. Playing with Windows Movie Maker again.

manfa, uploaded for you. :) My first 中島美嘉 song ! [CLICK HERE]

Finished 「NANA ③」! When I saw the movie I really hated Shouji because he appeared to be such a jerk, but the manga brought out the fact that it wasn't entirely his fault, and he was actually a 優しい person. Besides, he looks much better in the manga (as do all 漫画の男 do).


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what if...


CINDERELLA III! *吃驚!* Although I don't really like the idea of so many sequels because it kind of destroys the whole one-go happy ending feel, but who cares ! I was beginning to get really sad over the fact that to compete in today's world Disney went CG and 3D or whatever you called it. Classics and animation rock (: What's happening to this world? Where's all that pure happy love for making movies?

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tuxedo kamen xD


Shibue Jyoji, and he plays... タクシドー・仮面 in Sailor Moon Live Action HAHAHAHAHAHA. (Don't ask me how I know that.) He's not photogenic. Not really. x) Comes from Nagano, 1983. hm. In the show, he ALWAYS reminds me of Furuya Keita for some reason! (OMG VK, don't throw banana skins at me.) And don't ask how I know that.

...I am not a fan of Sailor Moon, really. I guess it's some childhood memories, so I got hooked on the Live Action. xDDDDD Who cares if you think that's childish? :P I miss my childhood days.

Luna and Artemis looked darn fake xD And to tell the truth the whole show looked like Power Rangers LOL. But, what was kind of nice was the story OUTSIDE the fighting and all that magic. (:

. . . You're listening to a 7-year-old. Thank you.


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Dear Yahoo!: If one person yawns, why does everyone else in the room want to yawn? Lynn Garland, Texas

 Dear Lynn: Yawning is extremely contagious -- 55% of people who witness someone yawn will yawn within five minutes. If a visually impaired person hears a tape of someone yawning, he or she is likely to yawn as well. Face it, the likelihood of you making it to the end of this answer without looking like one of these gaping maws is unlikely. Although the contagious nature of yawning is well established, we know less about why this is so. Researchers are currently giving the topic some serious attention. One theory suggests it's a holdover from a period in evolutionary history when yawning served to coordinate the social behavior of a group of animals. A recent study postulates that contagious yawning could be part of the "neural network involved in empathy." While the mystery of contagious yawning has yet to be solved, perhaps researchers are closing in on an answer. On the other hand, given the subject matter, we wouldn't blame them for falling asleep at the wheel. In the meantime, give the "yawn challenge" a try -- it's tougher than it looks.

Went out with Eewei today. She got two new novels, and I got my third volume of 『NANA』! Also bought myself 可愛い stickers and something for both me and Vanessa. (: きゃぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ~ すごく可愛いよ! Want to take a photo for it but I'll give away what it is. Saw another set of cute stickers with words like 「天才」、「キター! キター! 」、「笑」、et cetera on them.

 夏はいいね?! I miss miss miss writing. Last night I thought of the things I've written and I fell asleep. It was such a happy feeling. 幸せ~ But now it's not the time to write anymore な。

Haven't laughed like that in a long time. With Eewei anything is really funny.

Took photos on the way home of the clouds and also before the exam started. Shall upload them tomorrow if I'm not procrastinating. x) It was the second time I saw dark but yet beautiful rays shooting out from above a big pure white cloud. 感動しました! Okay that's kind of exaggerating.

"Rotten sponge! Can sponge rot?"
"Rotton sponge expanded!"
"A big orange cloud is passing the rotten sponge!"
"It's the smoke from our exam-smoking."

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見て !


Yesterday's clouds. And I wasn't productive again. I finally got The Rainbow Star single! I like the first two tracks, 「The Rainbow Star」 and 「いきてゆくことが」, but the last track wasn't my taste. It's summer time and he sings "Merry Christmas" But for 「いきてゆくことが」, when I plugged in my ipod and closed my eyes to listen to it, I got goosebumps because I felt like someone was creeping up behind me.

I am sick today ! Was so determined to get up and study hard today but all my determination's gone.

Who can think of a worse name than 「kitty GYM」?! So... so... *speechless*

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The photo above is exactly what I saw when Esther messaged me to look at the sky yesterday Below are edited photos. (:

I was looking for some waste paper and grabbed my old 8DAYS magazine and tore the last page out. I found the All-Purpose Pow-Ka-Leow Grade Correction Request Form. OMG I love the last pages of 8DAYS forever. Click on the 'read more' link below to read it. Amusing x) Education and Singaporeans. wahha.

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