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we don't forget.


It's hard to let go-
You ask yourself, is that a sunrise or a sunset?
And you know people lie when they say time will heal everything
Even if it's like that I want to remember the pain.

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Rainbow Star;


I grew to love this light because Tsuyoshi's concert is called Rainbow Star. x) My dad got it from his company dinner or something.

Just recovered from a horrible headache and I'm researching for GP now. :(

BLEAH. I want a camera with better video capabilities.

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正听着: 薄荷キヤンデイ - KinKi Kids

一点也不舒服. 身上的rashes好烦人!一坐下来ITCHINESS就发作了. 我们今天又到室内体育室workout了. 一边用equipment一边想, "Itchy itchy,pain pain", 可是好像又无能为力. 如果停下来SCRATCH,又会白费心机,不停下来又好难受! 可是还运动得高兴. 因为大家都一起欢笑.

可是...我没去参加课外活动,其实我是感到很内疚的! 好像有一股不负责任的感觉. 可是rashes好恐怖.

也很想看一看「正直しんどい」, 但又害怕坐下来太久又会再感受到rashes的存在. むずむずです。 薬はどこ?! 都不知道母ちゃん把medical oil放到哪里去了... 只好等她回来吧.

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nicholas: Hey I had to reply your request here because you didn't leave an email address behind for me to reply. (: CLICK HERE. (It's Water Screen from KinKi Kids' H Album.) Sorry I only have the .wma version left in my PC. Enjoy. (: Thanks for dropping by!

I got this from Kelly's blog.

(Click on the link below. )

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Charlie Bucket;


Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is cute.
Johnny Depp is an amusing actor. x)

(Well my dad won't stop singing the Willy Wonka song now.)

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Received a truckload (my new favourite word! ) of Keii-chan pictures from VICKY nee-chan! Yes I've been missing out so much. It's made my day. :D

And now I have to go back to studying my history notes.

I wanna put those pictures on my wall! I haven't been redecorating my room much; I want to do more...

"He's cute!"
"...You used to say I was cute."

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charlie brown and snoopy show;


Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving
Running Time: 24:42

Umm yes I'm still on a PEANUTS high.
And I'm so dead for GP.

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charlie brown and snoopy show;


Charlie Brown's Christmas.
Running time: 25:41

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charlie brown and snoopy show;


Charlie Brown's Halloween.
Running Time: 25:06

PS: Linus Van. Pelt ROCKS. (:

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charlie brown and snoopy show;


Hmm how come nobody around me shares my love of the PEANUTS gang? I was browsing on YouTube (having finally gotten quite sick of SEA history) and I found this! In its early years :D And I had no idea that tune was actually a song. It sounds more classy now with just the piano version of it.

OH MY GOSH IT'S SNOOPY! The whole family loves Snoopy. :D

I found this Sanrio Cinnamoroll CM, and I was kind of shocked. I didn't know Sanrio was that violent. o_O

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it haunts me every day-

...I'm afraid of the end.

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"who knows if the moon's a balloon"


-Photo from gettyimages

who knows if the moon's
a balloon,coming out of a keen city
in the sky--filled with pretty people?
(and if you and i should

get into it,if they
should take me and take you into their balloon,
why then
we'd go up higher with all the pretty people

than houses and steeples and clouds:
go sailing
away and away sailing into a keen
city which nobody's ever visited,where

______Spring)and everyone's
in love and flowers pick themselves

-by E.E. Cummings.

So pretty. (:

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naniwa iroha bushi;


I miss this song!
Yes they should play this at 夏祭り instead! I remember NYP picked Teppen, Velvet no Yami, and Sakura Sake instead which didn't sound very natsu matsuri-ish. And they all didn't have a dance to it.

I missed doing the Naniwa Iroha Bushi dance! They should have fireworks at 夏祭り.

A whole truckload of letters to reply to. But I love them anyway.

I saw a Japanese girl wearing a face mask because she was having a cough, that day at Liang Court. I guess we Singaporeans really aren't considerate enough.

べんきょう ファイト!

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moments like these should last;


...but they rarely do.

Had a good trip with Vanessa today! Went studying at Liang Court again x)

Class 95FM rocks

And we both miss those old english pop songs. Which is the second reason why Class 95 rocks. Their lousy jokes were pretty amusing. xD

Darn. I can't get that Johnny's Hitting Me song out of my head.


Who should you see but semi-transparent Vanessa?!!

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Found this on YouTube. x)
The title was Monster Kitagawa: Johnny's Hitting Me. Amusing choice of song lol.

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what they expect.


Why do ou parents tell us, "You are always special and unique. You're one of a kind in the world." But later on when we grow up and want to believe that we can be outstanding, they tell us, "Can't you be normal like everyone else?" So, do they want us to be normal or special? And what do you term 'normal' as anyway? Is being yourself called 'normal'? Then if so why is wanting to be unique termed 'abnormal' by them?

I found this from my old blog. (Which I think of erasing forever, because there are things that I feel should not be there.)

I wonder if I will look back next time and think there in THIS blog there are things that shouldn't be here?
Do you get the feeling, sir, that when I say I don't want to feel exposed on my blog, I AM exposing myself?
Do I get the feeling that when Faith says I'm matured, she was saying the wrong thing to the wrong person?
Yes I do. x) LOL.

Oops I have the MARCIE habit. :P

Overjoyed - (forgot that American idol contestant's name )

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you were there;


Under the big Mac's umbrella.

I was browsing through my deviantart account (oh my gosh my drawings cannot make it o_O;) and I found this. Reminds me of 'To Sir With Love'. (:

Faith - Ito Yuna

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It was silent. They were hunting.
But it was just us in the ice and snow.
You melted away the cold glare that had been on your face
In the daylight
Now replaced by the moonlight.
We'll sit on the ice together
And skate
No matter how it numbs our bottoms
Because it's the last time we'll have fun
Until the ice-

And then I won't see you again.

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morning leads to a week.

I hate having to wake up to a bad start in the morning. And because of one morning, I feel like my whole week is spoilt.

This sucks.

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You can't see any sign to tell you something is moving. But you can feel it. And it's nice to stand by the window before lesson and feel the wind watching you. (:

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fifteen february-


So many of my photos never get up on this blog. And well, don't look at the horrible score I got. We had an in-class assignment. (PS: Look at the words beside the date. ひろちゃん。)

Fifteen February. Four-moles grasshead, happy birthday-ed.

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Sylvia --


A beat poet working the streets

'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com


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babyface ._.


Our group was suddenly talking about some physics rule/issue with fingers yesterday, and I came across this CM today! HAHA. HI-CHEW green apple CM.

He just can't stop going on about "あなたの事が好きだから"!

I've got a lot of photos to share but ...


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It's my Sunday.


Um, I wish I could say those nails were not an influence from Tsuyoshi. Top-right corner is a page from my 野ブタnotebook/organiser. No prizes for guessing correctly what that last photo's complete spelling is.

For a larger version of the photos, click HERE.

Had おにぎり for breakfast again.

And yes I badly want 『COWARD』. Tsuyoshi changed his style again. But nevertheless his songs are still nice. Except I probably will get scared listening to 『COWARD』in the morning before school.

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past the end.

Tell me a story, Pew.

What kind of story, child?
A story with a happy ending.
There's no such thing in all the world.
As a happy ending?
As an ending.

-lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson

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&bring out the sunshine

I miss these guys. :(

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Blue Berry :D

Listening to: Destination - N's Aoi Opening Theme

Hmm there was no blue berry drink at the drink stall today.

Music Station 24th February 2006. With Tsuyoshi singing Blue Berry!

Actually, I thought he couldn't sing it well live, which is pretty shocking, because I always thought his live singing was good. Someiyoshino was done beautifully the last time on Music Station, because it really brought out that emotion in his voice. But he did look like he was immensely enjoying singing Blue Berry teehee. And for once, the mood wasn't disturbing or depressing.

And he smiled quite suddenly while he was singing! Tsuyoshi's smiles are the cutest hahaha. Oops. And his cute-ness is even more so outstanding when he is little short Tsuyo-chan standing in front of the taller people HAHA.

Being short is also advantageous haha.
(More than just being a shrub!)

Blue Berry makes me happy. :D

But Nakashima Mika's Cry No More was pretty disappointing. And not to mention, she looks pretty scary this time round. But overall I still love her songs.

I'm only on the third episode of N's Aoi, and that's pretty slow, because episode 8 is already out. I was touched by the second episode about the patient who gave Aoi-chan a balloon with bells in it. (: Surprisingly, I don't usually like hospital/medical dramas, and I watched this because of Keii-chan, but I ended up loving the story even more. (:

Tsuyo-chan's album [Coward] was released yesterday! But the Japan press edition is too expensive. >__< It's not like I haven't had a heart attack over H Album even though it was my birthday present from my dad.

It only began to snow after I left my footsteps.

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I've been tagged by stupid Faith. :P

...gone are the days when I enjoyed doing these things immensely.

Instructions: The tagged victim has to come up with 8 different points of their perfect lover. Specify the gender of the target. Tag 8 victims to join this game and leave a comment on their page saying they've been tagged. If tagged the 2nd time, there's no need to post again.

Gender: Male


1) He must not be an MCP.
2) The usual, respect each other's views, lend a listening ear, but he doesn't have to say anything in return, and... fight with me if there is a need to. :P
3) Is equally passionate about art and literature.
4) Is still a child in his heart.
5) Is willing to sit by me quietly. (:
6) Loves photographing random things instead of me, me and more of me.
7) Does not say 'I Love You' everyday. (Hm. You don't want to hear a long explanation.)
8) And for my brother complex, I wouldn't mind if he was like my brother. x) Is it possible for someone to be both like your brother and like your husband?

I tagged: Tammy, Kelly, Sky, Olivia, Jaslyn, Vicky, Jami/Resha, Lina.

In addition, a Johari Window. What do you see me as?

I miss my Ferris Wheel.

We are lucky, even the worst of us, because daylight comes.
-lighthousekeeping by Jeanette Winterson

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