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Wink Up November 2000 Message Board

*thanks to sky for telling me 大阪巨蛋 is Osaka Dome x)))

From: Johshima Shigeru
To: Domoto Tsuyoshi

Thanks for guesting in our show "駭哥任务"! Your hairstyle has changed again. I wonder what you will look like the next time you come again? Oh yes! Tsuyoshi, do you have true friends? If it is possible, I want to be your true friend! (laughs) Forget it! I'm not going to joke anymore. There are only two members in KinKi Kids, don't you feel it's lonely? I really want to join in! I am serious! (laughs) Ah! But my surname is not 'Domoto', so I can't join... (laughs)

From: Kohara Yuki
To: All the fans

I would like to tank you all very much for all the support and encouragement you all have shown towards me. From now on, I'd really like to concentrate on my studies, so I'm going to quit Johnny's Jr, and I won't appear in front of the crowd anymore. If everyone would give me your blessings in this, I would be really happy. I'm really grateful towards everyone during this long period of time!

From: Domoto Tsuyoshi
To: Inocchi

I've already told 阿厚! He even asked if we wanted to form a new group! Of course, he will be the lead vocalist! (laughs) What do you think of it? Also, next time, invite me for barbeque party! I'll be waiting.

To: 辰已雄大 and Arashi

First, to 辰已, when we were on set for drama, you kept hanging out with the other group of guys, and you didn't really take notice of me. This made me a little lonely! (laughs) But you don't have to are about me; having a good relationship with everyone is more important. Then, I hope you all will become real brothers!...Nn, so it's set. (laughs)
To the members of Arashi, don't throw me behind and you four go work! Even if you have to do that, don't use the name 'Arashi'. (laugh)

From: Nagano
To: Jr's Nakamura Sho (??)

During 20th Century's concert, I really liked your dancing. You danced like 馬场-san! It made me really happy! Thank you!

From: Taichi
To: Inocchi and Yamapi

Inocchi, next time for Sports Day, wear a singlet/vest with the number 4415 on it, is that good? Oh yes! If you're free, let's have a meal together sometime soon! Tomohisa. ...sorry, I addressed you too intimately! (laughs)

From: Koichi
To: Sakamoto

I caught 'Music Station' the last time, and your smile among the V6 members is the sweetest, it made me fall in love with you! (laughs)
Anyway, when you're free, let's all go play baseball. The results are really different when you are playing with us!

From: Sho
To: Kohara Yuki

We've had a meal together in August before, and I haven't had such a food, long chat with you in a long time. It really felt good! We ever thought of asking all the Arashi members out, but even though the plan failed, next time we must all meet up and go out! From now on, yoroshiku too!

From: Takki
To: (Domoto) Tsuyoshi

Thanks a lot for giving me the pair of sunglasses that I most wanted! Later on, I heard from the others that it was one of your favourite pairs, and yet you gave it to me. I am really touched! I will treasure it!

From: Okada
To: Jrs. who participated in Coming Century's Concert

Otsukaresama deshita! At the final show in Yokohama arena, you all stood in a line and said, "Otsukaresama deshita!", and then clapped to congratulate usl I was really happy! Because of you guys, we were able to bring out the best in Coming Century. My tears are coming out already, thanks a lot. From now on, you all can take the initiative to come chat with me. I'm too shy to take the initiative. (laughs)

From: (Murakami) Shingo
To: 吉_悠
(sorry I don't know how to read the character in the middle so I couldn't type it out.)
Thanks for giving me a call. Your drama has also finished filming smoothly, otsukaresama! Everytime when I call you, you always seem to be having a flu, and your body seems to be in weak condition, so please take care of yourself! We really need to have a meal together one of these days! Guess what, I'm also into emailing!

From: Morita Go
To: Inocchi

We went to play bowling before..., your skills are kind of lousy! (laughs) You seem to think that you have to use a great force to throw the ball, that's not correct right?! (laughs)

From: Yamapi
To: Koichi and Nagase

First, to Koichi. Thanks for your message last month. Even though you praised me for having a handsome face, if you look closely, you will realise that I am not what you said I was yo~! (laughs)
Next, to Nagase. I bought TOKIO's latest single! It's really a good song~! I've been listening to it during breaks at photoshoots today! And, I also want to tell you, Doraemon is really great yo!

From: Aiba
To: Tsubasa

The last time, when we went to Yokohama baseball stadium (A/N: or pitch?!!) to watch a match, I slept through the first round to the third round, I'm really sorry! Haha! Let's go watch a match together again next time! I want to watch the 中日隊 one!

From: Tsubasa
To: (Domoto) Tsuyoshi

Thanks for coming out with me to play twice in September! The last time you even accompanied me to watch Osaka Dome's concert videotape, I sang Natsu no Ousama inside, and after watching the video I was very embarrassed. But you even consoled me in a yasashii manner, "The key of this song should be higher right!" I'm really happy! Whenever I'm with Tsuyoshi, I'll always laugh until I have a stomachache, I really enjoyed it!

From: Toma
To: (Domoto) Tsuyoshi

When I came back from Thailand and called Tsubasa to tell him, "I'm back!", it was you who answered the phone instead, it gave me a huge shock! (laughs) I told you I was in Thailand filimng a drama..., and you actually told me, "It was hard work on you! Have to go there to shoot 'A Traveller's Journal'!" This made me laugh! The drama is airing on 25th of November, please watch it yo!

From: Nagase
To: Koichi

About the "勇者門恶壟VII" videogame, what's your progress? Although you played later than me, but I'm sure you're better at the game than me, right? Hurry up and teach me! I've been playing very badly recently, and I made no advancement at all, when I play my analytical/thinking skills go down, and I forget the reports I get a few minutes before! (laughs) That's why I need your help! But, after you finish playing, don't unplug from the socket, okay? (laughs)

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happy chinese new year

Listening to: Blue Berry - Domoto Tsuyoshi

The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. Because... After what Hana said... Wow the swaying is fun! (And it is fun to imagine Tsuyo-chan doing that too.

So is it the normal or limited edition?!!

Wearing my yukata later but I'm wondering if it's a wrong choice. Because it attracts attention, but I don't want to attract attention. I wear it because I like the yukata!! Eh why nobody else wear??

And every Chinese New Year I get this kind of nervousness, like I can't settle down, and it's annoying. I don't know why.

Hmm. By the way I'm a very slow person. x) Physically and mentally. x)

Visiting Quanmin's home tomorrow!

Ehh because of this nervousness and unsettleness, i couldn't do anything even if I had so much time. I saw a new comment on my fanfic, I wanted to continue it, but I couldn't write! I couldn't write! Oh PS, I don't know why people say I'm a good writer. Everytime I hold conversation with someone, a lot of times I'd go, "Huh what does *insert vocab word* mean??"


New Year Omedetou!

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Missing You.


It feels like it's so long since I saw SMAP. I was looking through my CD-Rs and came across Clip! SMAP! and I rewatched it. Even though the PVs look low-budget.

Anyway, see that screencap! It's been so long since I last saw Nakai's cute smile!! It was fun to watch the PVs, for all those little actions they did.

Oh, and, Happy Chinese New Year. (:

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playing with solitude.


It's time to find happiness in solitude.

I dislike being alone. But I have to be.

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arigatou (:

When I look into the mirror in the morning, I thought the same thing as Shuuji: "I need to produce -me- today! It does seem like I'm fake isn't it? And I wonder, if that's me who is in class, being such an insane girl.

But now I want to say, yes, that's me! I wanted to show this face to them. It was natural. Even though I don't know why. Everybody has two faces. Behind that happy face, you wouldn't know if he/she is hiding something. But what does it matter?

Because it was my friends who shaped me into who I am, how I act. They made me feel comfortable with them. They make me feel, that they are always there for me. I don't care if it sounds like what everyone else says about their friends.

I was touched that day. After that asshole thought he could bully our class. It's how little actions mean so much.

You know.. maybe I wasn't putting on a mask at all! Because I accepted my friends. I trusted them. I trusted them so I dared to be like how I am in front of them.

Even though... when I get home, I will ask myself if that had been me, and I'd never have an answer to that. When I reach home, silence just engulfs me, and then there seems to be nobody there. I feel lonely. Sometimes my parents are so tired they don't respond no matter how energetic I am.

Sometimes... I like to throw out my childish side and not care if somebody sees it. I don't believe in acting my age! That's only for the boring, narrow-minded people.

Does it actually matter, that I don't know how to cook? That I am simply a tortise in the mountain who doesn't know what's happening in the world? Does it matter if I don't act my age? Does it matter, that I don't want YOU to define what I SHOULD do?

Don't define my life, and I won't define yours.

Ah. Recently, I feel a little disconnected with my friends. (Isn't it weird that I am so happy about friends at the start and now I say this?) Every day, my life simply includes my home, the school ground prison and that stretch of path between the school and my home. I can't escape. And the longer I don't get out of that arena, the MORE I want to stay at home. And within the arena.

Really, to reflect, DON'T depend on technology to determine your relationship with a friend.

And I miss all the A-baka people. *shouts* GENKI????? Vicky nee-chan, I miss you (:

ARTS rule. Totally. (random-ness)

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alone again, naturally.

Sylvia Christine.

More than just because Christine gave me her Wink Up magazines! She gives me a nice, warm feeling.

Somehow I could predict. It's not the first. Definitely not the last either.

There are times, I agree a lot with Shuuji. You can't be frank and tell the truth all the time, blunt or tactful.

You can't kill two birds with one stone. You'll eventually learn that you want to kill one bird MORE THAN the other. It's your choice.

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I got Five of Swords for the Hopes and Anxieties segment. It says... Crossed swords and a parting of the ways. One's road in life veers away suddenly, and one is alone. Dealing with sudden loss.

Ill Dignified or Reversed - Paranoia, indecision, malice, spite or someone acting as such in your affairs.

Then, for the last card, I got a reversed card of The Sun. It says, Overly0intense. Burning the candle at both ends. (There was this interpretation where the reversed card of 'The Sun' meant lonelines and unhappiness. O_O


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"我愛你," 就是那么一回事...

Anniversary - KinKi Kids
(Judge from the title. )

Ahhh. History homework lying in the living room, I don't want to do it. (Don't I always say that? ) I already know what homework I'd at least have for next week already.

"我不会在令你哭了.. 所以,今天是两人的纪念日."

Couldn't resist.

At the same time, I'm stuck at my GP essay outline.

I finally caught N's Aoi! And that was first episode only. I'd give it a 6/10. キヤァァァァァァァ~ Kei-chan, gomen! Maybe it's because I don't take to hospital dramas that easily. The 5 was for the interesting enough level of it not making me feel like falling asleep at all, and the extra one mark... was for the amusing weirdness of the whole hospital staff.

Ahh who cares if they misunderstood me? I shall let it be. 今天shiroi-chan心情好喔~

Don't you find it weird that... Koichi is on my layout?

Are? MP3 player is out of battery na~

"Kimi wo aishiteru," Sonna hito koto ga..."

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don't give up;

Listening to: People of the World - J-Friends

I can't get this song out of my head! I want the lyrics!

We had newspaper collection today and we had to stay until 3pm instead of the planned 1pm because the truck was late. So here I am at home, without motivation to do my homework anymore. There are a lot of people around us who cry as a habit already.

I miss holiday fangirling!!

But today somehow I feel alright. I feel happy. Even though a whole pile of homework is waiting for me.

Oh yes. Memoirs of a Geisha was disappointing. There was no climax. The soundtrack didn't even move me. The english was... yea you know. (Although you can't really blame them, they tried hard, but the english just spoilt the feel of the whole thing, especially Hatsumomo's fierce character.) I didn't appreciate the way the director chose to shoot the whole thing. The men were practically all portrayed as wanting to be with geisha just for sex, and not good conversation and company.

But the kimono were fabulous.

And... even though the Hatsumomo love affair part was sad... Me and Vanessa laughed! WE LAUGHED! And guess why? All because Hatsumomo's lover was called KOICHI!!!

Who cares about Econs pre-test. Bleah~

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do and not do.

Would you like to hear the truth or a beautiful lie?

Something I cannot understand. One day your friend is insistent on you telling the truth. They think your nice words are not the truth; they think you're not frank with them. Not frank, not friends. So, you tell the ugly truth. Then your friend goes, "Huh where got!" And she/he accuses you of LYING.

So does Kiritani Shuuji want to lie or be honest?

Which do you actually think is more beautiful?

Seppaku no Tsuki. (Snow-White Moon.)

I'm still inside. I went haywire today. I don't remember what I've done. I was moaning and laughing. I was mad. I was pressured, still, at the end of the day. And even though it's going to be over soon, I was scared. Someone made me feel ashamed. For nothing. I wanted to say that it's because our characters don't match. For some reason from the first millisecond she tore her lips apart to speak... I disliked her. (I do not hate her. I dislike her. There is a BIG difference in that.) I won't say who it is, and you probably won't guess who it either. It is someone nobody around me knows.

And I felt guilt. Guilt... For disliking someone. How can I, supposedly a nice person, who always sits and looks on first before deciding, be so decisive about someone's character when she just spoke her first word?

Maybe she will take my place.

I had the urge this morning to pick up my phone and send "Faith, I'm scared." to my friend. But what am I scared of?

This song hurts. It makes me feel like there's no going back. There are things that cannot be undone behind.

"Do you have hobbies?"

I shouldn't have to be chained to who I am SUPPOSED to be. Who decides who I am supposed to be? The answer is myself.


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kiritani shuuji desu.

There are millions and millions of Kiritani Shuuji in the world. I am one of them. I jumped from Kotani Nobuko to Kiritani Shuuji through primary school to secondary school to Junior College. But I never jumped on Kusano Akira. Even though Akira may be a baka, that simple happiness he has makes life so much more enjoyable for him.

I am the Shuuji who is fake.
I am the Shuuji who lies.
I am the Shuuji who thinks he feels secure because he has a lot of friends.
I am the Shuuji who wants to believe he is happy.
I am the Shuuji who is nice to people because he is afraid of losing his friends.
But actually Shuuji feels lonely in the crowd.
I am the Shuuji...who is afraid of being lonely.
Kiritani Shuuji, who is afraid of a tomorrow where everyone will hate him.
Shuuji-kun, who needs to understand that he needs to produce himself before he produces Nobuta.
Me, who needs to discover what I actually am.

Yes I am afraid of people detesting me. I am afraid I did something wrong. I am afraid after all my "hard work" I have lied and hurt myself and others.

I am afraid of tomorrow. Tomorrow where I know at least one human being in the world hates me.

Shuuji, don't haunt me.

Please by some miracle, change myself to be like Akira. The less baka Akira.

The realization that Nobuta wo Produce had a hard impact on me on the road to discovering myself made me feel this drama is one I will remember forever. Who said dramas were pointless?

Even the novel may not be the exact thing, it might be a good read to realise something that you yourself knew but never brought it out and fully realise it. Produce yourself. Produce the real you. But at the same time, don't make yourself vulnerable.

Sylvia Plath is one of my favourite poets because of the many ways one can interpret her poems. Ever since I read 'Mushrooms' back in Secondary School. I admire Domoto Tsuyoshi because his voice is haunting, and there's something special about him. ...both of them suffered from depression. Does that mean I'm a depressing person?

So why do I always laugh?

It's as torturing to cry without a reason as when you feel like crying but can't cry.

Sometimes nobody knows why you cried, not even yourself.

There is something my brother cannot do. He cannot pull you out from the Manor of Depression. He can only stay inside with you and accompany you.

But it feels good to drown in his presence.

Ame no naka de.

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...I don't believe I stared at the タイトル space and wondered what I wanted to put there. There are a lot of times I put titles that don't relate to the post at all.

Panic Disorder - 堂本剛

I cannot stop my addiction of this song. The more stressed I feel, the more I want to listen to this song. And the curious thing about his songs is that I don't get tired of them. Maybe it's his voice. The only CD albums that I can't force myself to press the stop button to, are his. And even after the songs finally stop, the feeling hangs on.

I decided I'll continue to watch Shoujiki Shindoi. Me, being a really SLOW person, takes time to digest what people have just said, and Shoujiki Shindoi has more of actions. Domoto Kyoudai requires me to pause the video and read through the words below. In the recent episode I watched, they were supposed to do embarrassing things in shops!

Anata is also a nice song. But now I find that Tsuyoshi's songs make you feel lonely, and it's a frightening feeling. It feels like there's no knowing what happens. Suddenly you feel that life is unpredictable, so unpredictable, as unpredictable as when Tsuyoshi's hairstyle takes a drastic change.

Yesterday I listened to his [si:] album twice, and I pushed my homework aside suddenly and started drawing without thinking. Whatever came to my mind, I drew. It was okay through listening to Pencil onwards. Then somewhere near the end I drew a second picture and it turned out to be a gothic sort of mannequin. Actually I don't like both drawings, but I still kept them.

DARS chocolate also gives me a different feeling now. I can't feel the excitement when I saw it in 7-Eleven anymore.

Stop it.

在这世界上,有些事,不是我不想说,是根本就不能说. 让你认为我是那样的人,好像也没办法...

街 - 堂本剛

街 - 堂本剛 PV. Seeing it makes me feel sad. Imagine walking down that business street alone. There's nobody to wait for you. Maybe the world is so sad. There won't be anybody who comes up to you with a loud and genki "OHAYO!" just like in class.

It's all in black and white.

edit: nobody knew why i cried.

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おれさま! x)


Yay today's topic is Saiyuki! I'm really late, having only just watched the first episode. Eh somehow it feels good to see Shingo (and Kimura-kun!) on screen because I kind of miss seeing them. (Okay but recently I haven't been watching much of variety shows.)

Although, it's a bit weird to see Shingo as Goku for the reason that he is so big-sized! I imagined Sun Wu Kong to be smaller sized. And I referred the costumes in the Hong Kong version of Saiyuki. But you can't really compare because the two productions are from different countries.

And... Shingo was pretty noisy in the drama. I know he's supposed to be like that! But I prefer Shingo in roles where he doesn't have to shout that much.

As for towards the end, when Tripitaka kept chanting, I thought that was unnecessary. And in the Japanese production, they didn't emphasize how REALLY painful that err... what's its name? That golden headband around Goku's head. I dont think Tripitaka would just chant as he liked.

Hm. Speaking of that character, was she the lady who played Okada's wife in Suekko Chonan Ane Sannin?

Ehh I liked the soundtrack for Saiyuki. A lot of times during the battles because RMVB files were a bit jerky for me, I listened to the music used in the drama. It's got a New Age feel to it! Eastern New Age music is . Teehee.

Ahh so I have N's Aoi to watch this season as well. Initially I only planned to watch N's Aoi but it turned out that I couldn't resist Saiyuki because I used to be a fan of the Hong Kong version.

I didn't even update myself on anything about Saiyuki, I don't even know how many episodes there are, lol. Eh but it's not bad!

On dramas, Gakkou no Sensei is also ! さすが剛兄ちゃんな~

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I think this is a video of Tsuyoshi some one compiled. Really cute! Tsuyoshi's EGAO (: Is the most infectious of all.

This is Nino VS Tsuyoshi! xD I was so amused by this during Sports Day. I was so so so bored with the baseball section but when I caught this scene, YAY-ness.

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the zoo;

More more more photos! Oneo f which has been posted before but not in the Snapshots category.

All taken at the zoo, the first two on the trip with my dad and the last one with Eewei. I made three trips to the zoo last year. I love that animal. She has such a beautiful way of looking at you! I cannot remember the name of the animal, but it starts with a 'C'.

My favourite photos are still the previous two posted teehee.

Gomen! I'll try to find time to visit other blogs. Right now it feels a bit too busy. I've read all the comments, though. (: Arigatou! (I seem to be saying this everytime I post nowadays.)

I cried the other day when I reached home and came to the realisation that I am now so busy that I can't really do the things I like anymore. I don't have time to draw. Don't have time to write. Don't have time to take photographs. Don't even have time to write in my diary.

I miss all those things dearly. And I am suddenly pressured by the fact that I haven't finished Sky's present.


Ani no Poketto *points to ff* x)

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an overdose of KinKi Kids.

ハイチュウ (HI-CHEW) in the morning, ダース (DARS) in the afternoon. Yesterday was a Morinaga brand products day x) But no matter what morinaga products you try, don't try the pudding, especially the one with the sun face on it.

Tsuyoshi in the morning, KinKi Kids in the afternoon! x) And I finished everything in one day... But after I saw the DARS CM I get very different impressions of the chocolate in each one of the CMs. My favourite is still the Valentine/Toilet Paper/Samui Na CM! xDD

Check out the HI-CHEW website here. It's super cute!
Click Here.

Ahh gomen, I had my share of youtube videos again so I'm throwing all these video links here.

This one was funny!
Tsuyoshi: You are DARS right? Why did you change this much?!! You-
Koichi: Madam, the problem of its change- *holds tsuyoshi back*
Tsuyoshi: Chotto, you!! WHY!!

Just because DARS had a new packaging HAHA!

this came from a whole series of couples breaking up ^^;
A bit sad. There feels like one really innocent Koichi in one apartment and the one opposite is in quite a bad state. And Tsuyoshi is in the middle watching all this. If I'm not wrong, Tsuyoshi says, "Love starts with one person...and love ends with one person."

I thought posting more than one of those Morinaga DARS chocolate series was too much, but when i watched the following, i immediately said "OH MY GOD" when I am usually silent. o__O

Hehehe one of my favourite portions during the 2005-2006 countdown. Tsuyoshi stealing Nagase's portion in singing and Koichi jumping on Nagase! x) And no matter what style Tsuyoshi wears, even if every year's countdown he paints something on his face and this year even on his neck, no matter how weird, it looks nice <3

Tsuyoshi is the only person who can carry any weird style of clothing/hairstyle!!

Except, why did he ever change back to his perm?!

That day I went out with Vanessa, soooo fuN! Let's go shop again na! Yakusoku :P

I still love my previous post ahaha. Shall go peek into my photos folder and see if I have any other nice photos to share!

Been quite busy recently. Now I have 5 essays to do. I finished two before and at the end of the week more come in! So, I guess I could only pick one drama to watch this season, and I chose N's Aoi, because I wanted to see how good Keii-chan's acting skills are. Ganbare (:

Vicky nee-chan, gomene! Haven't been on MSN recently..

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umi desu.

Yay Sylvia has got photos to share today. :D

Kirei desho? This was taken last year when Resha came to Singapore. They were playing in the water but I seriously got a phobia of being too deep into the water so I stayed knee-length into the water and took photos! (:

Endlicheri. It wasn't taken because of Tsuyoshi. Anyway, this was also taken last year, when Resha came. We went to Underwater World after we went to the seaside. I couldn't stop taking photos of the fishes. I think I took more photos of the fishes (and the animals at the zoo) than the people who went to all these places! I love the aquarium. I love the fishes. I could just stand on the travelator the whole day and stare at the fishes. Because I grew up with fishes! My family used to own fishes and now and then we would go get new fishes to add to the tank. We watched over the fishes when they got sick. We put them in a separate container if they were being violent. And my dad always brought me to Underwater World loads of times to see the fishes.

Sylvia fishes.
Tsuyoshi fishes.
Sylvia Tsuyoshi.
As a brother. x)

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kinki kids forever x)

HAHA. I found this video on youtube. (had a sudden uge to go watch KK videos there. ^^; ) Seems like a long time since I fangirl-ed. o.O SCHOOL. :(

Tsuyoshi kept blabbing KANSAI-BEN!! xDDD And Koichi + Tsuyoshi rabu rabu HAHAAA.

And I have such a bad feeling that Tsuyoshi has reverted back to some curly hair... Or maybe the screencaps were too small. Let's wait till I get to watch Domoto Kyoudai! >_<

And Tsuyoshi with the ah-beng Prince xD:

Kyaaaah gomen so many video links! An old performance of KinKi Kids: (The highlight of te video for me was NOT KinKi Kids xD It's SMAP! I mean, why is SMAP dancing for them? haha so cute xD)

Ehhhh when I saw that video, I kept thinking, you can't imagine KinKi Kids used to have those songs, as compared to Anniversary, BVelvet no Yami, 99%Liberty, etc etc etc. Oh my gosh.

Mr. 金田一, how come you changed so much? Eh okay but actually now he can be quite kawaii and kakkoi at the same time. x) Plus he has a nice voice na~ hm.
But in the past his eyes could SMILE!

*watching Kindaichi*
Dad: hey that guy looks a lot like Domoto Tsuyoshi. (he says his name in Chinese)
Me: ... papa. That IS Tsuyoshi.
Dad: HUH!?! Is ah? He looks so different last time!
*Koichi appears*
Me: HAHA!!
Dad: Tang Ben Guang right??
Me: It's Tang Ben Guang YI lah!

You see he could point out Koichi better, because Koichi hasn't changed that much! And he kept saying, "he changed a lot leh!" when I watched SUMMER SNOW. ^^; And no, my dad doesnt purposely sit down and watch these with me. It's either he has nothing to do or after dinner he just sits in the living room x)

But I think the only group where he remembers the names is KinKi Kids. o.O haiya but the names are easy to remember.

I still remember Koichi's cameo in 金田一, haha! So cute. But I was kind of freaked out by the first two episodes of Kindaichi season 2. The masks. >__< You know luckily I don't take science anymore or forever I won't want to step into the labs.

And Vanessa, you still dared to watch it in the middle of the night!!

Okie. finished fangirling. I shall go for homework marathon now.

Listening to: FANTASTIPO - Toraji.Haiji
Tsuyoshi's voice inside <3 Listening to this song reminds me of the polka dot skirt Vanessa was eyeing on!

I checked my last.fm account, and I saw the song PANIC DISORDER ranked pretty high on my top tracks list. WAH. Did I actually listen to that song that much? I like that song. (:

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new year resolutions

it's a bit late, but I decided today that I have two new year resolutions.

1) I have to shut up and know what I can keep to myself because I don't need everyone to know everything about me.
2) I have to stop being a nice person and be harsher.

Yes. You can laugh all you want at the second point. Sylvia? Somebody who can be more frank and tells you to get a life? You don't think so? I don't think so too. People even LAUGH at me for being fierce and rebutting. People think it's cute. But it's not.

People don't know the limit of Sylvia. When I try to be nice to people, I don't see the favour return. Why do I, always worrying about everything, burden myself about being worried of making people feel hurt when it doesn't matter?

Actually I thought things had changed. You see, I am soft-hearted. I thought we'd all grown and matured. I see some people haven't. (I don't deny I am still a kiddo and am naive, but, that's so much better than...)

Something so much worse than crying for nothing on January the 2nd happened. It seems very very simple, yes. But you are not in my footsteps. You can say all you want but that's because you don't know.

You don't know how much the small things mean to me.

This week started off with more than 10 pieces of homework as usual, among those with piles and piles of essays to do.

I don't want to lose.

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door curtain;


It isn't really an artistic shot or anything, but because it rained the whole day, the house was pretty dark, so I couldn't catch the sunlight in the photo. X_X

But anyway that's my new door curtain.

So many photos I want to take, but been quite busy recently. So I'm going back to do my history essay. sigh. And later I still have two history essay outlines to do.

I keep listening to Seppaku no Tsuki and regret not getting the regular edition of SNOW!SNOW!SNOW!. Hm. Anyway it's the song that's playing right now. (I always put the song name below my phlog.) The song makes me feel kind of lonely, though. It's not a wise choice to listen to it now. ^^;;;

And for sometime I haven't written this at the end of an entry...


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Sasurai Bird ((:


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...our school grounds are invaded by hoards of centipedes who eat up the ground. Nyah.

My eyes are about to shut from exhaustion. It's only the first week! And tomorrow we have FLAG DAY! Come people, donate into the aluminium can~

I am going to complain about the usual things, and it probably wil bore you to death. I have LOADS of homework. I can't take it anymore. >< It's only the first week. And amazingly, Sylvia kept to her schedule yesterday! *beams* Okay that was nothing. But it seems like I'm not going to have time today. And what about the new Red Pill website layout? Oh, hell.

DAMN IT!!! DAMN IT OKAY! I have a VERY strong urge to fling stuff out the window. And I'm thinking, we shall make this new layout our permanent layout. I don't want to do it again. I am still thinking to use iframes or not.

I am absolutely too tired to do my homework today. I woke up later than usual this morning.

And it turned out that the pudding I made was too sweet. >< Actually I think I just don't like pudding in general. So I shalln't try again. But who's gonna finish the other pudding in the fridge?? Tasukete!! T_T

I have:
-History essay
-CCA assignment (oh yes how very nice to do orientation article when I am going to faint anytime soon. who has never been to the orientation. i am not blaming anyone. sorry i just like to complain. Everywhere I can rant, I complain. I am a complain-queen.)
-Great Expectations
-goodness knows what else.

AND I WASN'T JOKING ABOUT THE FAINTING. I did feel like fainting sometimes. O__O Please catch me! >< Please catch useless Sylvia!!! Oh and I have like, two days to finish all that off? WTF?

I kept falling asleep during Great Expectations, and on the bus home from Bugis. luckily the librarian walked past me and didn't catch it. Goodness knows what will happen to my hair when she finds out i fell asleep in the library.

But... why should I complain when there are so many people out there who have more work than me?

My eyes really feel like closing now, but I don't dare to fall asleep. I'm afraid I'll waste my time sleeping and then not omplete my stuff. Maybe I should reorganise what I'm supposed to do for the rest of the week.

Oh my god I forgot my new homework, history tutorial! SHIT. I AM IN DEEP SHIT. I can't work and slog for long hours, do you think I'll fit that homework in my rest of the week?! And my econs essay outline!

Today: Do up the cca website. (too tired to do brain work.) Attempt to read until chapter 7 of Great Expectations tonight. Try to do history tutorial.
Tomorrow: Settle the CCA assignment stuff. Finish history tutorial.
Sunday: Upload articles for website. Do history essay.

Whee. You'll be getting such boring, complain-filled entries for the entire year! How exciting, don't you think? :(

My new door curtain is kirei! (: Vanessa and I were limping around Bugis Junction. It seems like the two ladies from the yukata shop (Akihabara Japan Products) remember us ((:

I cna't stop complaining! WHY!

Oh and sorry i haven't been replying comments; I DO read them, but I haven't really got a chance to visit other blogs just yet.

My limping got really worse.

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it's time to plan-

the week ahead.

It's time to stop plopping down on the sofa and being such a pig.

"This is my report on how to live... They say the best way is just to live one day at a time...if you try to live seven days at a time, the week will be over before you know it..."
-Sally, PEANUTS, PEANUTS: A Guide To Life, By Charles M. Schulz

But it's not like we have a choice to... I don't think so, really. How does it feel to live a day by a day?

This is my plan for the week, please ignore this because it'll really bore you.

Thursday: Get to Outram Park by 3pm. Read Great Expectations on the way. Finish at least 3 chapters for the day. Finish the darn Oliver Twist worksheet.
Friday: Get to Bugis to pay the remainder for the doorway curtain. Read Great Expectations until chapter 7. Finish up history essay.
Saturday: Very unfortunately, have to report at 8am to school for flag day. Leave at 12pm. So I go home and finish up my history essay if the previous day I have not done so. And I finish up some more of Great Expectations.
Sunday: Upload the new issue of articles for the CCA website. If I slept during Great Expectations the previous day, I will finish it up. Hopefully.

Oh darn I forgot to allocate time to change the website design. All in a week? Less than a week, actually. WHEN? Well so to tell you, I don't think the rest of this week I want any phone calls haha xD

Oh I actually forgot that I have to cover event for orientation with Vincent. How lovely. Imagine a non-OGL, non-councillor, stuck in lessons while orientation is on, is sent to cover orientation! How exciting. I don't want Vincent to do all the work! Yes Sylvia is a really useless girl.

I am no longer in the depressed state. I am in the confused state.

And I want to watch my GAKKOU NO SENSEI. :( Nii-chan wa mitai yo~ T_T

And above all, pray I stop walking like a duck because of my aching legs from PE.

And above that... do you even think I would follow the plan? :P

You should know who Sylvia is.

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off to japan!!

Onegai, my new money box! SEND ME OFF TO JAPAN!

Today was such a Japanese day :D

Went out with Butterfly-chan (haha Vanessaaaaa) today! We both got a money box each. Sugoku kawaii yo! Sorry I couldn't stop talking about KinKi Kids xD

And guess what?

We got ourselves each a doorway curtain!! You know, those Japanese ones.. We got one that reminded us of Natsu Matsuri. And anyway, it's going to fit New Year too. Okay so I figured I have to find a Japanese symbol/design to paint on my door.

The lady at the Japanese store remembers us na~

I saw some new yukata designs, too. Too bad they don't rent to people.

Friday! Friday ga hayaku kitte yo~

We're going to catch Memoirs of A Geisha together~ :D ...sometime soon.

And I realised after we were at Bugis, we went to all three Kinokuniya outlets in Singapore XD And all didn't have any JE magazines for us to flip >__<



I <3 Vanessa!

Oh guess what. I got SNOW!SNOW!SNOW!. On impulse. O__O

But I'm so happy.

And because of the whole SNOW!SNOW!SNOW! issue, when we were at Meidiya, Vanessa-chan thought she saw the single on a margarine (I think its margarine) box! The photo is in my keitai but I can't connect it to the PC... The cover of the margarine had SNOW! SNOW! SNOW! on it xDD All round it! With snowflakes. And Vanessa thought she saw wrongly LOL.

Yatta, yatta, ureshii na. Ratatata Ratatata kuru kuru dansu!
-Ima Ai Ni Yukimasu

Ooh and I lent STAND UP! to Vanessa... Must remember to lend her Kindaichi tomorrow...

Vanessa, YAKUSOKU YO! *wink* I <3 December. I PRAY OUR DREAM IS REALISED.

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double *kon*!

Shuuji: "...gomena! Kon Kon!"
Akira: "...Shuuji ga kitekurete, ureshii! KON!"

From Music Station Super Live 2005! xD

Ahh listened Only Human until I cried. >__<

Going out with Vanessa today! ((: Homework and some shopping. ^^

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i am a fangirl after all xD

Yes I did say I don't want to "fangirl" Tsuyoshi but I am doing that!! xDD Sorry I get excited over things related to tortoises/kame. (Kame as in tortoise, not Kamenashi Kazuya ^^;; )

He wore this in October's Wink Up, and in December's Wink Up I couldn't see it because he hid it behind his shirt, so I thought maybe it's the same black strap but the pendant is different. Then I saw the same pendant in H Album (limited edition) photos! xD

So cute! See? Tortoise pendants are nice. :P (Okay maybe that's what I think only.)

It reminds me of that time at Underwater World with Resha and Sky. I wanted the dolphin pendant because it looked so pretty. Then before I really decided to buy it, I changed my mind and picked out a tortoise pendant instead. xD Because...

It's unique! I mean, people usually get the dolphin one... Because dolphins are graceful and beautiful and all.. But they don't get the tortoise one. (Few people do I guess.) So I took the tortoise one because it reminds me of my obese "little" kame at home, enjoying her time behind the door of the washroom. ^^;

NOOOO I did NOT get that necklace because of Tsuyoshi! I bought that pendant WAYYYYYY before I noticed he wore one! I mean, I only saw this today and I bought the necklace, like, 2months plus ago. Besides mine is silver. :P Silver is a nicer colour :PPP


Yes I finished fangirling... over a kame pendant HAHA.

Not forgetting...

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all that bangbangbang xD

I was very tempted to reach for Rosso E Azzurro again to listen to Panic Disorder, but I don't want a depressed morning! So I picked out Sample Bang instead. And the first song of the whole CD was...

"All that bang bang bang just banging in my head!" xD

That part kind of sounds funny because it's performed by the kids. Yes that is the tune you always get to hear on tv for some super idol programme. And I got quite irritated when I heard it too many times. >_<

MIJ's theme is still the nicest. ((: (I said this like dunno how many times.)

I went to rewatch Summer Snow first episode last night during dinner, and I couldn't stop laughing at Tsubasa singing HANA! Then my dad asked, "Why does he (Tsuyoshi) look so different? His face changed so much." Yea, he was so cheerful-looking last time! T_T And looking at him now, you won't ever imagine he ever played Kindaichi Hajime before. O_O

So... It's the first day of 2006. And I don't feel a thing. I miss writing letters. School is going to reopen on 3rd January. Like any other school-disliker teenager, I will say...

I want my free time to do what I like just like in the holidays! I want to do my homework at my own pace, I want to write whenever I want, draw whenever I want, go out wherever I want!

Yikes, the songs are so "summery", but I am sniffing because it's quite cold here, with the rain and all. 今日は雨です!

Last night at midnight, they let off the fireworks, and it was so loud I got a big shock. And I ever mentioned that I didn't like loud sounds. SUDDEN loud sounds I mean. I was writing a letter then I didn't take note of the time. I knew they were fireworks, I wanted to get up to see them but I couldn't move. I don't know why but this sense of helplessness overcame me, and I was just staying how I was until the fireworks stopped.

>__< Is there something wrong with me?!!

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