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Water Screen;

Random title thought of, because of H Album. I struggled with the layout then I found out that there were 'errors on page'. But when I switched off the Japanese characters function, everything was okay. My computer is going haywire!

Hm. Anyway.

My new plant. I took the photo too close to the plant and it got blurred. Kawaii desho?!


My Eighto-kun! I made it quite some time ago already. But I never took a proper photo of it. On the second day, when I ung it up below my NEWS Summary poster, it came crashing down and fell to bits so I had to repair it. And I made a mistake so when you flip to the back of the Eighto-kun, you can clearly see what went wrong.


I put my ShujiXAkira poster up already! I love this issue of Wink Up. Unfortunately among everything I've read, the only ones I understood clearly were Aiba's answer to the second question in the interview and Jin's message. (Who wouldn't understand his message. Super short.) I gave out Kimura-kun and Takki's pages already. After those, I'm NOT going to tear out anymore!! I don't have a single complete Wink Up ne... But at least I get to keep Kinki Kids' pages~ Gradually start to appreciate Tsuyo-chan's new hair. And I found this little picture in the section where the photos never got to make it in the magazine -- Tsuyoshi and Koichi were making such funny faces I wanted to laugh!


Last photo! I made this yesterday. Buta wa kawaii yo~ Unfortunately last night I accidentally squashed it but FORTUNATELY it wasn't ruined that badly. It was quite a lousy attempt, which still proves the point that I cannot work with styrofoam boards. Zen zen dame. I got a lot of leftover beads and rope!!

Hana Yori Dango download completed, but I think I shall wait for the subtitles this time round, so I don't have to watch twice. I was watching the previous episode a second time yesterday because I haven't watched it with subtitles yet! Then the video skipped at some parts, and practically throughout the theme song. I don't know if it's the CD-R's problem or the player.

Yes my dad got a DivX-capable DVD player! Our home is going LG. By the way it's NOT an expensive set, but it works well enough for us. Eh otou-san's bank account figure is miserable now.

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What exactly is カンベン I was reading Wink Up December, and I couldn't figure it out... But I could roughly tell what Aiba was writing in the interview!! For my lousy standard, it's not bad na~ Although I can't exactly interpret everything in detail.

He says that he had food poisoning, and his stomach hurt a lot that morning. Then he said it's probably the mushrooms' fault. Aiba says it's probably because his internal organs are weak. (that was directly translated, internal organs xDDDD) He said everybody else didn't have a tummyache except for him, that's why he thinks it's because he's weak. Then I think he said, this morning he thought he was really going to die! He had such a huge tummyache, he couldn't walk properly. Hm then at the last line he goes, this is a good answer na?

Please only trust the overall meaning. xD

P.S.: Vicky nee-chan, cheer up! (:

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Tanjoubi Omedetou!

Omedetou, omedetou, birthday~
*points up* apparently I watched too much of font de. anniversary concert. Okaa-san insulted them again.

TO MYSELF! No it's not my birthday yet. But what did my dad get me for birthday this year? My beloved nii-chan and of course Koichi-kun's.....


And guess what? It's the Limited Edition!!!
I finally got my WINK UP DECEMBER 2005 ISSUE TOO!!
They were playing H Album's DVD in HMV when I was there haha. I was walking past looking at other CDs, holding on to my H album CD, then suddenly... 99% Liberty PV played. xD

Dad also got Polar Express DVD~ We saw the gift set edition but in the end I considered and considered and decided to get the regular one... Because... after I thought harder, I knew I was going to regret buying the more exxpensive set just for the snow globe.

Then we saw PEANUTS DVDs!! a.k.a. Snoopy and gang.
My favourite PEANUTS gang character!
But cho takai na. So unfortunately me and my dad were having too big a heartache to get them. Can you imagine, a mere 20minutes DVD for $44?

Some hentai guy stole in Kinokuniya. xD Stupid despo.

P.S.: H.A.N.D. stands for...
Have A Nice Day

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Hana Yori Dango ep.5 + JE + ranting

...I just finished the episode and realise that the subtitle file is already up.

Matsuda Shota (Nishikado Soujiro) can't really act. It's confirmed in this episode! But I still like him anyway. He seemed a little... nervous/shy backstage, not like the confident Soujiro on screen. First, in the first episode, he was no good at acting shocked at Tsukasa getting punched. Then, in this episode, he was beating up this guy to ask him who took those photographs of Tsukushi, and when he swung the guy round and pinned him down, I was thinking, "Is he playing Merry-go-round?" And the way he pinned the guy down was so weird! Like he's not using force!

At first out of the four F4 guys I decided I like him the least, just like in the Taiwan version as well. But later onhis hair kind of changed. And he looked pretty good. ^^; I think he's someone more of like Keii-chan. At first sight he probably doesn't look good. haha.

Although I'm a Shun fan (even though I don't exactly go read up on him), I was a bit irritated when Rui came back from France, because Tsukushi and Tsukasawere so cute + childish as a couple, and as the story goes, Tsukushi will go back to thinking about Rui!

I have Nobuta wo Produce left to watch. But I'm tired. Oh and I have Johnny's Sports Day 1998 to watch! Don't know if every year they have the same sports events. I was getting rather impatient for 2003's event when they played baseball. (Except when Tsuyo nii-chan acted angry and Nino rolled his eyes! xD) I like RELAY the best!

Eeks. I haven't finish watching Ganbatte Ikimasshoi, so I can't return Sky-chan yet! GOMEN! JUNNO!! JUNNO!! ....is a bit weird. No, that's because I don't appreciate him acting the cool, kakkoi character inside the story.

I decided I don't really like Suzuki Ann. I mean... Er sorry I mean the roles she gets seems to always be like that. Just...like that. Or maybe it's just because the dramas I picked when she was inside are the ones that have similar characters. (Stand Up!; Ganbatte Ikimasshoi) I MISS STAND UP! But I'll never watch it on the big TV screen. Okaa-san will think I'm watchign some porno movie HAHAHA.

6 hours to Shounen Club, producer Nishikido Ryo!

After such a long time... I decided to shut my eyes and not get H album limited edition. It took such a long time! I'm still thinking of it, but... please let something else distract me.

Ho! I need to save money to get 1 Litre and Nobuta. WHEN ARE MY NOBUTA GOODS COMING...

wheeeee ((: Finished fangirling.

Actually people always shake their heads and say that fangirling is pointless, is meaningless, is a waste of time, having idols are rubbish, idols nowadays have no potential. Well... so what? I don't see it as a problem if it's a part of making one happy. Who doesn't want to look back and think of all the times we might have been stupid, but we were so happy? Who wants a past without any happiness or excitement over something/someone you really like?

So... what the hell is the problem with fangirling?

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title wa NAI!


Koichi, you're molesting my brother.
I screencapped this out of Kinki Kids' 'US' Concert that's super old. Honestly, how many times have Koichi done this until Tsuyoshi had to keep saying, "Sawaranai yo! " But it's cute anyway. ^^;

I watched Arashi on Utaban, HAHAHA Ohno and Nakai again. xD This is one of the more interesting Utaban episodes to me. Did they shoot the singing and the talk part differently? Because Matsujun still had his Domyoji hair in the talk part, and then he had straightened hair during WISH performance. Nino cut his hair! KAWAII! But Aiba'a haircut wasn't very nice unless yous ee it frmo a different angle..

I'm halfway through Domoto Kyoudai. They sang 99% Liberty!! Koichi used a mike stand but Tsuyoshi seems to be moving around a lot so he took the mike in his hand instead. Koichi is prince-looking at usual. ((: Tsuyoshi's hair seems to have improved a little... Really! I know it's still curly and he hasn't shaved that little bit of moustache away, but maybe he knows that hair is awful so he improved it!!

It only proves I cannot listen to 99% Liberty, because it'll only make me want to get the limited edition of H album more. Can't wait to see the PV. ((:

Oh yes!!!!! You could tell Tsuyoshi nii-chan was trying hard to proounce the English words correctly! And only after I watched the performance I realised they sang the word SECURITY. Anyway, on the CD, you can hear them sing 'percent' as 'pa-sen' and liberty as 'li-ba-tee'. But this time, Tsuyoshi really went liBERty and PERcent!!!

H album! X_X

edit: Watched Domoto Kyoudai further on, and I realised the guest in the past ever sang this song that I liked because of the way Rag Fair sang it! Although she's old, but she's really hilarious too. xD

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That's from Seishun Amigo~ Hm I was practising my hiragana into the lyrics booklet so I could familiarise myself with the words until I can catch up with the songs, and learn new kanji words on the way, when after I wrote the second half of the song... I realised... I missed out the second stanza in the song!!! My jaw was dropping and I gve up in the end and wrote romanji into the book.

So many downloads. So many variety shows. So many dramas!!

HMV didn't bring in the limited edition of H Album! Or maybe some enthusiastic Kinki Kids fan bought it away. *cries* Seishun Amigo single has a lot of copies left... Am still waiting for Wink Up sea shipment so that I can have a Shuji to Akira poster on my wall.

Even if my Japanese language isn't very good, reading through the lyrics booklet while I listen to the song actually can tell me what some random sentences mean. xD ureshii. ((((:

Ehhhh I don't dare to go to the post office to ask to buy stamps to send letters overseas!! (Since I don't want to send by registered...)

"Kazuya~ Kazuya~"
xDDDDD Still find this portion of SC funny!


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Aiba in WISH.


Click to enlarge.

Been some time since I drew something having to make reference to something else, and it turned out quite horribly. X__X I mixed glue into the paint for the snow and the effect turned out to be messy because the glitter just won't stick! T_T I finished it some time ago, but didn't take a photo of it.

You can see it at the below link as well.

Hehe came back from my little rest to post this.

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Wheeee I finally ran out of ideas to think of titles. What I did today:

1) I finished my Econs homework, and I'm proud of it. (Somehow ever since I went to JC, I felt like I didn't work as hard as I used to, and for mid-year and promos, my report slip kept showing "she can do better". )

2) I watched two episodes of Ganbatte Ikimasshoi. I started out thinking this was a futsu drama that probably won't leave an impact on me, but I realised I was wrong. This drama really let me relate it to my own school activity group (my CCA) and I really thought a lot about it. It might not leave a deep impact on me, but still, I could relate to it. Then again, I guess not many people in our CCA do. I mean, I have no idea why they joined it in the first place. Oh yes, when Ryo (errr Sekino? Buu~) tripped over the rugby player, I still thought that was Uchi when I saw his back! BAKA SYLVIA! That was Junno already! I was so engrossed in the show, I didn't notice. Junno is very tall. 180++++ cm I think. And as Sky said, made Ryo look very short at the height of 168cm. (Kindaichi aka Domoto Tsuyoshi stood at 165cm .) I love Junno's height. I wish he'd had a photoshoot of him in a wedding suit someday! He'd look great. Oh and I realised the one rowing the boat was Junno during the end credits, NOT Uchi!! I want Junno back.
Hm but then seeing him act as a COOL guy is a bit odd, because I see him as a yasashii *cough*husband*cough* and a lame joker. Or maybe it's just because Uchi somehow fitted the role better even if I needed time to get used to it.

3) I read through some TIME magazine articles. Finally those stack of magazines came into some use. Should go read more of them. But there was this article that kind of mocked the Japanese women's lifestyles.

...basically I just did all that. Please give me something that will make me NOT regret my school holidays! (Speaking of which I haven't finished my fics and I'm already having a Junno one in my head. )

I still want Junno back.

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99% Liberty

99% Liberty - Kinki Kids

I can't get the song out of my head, it keeps on playing non-stop no matter what I'm doing!

Because of the boredom in the holidays, I decided that every morning I shall read TIME magazine. The stacks are lying there collecting dust!

I'm going to watch Oliver Twist in the holidays because of our Literature holiday assignment. I think our Literature holiday assignment are a bit scary. The other time it was to go catch a play and then review on it. Now it's movie. We have to spend more money. And imagine us holding a piece of paper while trying to pay attention to the movie, because we need to do our assignment! (Visual representation done by Candice.)

I'm watching Harry Potter twice. Is today the opening day? When I was a big fan of movies, catching it on the opening day was important to me, but now it isn't. I wonder why? And anyway, thinking back, I don't know what's the point of catching it on opening day if you'll eventually see it anyway.

I caught Nobuta wo Produce episode 5 yesterday, Yamapi is cute. ((: I like that baka him. And he can't stop doing his kon-kon action! The laughter that was said to sound like the vice-principal's was pretty scary, because it half sounded like a laughter, half sounded like a siren. When I hear sirens, this sense of helplessness overcomes me and then I don't know what to do. Embarrassing!!

I didn't want Nobuko with Akira because Akira was Yamapi after all, but then when I saw that Shittaka in the class had written Nobuko a love letter, I quickly changed my mind, and then wished... Akira would just tell!

The highlight near the front of the episode was the Shuji as a girl, Akira as a guy portion! They looked so gay and were caught by the teacher!

I realised the difference between my classmate and my friend. ((:

Eki made wa Onaji Kaerimichi is a cute song!!

I miss the aquarium at Underwater World, but I can't visit anytime soon, because the entry fee is cho takai. The aquarium gives me a very child-like feeling because when I go there I just go on staring and smiling at the fishes lke I 've never seen them before.

And I want to say...

Sentosa really knows how to earn tourists' money.

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grab and go;

otou-san arrives home.
Me: Papa, got letter???
Papa: Yes!
*shoots up and runs to the door*
*snatches the letter and forgets about TIME magazine.*
Me: YAY!!!
Papa: Oi, your TIME magazine, don't want ah?
Me: ... *takes magazine* Yay.

Yes Kelly I got your letter finally!

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Shounen Club 14/11/2005

Producer: Masuda Takahisa
Theme: Smile

I wanted to screencap a lot of stuff, but later on decided no, since it was too much.

Massu performed It's BAD, and... I didn't like it! I don't like sexy Massu, even though his body is the best among that age range group. I like cute Massu with his infectious smile better!

For some reason I felt Colorful (Yamapi) was not sung live. I'm not doubting my kareshi... But, it really sounded like it! Nice performance though! And that double peace sign at the end brought out the Kusano Akira in him!

Kusano poked his own cheek whle the others were talking!

Mr X was Nakajima Yuuto! In the beginning he was cute.
Keii-chan: What is that?
Mr X: ...maangoooo desu!
And they were so mean! I mean the people who were supposed to guess who it was. (Yamapi, Ryo, _____ and _____ ) They went all out to touch Mr X while he was in the box! xD It was cute to see him play with Yamapi's hand too.

Massu sang Kimi wa Kimi Da Yo. Yay speaking of this makes me smile.

Ryo without Uchi.

Is that ABC member called Kawai? They were talking about dance moves, then suddenly he talked about Keii-chan dancing Cherish, and went to imitate him! In another talk, Kusano and Shige were supposed to read a letter out, then Kusano kept on talking and Shige had to remind him to read the letter! Then he asked Shige to show us his smile. Hai! Gomen! Shige fans! GOMEN!!!! *runs*

But honestly speaking, everybody looked cute inside! Kusano was cute! Yamapi was cute! Keii-chan was cute! Tegoshi was cute! (Hey his clothes were nice.) Ryo was cute! Massu was cute! (except in It's BAD, but can tell he was trying very hard.) Even Shige was cute! (I sound so bad!)

Yamapi was flirting with Kame. When the video was played of Kame talking about Mr X, even though Yamapi knows it's a video, he acted baka and waved to the video and said, "Kazuya~ Kazuya~~"

So many little moments that I can't recall at present na. They let Koichi of ABC sing so little!

A lot of videos left to watch. But I have to do homework now first. And I've sat long enough in front of the computer...

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dragonfruits >=(

I don't like Dragon Fruits. And purple Dragon fruits at that. It made my fingers so purple, and ever since I tried dragon fruits I really didn't like the faint funny taste and the feeling of it in my mouth.

And my mum had to make me eat a purple one!

After thinking again, what if it was on impulse that I said I wanted H album nippon version?

Listening to: Mikan no Love Song. (:
H Album rocks. (((((:

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papa and his buta. (o o)

Two of our conversations.

Last night:
Papa: What are you doing? *looks at me sewing*
Me: I'm sewing a new pencilcase! *excitedly sewing a pig face with beads on it*
Papa: *looks at it and frowns* Won't last one lah! Sure spoil very fast one.
Me: *points to old pencilcase I'd sewn* That one leh? So old le! One year with me at school le, and it's still going strong! Not one rip! (By the way it even went through washing cos the cofee SPLASHED over.)
Papa: ...That was a miracle!
Me: It just proves I take care of my things well~
Papa: ...

Just now...
*papa walks into the room, home from work*
Papa: HallO!
Me: Hallo! PAPA!!!!!! Kinki Kids coming out new album le!!!!
Papa: Buy lor. No money right?
Me: Ya. $50. So ex. Japan version. : (
Papa: Just go buy lah, don't need to always control yourself lah. (Yea right you see how much stuff I bought, you call that control?)
Me: *jokes* Birthday present lah~~~~
Papa: Okay!
Me: O_O


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I used to believe in them, now I don't. I just read them for the fun of it and poke at a line in the book, "That's a lie!" "Hm that's true." "Coincidence." "Opposite lah!"

Because I was walking around in my room, feeling too hot to do my homework, I opened the cabinet and took out this Sagittarius little chinese book that my dad picked up at a cheap price just so I could read it. xD

You know what was my theme for 2006? LEMON AND YELLOW. I was like, you want me to convert from blue + white (and for some reason) + pink to YELLOW? No way even if it were Ryo's colour!

I was laughing at this:


Translated as: A Sagittarius husband is a guy who can never grow out of being a little boy.

Wa I'm going to get lunch first! Linked Tze up!

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is this...my holiday?

Please tell me I am going to do something that will make this holiday really good. Really, tell me. I want to say "go to Japan!" but that's not being realistic. The past year has been interesting. Although it zoomed past me faster than the Shinkansen, to sit down and think of it, I had a lot of memories.

1)I went to my first Natsu Matsuri.
It WAS pretty boring, and it was in SINGAPORE, but all the same, I got to see the Bon Odori and also look at all the beautiful yukatas. I got to see the Singapore Japanese school. I was in the same area within 1km with JE fans.

2)Resha came to Singapore.
This is the first time I met an overseas online friend. We were both very quiet, and even though those few days she came over, it was one of the busiest and most stressful times I ever had, I enjoyed all the trips we went on, and they will be unforgetable. I loved that feeling of even being Singaporeans exploring our little home and having so many precious memories to recollect on. It was my first zoo trip SO MUCH INVOLVED with monkeys. First the two monkeys attacked us and stole our food. Then the orang utans ran out. Sigh.

3)This is the first year I ever watched so many dramas.
Yes, I rarely watch dramas because I'm a lazy person. (How can I be lazy at watching idols huh? But I am!) Let's see what I've seen/am seeing:
-Boku to Kanojo to Kanojo no Ikiru Michi
-Budou no Ki
-Stand Up!
-Dragon Zakura
-Ganbatte Ikimasshoi (still watching.)
-15-sai no Blues
-Good Luck (I watched halfway and stopped!!)
-Hana Yori Dango (still watching)
-1 Litre no Namida (still watching.)
-Nobuta wo Produce (still watching.)
-.....Roshinante. ^^; (forgot the whole title!!)
-Hitoni Yasashiku

4)This is the year I officially became a JE fan.
In 2001 I was only a SMAP fan, and the "mountain tortise" me didn't know they were from the company called JE. Only in 2005 I really got interested in practically the whole of JE. And yes, I finally remember their names.

5)I made a lot of friends this year.
The list is long! The most friends I've ever made! Online friends and schoolmates. My first three months classmates were wonderful. I miss them. And of course, I knew more about my PW mates and realised they were really great people. I love NY002. I enjoyed wondering at how many times I and my online friend missed each other. (Summer and Kelly and Tammy!) And I made friends with Olivia. I met her on Abaka by chance because she realised we were in the same school. Ganbatte for A Levels ne! ^^

6)I got a yukata.
THIS IS MY ABSOLUTE CHILDHOOD DREAM. From when I was young I really wanted to own a yukata. And finally I did.

7)So much more.
Made this such a wonderful year.

I wasted my time just now because I ended up getting stuck at an econs question and giving up. I need to polish up my knowledge!

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Ganbatte Ikimasshoi ep.1

Hm. I was pretty bored by it (er or maybe because I didn't appreciate the quality..) UNTIL Suzuki Ann's character (can't remember her name!) mentioned:

"I really want to set up a Girls' Rowing Club in the school! I want my high school life to be special. I want to make close friends, friends that will stay together forever. I want to row... I want to row..."

Even if it seemed out of place to have that club in her school, she went all out to establish it. ((: And don't ask me why that hit me.

Recent dramas that I've watched have the female students going up to the class to say things like this.

I am quite unused to seeing Uchi act for the first time. And because Ryo gets to wear the same kind of uniform again, I keep thinking he's Haruto. 1 Litre no Namida DVD.. Err hope I get to own that. =X and Nobuta wo Produce...

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Dragon Zakura owari.

Otou-san was at home, so I had to hold back my tears. When Hideki was crying, it felt quite horrible. It felt horrible to know that even though they were not going to give up, after a year's hard work, after watching them strive on for 11 episodes, in the end they couldn't enter Todai.

Actually... I thought it was pretty obvious that the sandwiches Jiiro gave whad something wrong with them. But Ichiro was such a nice person, he didn't suspect his brother at all. (Who, by the way, acted as Haruto's best friend in 1 Litre no Namida, so he got to wear the same kakkoi uniform twice.) I'd say his younger brother is 活该to have not gotten into Todai.

Maybe I feel like this because the student in that class of six whom I relate to most is Ichiro, because in one episode he finally stood up for himself, and he mentioned, "I know I'm slower than most people, I learn things slower. What other people can do, I have to put in extra effort just to reach the same level as them. But if I can do it, I want to!" 这让我想起那个不甘心的我...

I didn't quite like the feeling the ending gave me, though. I don't know if most J-dramas must give me this sense of peacefulness, contentment, yet made me feel kind of sad somehow. The drama ended pretty realistically, such that it didn't feel grand or make you feel happy about it. It's just like, everything went back to square one when you watch the ending.

But... sigh. Inside the drama, Sakuragi said that you may feel that your life turned 360 degrees, like you're back to square one and everything was wasted, but, you cannot erase the fact that for the past year, you've been working very hard for it. You're no longer the same person.

Kind of feel moody over the drama now. Which is unexpected.

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maji kowai. : (

I think why we ended up like this today will be analysed that it was my fault eventually. Because I said one sentence months ago that probably started it all?

To say I felt hurt would make it look like she was the one at fault, but she is not. I was guilty of what she said.

Do you think... Do you think we'd never talk to each other again?

At the same time... I felt like I really had no common sense and worst of all...I felt like I was used.

AND I feel guilty.
Still guilty.

Then why of all things did she give me such a sincere smile and say "it's alright" before...? Yes, please call me a stupid baka. She may have said thanks to me that I have done a lot for the group, but... In actual fact the things I could do, I didn't. I whine, I complain, but I don't do it. I do my job, but why don't I do the things I can do that is beyond my job scope?

I am sitting here not knowing if I should finish off what I did for ______ already.

If I say "sorry", I think it's useless because actions show more than those two syllables that can mean nothing at all.

By the way...
Thank you Vicky.
Even though it's useless, but I'm sorry, _____ .

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black and white


yayyy this holiday's nail theme! I could only paint these because my nails are too short for anything else. Let's wait till they grow longer!
The last nail is for Domoto Tsuyoshi. ((: [si:]

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Shounen Club 11/1/2004

Grrrr. I spilled coffee because of Jimmy Mackey.

This is an episode from last year, and Kohei from JJExpress was still in JE. ((: Eh actually he looks cute, he has got this confident, cheerful face, but he's out of JE now..

I like the first song they sang, 你和我的六个月(sorry, I translated it into Chinese.)! Sung by the rest of 4Tops excluding Yamapi. I like the second singer, but I can't remember his name!! (Kazama?) Toma still looks like one of my cousins. xD

Er at first I thought Matsumoto Kohei was cute right... I'm still watching as I type this, and... I think he can't sing. Or is it just the song's tune? Or is it just because he was still young then and his voice hadn't broken?!

One of the Kansai juniors look like my Orientation Groupmate. o.O I wonder what will happen to these juniors~ I just watched this segment because... SHINGO, YOKO AND SUBARU ARE INSIDE!!! So cute, the way they said, "EM!" <3 Kansai Juniors. ((: (Er they were still classified under juniors at that time. o.O;;; ) I think the people from the Kansai area of JE are not all exactly good-looking, but they're VERY VERY VERY interesting people.

During Junior High School (I actually skipped it, but watched a little in front), Ueda gave this, I-don't-know-what-you-want-me-to-do-and-I-don't-care look! SO FUNNY! xD

They did a medley called Run Medley and I was like... errr okay... But hey! Luckily 4Tops (minus yamapi~~) wore sort of black and white suits this time.. something pretty normal and kakkoi! Then I realised that Toma tends to shake/move a lot, such that it was quite funny when Kazama (haiyar forget it, I don't know his name!) was keeping so still and Toma put his arm on Kazama's shoulder and Toma was still moving so much. ^^;

I change my mind. I think it's Kazama who is too stiff. Eh but I still like him. xD

The things Takki and Tsubasa do are cho funny! Hehehe Tsubasa's hair is so short. I was looking more at Tsubasa than Takki! As expected. HAHAHA. Five was playing the music for today! ((:

When they sang Yume Monogatari, during the intervals of the verses, first the crowd shouted, "Takki!" and then when the second verse ended, they shouted, "Tsubasa!" ^^

I still haven't actually learnt Yume Monogatari's steps HAHA. I got bad left and right coordination!

I didn't check back on what I wrote. So I guess it's a very messy entry.

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purikura desu~

Scanned by Orenji!! ^^
The purikura we took with resha! Super fun machines, especially the second machine, I couldn't stop laughing even when the camera was going off. >_<

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arigatou no uta;

I put that as my title because... I don't know what to put as a title. But I AM listening to that song as I write this! Yesss Tammy's entry made me very tempted to listen to V6's musicmind.

Anyway, I finally did something useful in my holidays! I made a bulletin board to put in my room!! I don't know how I actually suddenly decided to make one, but I found several leftover stuff in my room, and then I made use of them to make a bulletin board out of it. It's not very well done, because I'm not very good at cutting, but I'm overjoyed that I found useful things to make out of the leftovers lying around!

I watched Nobuta wo Produce episode 4 just now. Sugei! Akira broke like 10 tiles together! He could fight! I was SHOCKED! That baka Akira can become so kakkoi!


edit: I really wanted a Domoto Tsuyoshi poster, so the nearest one is the Winter Con one, but the preorder dateline is 18th December, which is 6 days before the first concert. Then again... What if he still has that funny hair? ^^;

Let's see then...

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Yay I just finished figuring out how to put the plugin function into the layout.

Anyway, I was counting my money, then I got I shock that I only have, what, $22 left! It's not possible! I still owe Jiawen money, so after deduction, I officially have about $14 left. Should I really get that new bottle of nail polish to play with my nails...? I know I sound vain huh? But as I said, PLAY. See what I did to my pinkie finger's nail...


Sorry I had to distort the lighting of the original photo because it was kind of hard to see. This word I wrote on my nail was [si:] (DOMOTO TSUYOSHI!! ) Think I'll get another of those pens and a new bottle of nail polish. I wrote [si:] on my thumb too..

My nails aren't exactly pretty, but it beats having no nails.

Back on topic.

I have no idea what I've spent on that drained my pocket money even before half the month was gone! Let's see. Nobuta wo Produce goods, $21+. Eighto-kun materials, $11+. Meidiya, probably $15+. Mise, $20+...? Where did my $11 go? Maybe at one of those areas I spent more than I am calculating now. Oh and two boxes of takoyaki... I bought sweets at Meidiya...

I think I don't have to go shopping for the rest of the month yea?

Nobuta wo Produce ep.4 subs are out.

Hm so should I just save up my $14.
Eh, if anyone got a nice nail polish colour to recommend, tell me! xD And a pen colour too...
Maybe I should do white and black.
Sou desu, me and Vanessa haven't painted our nails the way we were targetting it.

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Domoto Tsuyoshi [si] second live.

...I fell asleep halfway through when Devil was played. 二哥,对不起,我不是故意的!

Because of the sleep, I didn't turn gloomy after the concert (it was expected, because when you hear the CD, you'll already feel that way. ^^; ) Yet somehow there's just something mysterious that makes me want to listen on to his songs. Especially Devil. Although when you hear it, it kind of makes you feel lost and alone, like you have no idea what is going on anymore.

I fell asleep halfway through that. And then I could hear some choppy-ness in the video, but I heard it, was irritated but couldn't wake up! It was only until the last song then I woke up to see... Huh the concert is finishing already!

I don't know to say the backdancers are cute or funny. Maybe I'm just a bad art-appreciator.

I have a cough!

Sylvia Domoto Tsuyoshi. ((:
a.k.a. 二哥. (2nd brother. xD)

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insights and reflections.

Trying to do my Project Work stuff now. I can't think of anything else to write!


That was random. ((: I am listening to Kona Yuki. I fell in love with this song because they always play it in 1 Litre no Namida when Haruto runs towards Aya.

对不起, I haven't replied everyone's comments! X__x After the horror ends tomorrow, I shall do it. And just when I thought after Oral Presentation, I could sit down and finish off my Econs homework and brood over Econs project slowly, and find out about History assignment... Something else comes up. I'm sorry, Faith, I am retiring from the stage. X_X In the past, if someone asked me to perform on stage, I might have considered, but I feel so tired after finally settling down in JC. In first three months, I was active, now I'm too tired to be active. So I shall do backstage work. The problem is with only two people representing our CCA on stage...

All the people out there who know nothing but make fun of our CCA... SHOULD GO WATCH DRAGON ZAKURA.

Finally Ichiro stood up for himself! I nearly cried at that part of Dragon Zakura.

I don't like this unsettled feeling before an exam. Especially oral presentations. T_T

Looks like I can't watch Nobuta wo Produce today. :( 真失望!

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Hana Yori Dango Ep. 3

Yes I finally got a chance to watch this, because yesterday the internet connection was cut off somehow. Seishun Amigo single is not here yet!!

I want to see episode 4! It's the portion where Tsukushi says, "I don't care if nobody believes me as long as you believe me!" Baka Matsujun isn't so bad after all. xD In the fourth episode, he will stand at the top of the stairs and shout to the whole school, "Yokatta!" Although I don't know for what.

Rui goes off to France with Shizuka!! Means more Tsukasa and Tsukushi~ But means less Shun!! But anyway, after episode 2, I actually felt sad that Shun had to act as Hanazawa Rui, because Rui's role seems to be quite cold. I like Summer Snow Shun. ((: Very yasashii brother.

Although I have no idea why Tsukasa wears that beanie and pretends to look like a poor person. Let's wait for subs. Or maybe it's just because he wants to look fitting with Tsukushi?

Tsukasa's sister is wayyyyyy cool!

Hm. Today is Sunday. EHHH!! Nobuta wo Produce torrent should be up now!

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Dragon Zakura Episode 1-3

I've watched these few episodes before, but I rewatched them today since my Dragon Zakura DVD came. ((: I'm not used to watching a few episodes at one go, and now my eyes are really tired. X__X

...the drama really motivated me to want to study. But I'm afraid that the feeling probably wears off after some time.

"Don't say you only have a year left. Say you still have a year left."

I think the part that struck me the most was when Naomi said that she had wasted 10 years of studying and she had only worked hard for those five days.

But really, seeing those intensive math lessons, I get scared. While they were going "???" over those questions, I saw a dx Add Math sign, and I got a shock, because after 11 months away from math, I totally could not comprehend dx, cosine etc etc!

Going to meet Tammy later!

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我的DRAGON ZAKURA DVD终于到了!但是お母さん正在看电视...明天我会和TAMMY和SKY出门!嬉しいです~想去PREORDER野ブタ。をプロデュース的GOODS!





真闷,没有DRAMA看~明天大概能看花より男子了吧!我打算买野ブタ。をプロデュース和1リットルの涙的DRAMA BOX SET,可是花より男子可能就不买了...


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quick update;

I get so easily tired with layouts!

Hmm I didn't update yesterday. So I woke up in the morning to update this~ I'm going to Audrey's house for PW later.

In the end, I decided not to get the Nobuta wo Produce goods' clear files. I decided on pencil and notebook... I feel so frustrated that I keep on spending and spending money!

I feel grumpy that I have to go out today. Stupid PW. Although, yea, there are no dramas to watch today, but I wanted to stay home! (Don't know for what.)

And heyyy my Dragon Zakura DVD hasn't arrived yet. Am pretty worried, because... yesh, you don't want your $27 + postage fees to fly away!!

I want Kinki Kids' font de. Anniversary concert. :( And H album. *cries* Uwaaa I saw Vanessa's friend preordered it and I got a heart attack! xD

And for the sake of Nobuta wo Produce...

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Nobuta wo Produce Ep.3

I'm really slow, I'm only watching this today. ^^;

Anyway, they were talking about the festival ne? Just to get inspiration they watched THE RING in the Toufu shop!!! Do you know how freaked out I was?!! I was horrified by that movies for months! I think at the point where they show Sadako's eye, Shuji, Akira and the toufu shop owner screamed and ran away. xD

I think maybe Tomo-chan is having a fun time acting Kusano Akira. xD It's just so him! Well, kind of, except he isn't baka to this stage I guess? I wonder if Shuji were played by Jin, what's the chemistry between Shuji and Akira like?? HAHAHA. Two bakas.

Anyway, I really like Kame in this drama!


New hand action to do! xD I keep seeing him do that but I've never screencapped it.


This is why I said he's having fun. xD
And the way Akira laughs!

HAHAHA! You know what I heard?!
Teacher: Kiritani, you're good at singing right?
Shuji: Iya, nai desu.
Teacher: Come help us. *pulls*
Shuji: Huh? Kamenashi Kazuya yo?!

Shuji is Kame!! HAHAHA!

Shuji: Why are you all so calm?!
Akira: Because we feel like Buddhists repeating simple steps over and over again. *does hand action* Kong kong!
xD His kong-kong action is super duper cute! And then he puffs his cheeks again.

I was touched by this episode at the end. ((: At first I was wondering what was at the end of the haunted house that made it so touching!

Okay, now I'm really considering buying this drama set. HEY! I may be able to watch 1 litre no namida today!

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