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...and giddy.

I just came home from Chinese exam, and I say... it was horrible. Just like GP. Have I lost my ability in languages?!

And very oddly the past two days when there were exams I was pretty relaxed and calm. It felt just like I was just going in to do any everyday assignment. So is it good or bad? On one hand I don't get too stressed, on the other.. Am I being concerned enough for getting promoted?!!

I really feel giddy now. Supposed to go Liang Court later but I'm not sure if I'm well enough.. have this horrible tummyache too... But if I don't go there how am I going to study my History?

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my autumn.


...without a tinge of orange?

My Autumn Daze. Which is totally NOT artistic at all. Was an experimental manipulation which turned out quite badly. ):

Maybe I should add Photoshop into my wishlist.

Hey I'm supposed to be studying now.

-added at 5:23pm-
I havn't started studying! But anyway I didn't want to open a whole new entry for this, so...
Am listening to OCEAN by B'z. Massu's idol. xDD
And I can't remember who in NEWS bought his single as his first album. Probably Massu too? I first got to know this singer through Beautiful Life, he sang the theme song for it and I fell in love with that song. ((:
Selected songs of his are nice.
I think this song was on Music Station charts? Can't remember!

Yesterday's Minna no Terebi, KAT-TUN sang Kinki Kids' ANNIVERSARY!

-added at 6:02pm-
...KAT-TUN spoilt the song.
Akame were doing fine with it!
Hello? Anniversary is not a rock song...

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SMAPXSMAP 12/9/2005

Listening to: Planetarium - Otsuka Ai

...only SMAP's songs can make people cry. ((:
Ehh I watched SMAPXSMAP and Kanjani 8 kindergarten segment just now. Really made my day, after that horrible GP paper...

This time there was this Terote Arena movie premier segment. xDD I skipped the whole of Bistro because I didn't have time to watch it...

Number of screencaps: 8









...Nakai nii-chan cut his hair. Why didn't he do that before shooting photos for concert goods... I want a poster of him in my room!
Kimura-kun looks good as usual. (:
I love the set of this performance.

I'm hungry now. X__X
Hey I love this Otsuka Ai song~

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I feel very loved. Suddenly minna messaged me and told me to ganbare for my Promos. Touched. T_T
Arigatou~ Matteru yo! I will be back in full swing after my promos!

...should I wear my yukata?
(Baka! You're not supposed to think of this again!)
But then again what IF wearing the yukata makes me happy and therefore less stressed?

But that is out of topic.

Minna!!! Arigatou! Hontou ni arigatou.
Minna out there taking exams,

And I will remember Kanjani 8's words. (:

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...i'm not done yet.

Listening to: Planetarium - Otsuka Ai

...err okay so I guess because it's Aki that's why they're all in yukatas and posing with little windmills in their PVs.

Anyway, I wasted my whole morning away, did you know? I wish I was more self-disciplined. I probably won't finish studying my stuff. I am scared. Then why am I still slacking? I have Oligopoly and alternative theories to study for Econs. Yea, that's about it for ONLY econs. Then bad side is... I never study how to apply the information to essays and all that stuff. Don't you think I have been studying uselessly?

I haven't touched History at all. Somebody tell me, why on earth did I take up this subject? My friend's reply was, "Aiyar, if History won't get me high-paying jobs, you think I want to take History meh?" It was then that I realised I chose my subjects based on what I was more interested in, rather than its usefulness to me in my life.

Do you think that it is wrong to choose subjects this way? And another friend even decided to go to science because it is more useful in getting a job. Science students, moreover, seem to have a higher chance of getting into University. Maybe I was too baka and naive to actually choose my subjects by interest?

*sigh* I'm going back into my room to study. You probably won't see me on MSN until after my Promos. I am so tired. All my subjects require essay-writing. Oh my God.

Feel free to leave your messages here or at Abaka. ((: I'm still checking back. Abaka and my blog are the two reasons why I switch on the computer. xDD

-later edit-

很好笑吗? 你笑的时候有想到我的感受吗? 可别怪我再也不对你说我的秘密了...这已经不是第一,二或者是五次了... 我生气你还得寸进尺. 你生气是我可是有罢休的!

This is what I found in my old blog while I randomly picked a month to read. Well.. so umm, who was I angry at? I totally have no idea. Time passes so fast na. Or is it just this year? It feels like just yesterday I got to know Yamapi.

I watched MTV Chinese special for NEWS and KAT-TUN last night! I don't have SCV in my home. (Even though I heard that channel frequently has stuff about JPop.) So I went over at 9pm to Eewei's house just to watch it. When I got home, that shower was so so good, and I think I've never eaten my dinner that fast before. O_O

Haha! xDD That was a nice experience.

Yea... It's fun to read up on my old blog. Wish I could just move all my entries here, but that's silly. Maybe when I find random stuff I'll just quote it into here. (:

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Music Station 16/9/2005

A lot of other artistes included here though.. I put the post under the JE category since Kanjani 8 is in. ^^; Is it just me or people in this season are singing songs with a traditional tinge? And yukatas in PVs?


Ureshii ((: Look at the ones bordered in red!


Single ranking number 1!


I wasn't looking at Ayumi... I was looking at Ryo pouting away behind! xD


This is Koda Kumi??!


Kizuna by Orange Range!! <3333


Endless Story ((: I realised she and Mika Nakasima sang songs for NANA in Music Station and both were pretty off-key...


Nakashima Mika! My favourite female solo singer. ((: And that's Hyde playing the electric guitar behind!


WHO IS THAT BEHIND??! I didn't know they backdanced for Shounentai before!


SMAP! Yozora no Mukou. With Kimura-kun on the guitar ((:


Kiroro. ((: This song got sung into Chinese I think... The famous songs all get sung by Taiwan artistes after that. ^^; take a listen?
Their songs are really nice. ((:


Oh!Enka ((: And JE frequently has the juniors with them as backdancers. I thought I caught Inoo Kei inside. >.< Or maybe that was someone who looked like him. xDD


Yassu~ Everytime I say his name I think of Janne Da Arc's Yasu. >.<


Ohkura desu. Looks so innocent and gentle. But actually so hentai. And he can really act baka if he wants to. But he's cute. ((:


Shingo! Shall try to stop calling him HINA. I don't know how he got that nickname.. Shin-chan? Mura-chan? Am still stuck with the name Hina. >.<
Anyway, haha so cute~ This was when they were singing Mugendai.
Yassu: Kibou.
Ryo: Shiawase.
Hina: Egao!
And he was the only one who came up with the peace sign lol! I started liking him when he got rid of his long hair ((:


Maru and Subaru. Why did Subaru put up his hair like that in th episode of MS that I downloaded?!! Ehh sometimes Subaru looks/acts like Nakai nii-chan! xDD And what's with that expression? The whole time this performance was on, I couldn't get an UN-baka side of him because during Sukiyanen Osaka, he keeps on widening his eyes. Did you know he can look really fierce... And then during Oh!Enka the paper petals kept falling around and covering his face until I couldn't capture.


...would he ever be so crazy in NEWS??? No, right?

..i dreamt of Ryo and K8 last night. O_O

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you can't cry because you'll just drown.

...have you ever had that feeling where you feel like you want to cry, but you have no time to cry? Why is it that one little promotional exam in your life can make youf eel so terrible? Why is it that when you see a rainbow it just doesn't cheer you up? It's not depression but what is it?


How can it be called stress? I am just slacking here, and it is my own fault that when I had so much time, I didn't go study hard enough. Can I last through the three hours per paper session? Why am I asking so many questions?

Do you think if he existed in my life, I would go all out and ganbatte for my exams? Would I even have to study if I married him? Aren't my thoughts running too wild now? Is it too early to think that way?

And why am I spending time blogging pointlessly when I should be studying? Did you know that photo I just posted in the previous post is very enticing? Do you know I am attracted to darker stuff only when I feel like the world just brushed my shoulder by? Do I want to stand there alone? Do I need to? Do I want to run and catch up but make myself so tired at the end of the day, or do I want my shoulders to be bruised and bled by the harsh pace of the world?

Do you think I just... crapped? Do you think I seriously need a break?

The fact is, I can't take a break. But aren't I taking one now while blogging...?

No. As I type, the stupid terms people come up with run through my mind. Things like allocative efficiency, perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, cost efficiency. And I have just let the merits and demerits of monopoly and perfect competition brush past my shoulder. Like time has just brushed my shoulder.

I want... Well what do I want?

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...umm yes I know the title sounds...
But I found this tree that I've always passed by on the way to Sunglade or on the way to the bus stop bald. It used to be really green with all those leaves until they decided to rob the tree of her beautiful leaves.

It's quite a sad sight. ):

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when otou-san is at the TV


...and a random badly scanned Tegoshi photo.

Today's JE topic: what okaa-san and otou-san say (and do xD) in front of the TV when watching JE.

Summary 2004
Otou-san: ...hey that guy is not bad.
Me: Which one?
Otou-san: The one on your desktop?
Me: Huh? This one? *points to Shige dancing*
Otou-san: No, no, the babyface.
Me: Oh!! Tegoshi!
Otou-san: He's quite cute.

My mum loves to watch Mago Mago Arashi: Chinese Lessons. She never gets enough of laughing at their chinese. xDDD

If otou-san sees Yamapi on TV, he'll say, "Yamapi right? Wild horse's fart." (Translate that into chinese.] YADDA!

Otou-san will sing "Ai takute" randomly when watching Arashi's concert and they sing that slow song with these lyrics. (He even does it wen he's bored.)

And randomly, otou-san will say, "Shige's birthday!" This started from the day Shige had his birthday. The phone vibrated and I was away. Then my dad said, "Hey somebody called you." I told him it's just my ketitai reminder. I said, "Hey, it's Shigeaki's birthday today!"
Dad: *plays with Shige's name* Shigeaki~ Shigeaki's birthday ah?
Me: Yup! He's called Shige too. *runs off to do something then comes back into room*
Dad: Shige's birthday today~
Me: Huh? Seagate (the company my dad works at)'s birthday? That means tomorrow you don't have to work is it??
Dad: *laughs very hard* Huh! What Seagate birthday! I said Shige!
Me: *laughs* Ha! I thought you said SEAGATE!!
And from then on he keeps making fun of Shige like that.

Dad knows Yamapi likes Doraemon too~ And so I started collecting random *coughcheapcough* Doraemon stuff. And dad randomly picks them off shelves and brings them home. xDD (Hey I got some stuff that I really don't need...)

*watching MIJ concert* I skipped SMAP's ORIGINAL SMILE because I've heard it too many times.
Okaa-san: Hey, why did you skip that song! It's nice!
Well to hear this from someone who thinks J-Pop guys are ahguas... My mum likes SMAP though. As in, not a fan of them, but she prefers them. ((: I remember she used to actually like Goro!!! xDD Now she says Nakai is good-looking. And... errr she says Nakai looks nice in PINK!!!! YAY!

*me watching other JE concerts*
Okaa-san: Tsk! Copy that five-person group one.. [meaning smap]
Me ...Mama. They are from the same company. Of course same pattern lah...

Dad also sings along to SMAP songs with his own UNunderstandable Japanese lyrics. xDDDDD Got guitar, he sure like. [e.g. Yozora no Mukou~]

*watching Summary con*
Otou-san: AGAIN?

And then otou-san frequently watches JE videos with me, and also laughs at the idols when they were young and so bad in acrobatics...

Otou-san likes Ken Hirai.
And Kimura Takuya.
And Natsukawa Rimi.
And the Enka singers.
(Should psycho him to like Subaru!!)
And the other time he kept imitating Subaru singing Oh!Enka!! xD

Yah. I know my dad is kind of shen jing bing. But he's very fun to be around haha!
When he's at CD stores, and he spots some JE cds, he'll give me a call and ask, for example, "Hey! I saw Summary concert VCD on sale in CDRama. You want to buy??"
Or, "Sylvia, I saw Kinki Kids and Tackey and Tsubasa albums and vcds on warehouse sale!! I get them for you okay!"


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rising phone bill

listening to: Rising Sun - TVXQ

Ano... everybody, who frequently calls me on my handphone please try to refrain from calling my handphone now. Because my bill is sky-rocketting. I mean, at least in my definition of how high my phone bill should go.

Because of history project and various other reasons, Waiyan has been calling me and my phone plan is like, 20cents per minute. Apparently, everybody assumes my phone plan is free incoming, and umm, apparently I don't want to always say into the phone, "Sorry I'm not having free incoming, can you call my house instead?"

Hontou ni gomene!

Okay, so WHY on earth am I having a keitai?
1) SMS is always available. I got 700 free smses. Feel free to chat with me through SMS.
2) I didn't expect the case whereby people just don't take down my home phone number.
3) I wasn't especting to have such frequent calls unless for emergency.

And umm I know $40++ is a piece of cake for phone bills, and I don't pay my own phone bills but... Still, I'd prefer if I try to keep the cost down.

If you don't know my home phone number, feel free to ask me. Though unfortunately I think the one who calls me the most now doesn't read my blog. I don't want to be rude and cut in and say I want to end the call!! X_X

SMS kudasai.
Arigatou gozaimasu.

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to do and not to do.

...a pointless things of things I shall do and not do.

1)To stop my 'haha' habit. It's even getting on my own nerves.
2)To stop blatantly criticising JE-tachi because I see the goodness behind. ((: [I kind of stopped this already.]
3)To really lock myself in my room to study.
4)To start being smart at hinting.
5)To start being confident about what I believe.
6)To realise that putting Janne Da Arc's songs on repeat isn't bad.
7)To expand JPop outside of JE. [only started recently. (: ]
8)To not be faking niceties and get myself upset instead.
9)To realise I need to appreciate my class.
10)To need to be firm.
11)To know that being a JE fan doesn't mean you know everything.
12)To not get pushed over!
13)To make sure I get promoted.
14)It's time to make myself clear.
15)To know my priorities.
16)Know what is called BALANCE.
17)To accept people and know how to treat them the correct way.
18)To not be scared of the dark. [so that I can sleep beside Pi's poster]
19)To realise I I have just made a crappy target list.
20)And know that I'm just wasting my time.
21)Because I am frustrated.
22)Do you think it even sounds like a poem suddenly?
23)You know I am thinking what I should be doing.
24)I should be studying.
25)And not try to prove my point.

In short.
I am pissed off.
Just don't ask.
And wahh I just ranted crap on my blog.

Listening to: Ai no Shirabe - Janne Da Arc

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Seven Angels

Fanfic dedicated to Vicky / luckypurple on ABaka. ((:
*inspired by Akira Senju's 'Seven Angels' as heard from Summer Snow.
Lyrics from Seven Angels as well. ((:
Starring: Koyama Keiichiro.
*note, Keii-chan's nephew doesn't really have this name. ^^; I actually was lost for deciding on a little boy's name! I had Hiroto, Kiyoto, Yuuto, from Hiroko I thought of Hiroki, from Masako I thought of Masaki. And ended up with that name. Only when I actually finished it did I realise I used MASAKI. And Masaki is Aiba's name. Honestly I didn't do it on purpose...
i just realised Keii-chan's nephew is called HARUTO. Arigatou Vicky!

Seven angels hide and seek games
April rain and clear blue sky
Humming birds are singing love songs
Season's greetings from dear friends.

I could not forget that April. Outside it had been raining so hard, but I had been so warm inside. Okaa-san always told me the story of the seven angels who would each give the newborns of the world a gift of their own. I decided the first gift was my existence. The second was me being born into such a wonderful family, and the third was my life now.

In my room, I looked at the pile of postcards from my friends fondly. I went through them, hoping to find that familiar name that I was looking for.

No one knows my secret garden
A forgotten yellow diary
Summer breeze bring dandelions
Starlight in a holy night.

April 29th. I had brought my little nephew, Haruto, to the mall, the both of us dressed in identical black and white horizontally striped, long sleeved shirts, with long grey pants. There was a drizzle outside, and as I walked with Haruto towards the mall, he made attempts at keeping a lookout for puddles and splashing them. He was having so much fun. I held his little hand, to make sure he didn't topple over from all that enthusiastic fun.

Little Haruto was my gift from the fourth angel.

I kept the umbrella as soon as we got under shelter, and little Haruto had nearly run out to the puddles again if I had not caught him back. I couldn't get him exposed under the rain; he was too fragile.

"Haru-chan, look!" I squatted by him, pointing to the toys in the toyshop. He grinned, and walked forward to place his hands onto the window display of the shop. Two curious, happy faces stared inside. I took him inside, and he attempted to run, nearly losing his balance many times. He seemed not to make up his mind what he wanted. He looked, and looked some more.

And that was when I got my fifth gift -- fate.

"Ah, Haru-chan, would you like this?" I brought down a soft toy of a fat cat from the shelves. "Haruto??" He was gone suddenly. I heard a topple of toys, and a woman screaming, and I quickly turned round the corner within the store. My first instinct was that Haruto was crushed under the boxes of toys, but later I saw a stunned lady holding tightly onto Haruto, looking at the mess.

After a while, the lady looked at Haruto, saying, "Dame yo, little boy, you'll get yourself hurt like this."

"Haru-chan, are you alright??" I ran towards Haruto, squatting down and hugging him. He was crying from the fright. "Arigatou." I thanked the lady.

"He was reaching for that box of An Pan Man toys."

"Ahh, hush hush, Haru-chan, it's okay now." I lifted Haruto up, wiping his tear-stained cheeks. He looked towards the lady, and then suddenly smiled a little and held his hand out, as though wanting to thank her. She put her hand out as well, and Haruto grasped it tightly.

"Is he your son?" she asked.

"Ah, no, he's my nephew. I don't even have a girlfriend yet!" I laughed.


"Hm? There's nothing to apologise for." We had silence after that as we both stood there. "Ano, can I ask for your name?"

"I'm Vicky."

"I'm Koyama."

Oh my love
I shall seek for what makes me happy
I love you
And you always bring me a precious time.

I had a deep urge to want to see her again, and so very quickly thought up of a way we could meet up again. I had no idea why I did that, but I'm glad I did.

"Ne, ne, there's a matsuri at my university the day after tomorrow. Would you like to come?" I blurted out.

She seemed to consider for a moment, then she nodded and smiled. That was such a beautiful smile. "I'm here for a study course. It'll be great if I could attend a festival before I end my course next week."

I was overjoyed. But at the same time I was a little disappointed that she was to leave so soon. We exchanged ketai numbers, and then I added excitedly before we parted ways, "Yakusoku yo!"

30th April. I was overjoyed that she had received my package. She sent me a text message that read: Thanks so much for your gift. I love it a lot! I wish I could give you something in return for it. (:

But her receiving it was already the return gift for me.

1st May. I fetched her in my family car to my university that evening. It felt a little odd to be in a yukata and driving, though. I saw her waiting at the steps of her hotel. She was in a purple yukata. That was my gift for her. I thought purple fitted her well. And the yukata really looked absolutely sweet on her. I could only stare at her while I led her into the car. It was only when my hands were on the wheel again that I realised I had just finished escorting her into the car.

She loved the scene. You could tell from the happiness dancing in her eyes. Well.. To notice this, I actually asked myself, "Was I staring too much at her?" This new stranger did not seem at all like a stranger to me.

"Oh, look at that beautiful purple fireworks!" she exclaimed, and the next instant, a purple yukata sleeve decorated with pink sakura blossoms was lifted, and I looked to where she was pointing at. After a while, she turned to me and said, "Koyama-kun, happy birthday."

I widened my eyes. "Eh?? How did you know it's my birthday today?"

"You sent a text message to the wrong person!" Vicky laughed.

"Ahh gomen, I am such a baka!" I apologised. "Ne, Vicky-chan, you can call me Keii-chan." I told her shyly.

"Ano... Keii-chan, as a birthday gift, can I do this?" she asked. I looked at her expectantly, wondering what she might do. I stood rooted to the ground, waiting, and she tiptoed, so she could reach my face. I felt her soft lips press against my cheek. Koyama Keiichiro was blushing. Yes he was blushing. And he is still blushing.

I got my first kiss on the cheek.

I was sure if I didn't start talking, I would have melted on the spot.

"Gomen, was I too bold?" Vicky asked worriedly as she noticed me stunned.

I shook my head immediately. "Arigatou." I pulled her hand immediately after that, bringing her to the yo-yo balloon stall. "I'll hook up a purple balloon for you!" I grinned at her.

She tugged on my yukata sleeve a little to hold me back. I looked back at her, wondering what was the problem. "Keii-chan... Can you hook up two instead? I want you to have one too." I nodded.

"Uwaa~~ This is hard. All the little kids are pushing the balloons around..." I said to myself. Then I heard a familiar voice calling out for "wang wang". I looked up. It was Haruto! Haruto was at the festival!

"Wang wang!" he called out again, and I laughed at him. The kids were amused. I saw Vicky run to him, bending down to his height. He smiled back at her, showing the little teeth that he had. He seemed to be confused by the pushing of the balloons.

"Which balloon do you want?" Vicky asked him.

He pointed to my yukata, saying "wang wang" again. I was wearing a purple yukata as well, and Vicky laughed. She gently guided his hand to the center of the tub, swiftly hooking up a purple balloon for him. Haruto was overjoyed.

"Yokatta ne, Haru-chan!" I exclaimed, then realised that I had not started hooking up balloons yet. I was pondering on how to hook up two purple balloons before the hook got disengaged from the flimsy bit of paper. Vicky carried Haruto over, and Haruto kept on calling me "wang wang" non-stop to cheer me on. He was obviously glad to be in Vicky's arms.

I finally spotted two loops from two purple balloons together in the water, and was lowering my hook to them when another hook very swiftly stole them away from me. I looked up, wondering who that was. "Ah!" I exclaimed, standing up. "Yamapi!" I pouted. "You know I was eyeing on those balloons~"

"Precisely." Yamapi laughed, dangling the two purple balloon yo-yos from his finger. He had brought his girlfriend along.

"Hajimemashite!" she greeted, bowing.

I looked back into the tub and there were no more purple balloons. "Ne, Yamapi, you did that on purpose!" I complained playfully, trying to act fierce.

"...Keii-chan, it's okay, forget it. We can pick other colours." Vicky assured.

"I'll give them to you if you win me in the competition." Yamapi challenged. I agreed to it. Every year, our university's festival has a competition round the running track, and the winner gets to initiate the traditional dance of the school.

Vicky was smiling at our little challenge. The purple balloons were passed to Yamapi's girlfriend. She was a fairly short girl. I think I've seen her somewhere in the school of humanities before.

I prepared myself on the track. We were running in our yukatas and I wonder how we were going to make it. I hadn't joined this race before. Ad certainly looking at this year's obstacles, I'm going to have a water balloon fight with Yamapi. I stretched myself.

The race was about to start, and before the signal went off, I distinctively heard Vicky shout, "Ganbatte Keii-chan!!" and little Masaki in her arms going, "Wang wang!"

We sprinted off. And then it came to the point where we had a basket of water balloons with us. Unfortunately it was compulsory for us to carry it during the race. I would gladly have preferred just dodging the water balloons. I leaped further as Yamapi aimed a purple balloon at my feet. "Yamashita, take that!" I shouted, throwing a water balloon at him. He managed to dodge it too. For a moment we only aimed the balloons at each other, until we suddenly recalled the other racers were aiming for us too, and in an instance, we started aiming the water balloons for them.

There were now three of us left in the race. Yamapi was a little ahead. No, no, I'm going to get Vicky that purple balloon! I was almost out of breath but I shut my eyes and ran at full speed all the way to the finishing line. ...I felt like my yukata could just fly off.

"First place, Koyama Keiichiro!" the announcer exclaimed, and I plopped down onto the gorund immediately, sweating non-stop, and grinning.

"Kore!" Vicky bent over me, while Haruto was attempting to pull my hand. She showed me the two purple balloon yo-yos. And as I got up, in the middle of the track, I hugged her. She didn't push me away. She held me even closer. I was overjoyed. Very silently, we acknowledged each other's existence.

One way ticket to a town south
Sunset scene from a little hill
Broken shells and tears of mermaid
An adventure in my mind.

The next day after her study course, I called Vicky up in the afternoon, for a trip down to Osaka.

Why of all places, Osaka? Because that's where Hep Five Ferris Wheel is. I'm afraid of heights, but I wanted Vicky to really have a good view of the beauty of Japan from a high place.

We got there by train, and Vicky was smiling at the sights outside the window. The train was relatively empty that day.

"...I wanted to bring you on...this." I pointed to the Hep Five Ferris Wheel.

"Arigatou." Vicky replied happily, and gave my hand an extra squeeze. I had not noticed that we were holding hands! I was secretly happy inside, and while she wasn't looking, brought up my fist and said, "Yokatta!"

We were almost boarding the Ferris Wheel. I wonder if Vicky could actually read my mind because she later on asked, "Are you scared of heights?" I nodded, a little embarrassed. "Then maybe we shouldn't-"

"No! We're going up the Ferris Wheel." I assured.

She smiled at me gratefully. "Then Keii-chan, I'll be there with you when we are at the topmost height of the Ferris Wheel. I'll make sure you're not scared, I promise."

It was a very peaceful ride up, and since it was the evening when we arrived at Osaka, the sun was just beginning to set. It was very beautiful. It wasn't often that I got to see this sight. We were at the topmost, but I didn't notice. Because I was looking at Vicky staring out the window, one of her hands holding mine.

"Vicky-chan..." I started. She turned towards me, and I completely forgot what I wanted to say. I ended up being flustered and blurting out, "Please be with me!" I shut my eyes tightly.

The princess in a timeless story
Endless sounds flow from little streams
Your sweet voice and eyes forever
Our promise yesterday.

Her reply was simple. She gave my cold hand an extra squeeze. I opened my eyes, and for the first time...

I kissed her lips. She approved of it. And she kept her promise of not making me afraid when we were at the peak of the Ferris Wheel.

And her promise, was the sixth angel's gift.

Oh my love
I shall seek for what makes me happy
I love you
And you always bring me a precious time.

On the last day of her stay, we went to the seaside. This is where I spent my quiet moments alone, and I wanted to share this little hideaway with her.

"Vicky-chan, suki da yo." I suddenly said again.

"Watashi mo, anata wa suki desu." she answered.

"I wish you didn't have to go. But... Everytime I miss you, I'll come here and look out to the sea. Because somewhere across the sea, you are there. It brings me closer to you." I told her.

She held onto my hand, smiling quietly, looking out to the sea with me, her head on my shoulder.

I love you more because
You bring sweet precious times.

Through a span of a few days, there was a spark between Vicky and me. And that was very surprising. And finally through the pile of postcards, I saw her envelope. I held it tightly in my hands.

It's her birthday today. Though I cannot celebrate it with her, I know she is right across the sea, and I hope she is having a good time with her friends.

She is the gift from the seventh angel.

Vicky, happy birthday. (:



And I made this for Vicky!
Hope you're having fun out there!


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Shounen Club 18/9/2005

Total 10 screencaps.
Listening to: One - DBSK


So gay.


Tomodachi desu!




*pokes cheeks*


...baka. Everybody's already getting up for the next song/dance, and he's still stuck in the final action for the previous song! Guess his cool character lasted for Summary 2004 ON STAGE only. xDD


Hitori janai.


Junno and Ueda "comforting" Koki for not getting picked! lol.


J.J.Express. Err are there so many in the group?! Because during Jr.Q there were only about 5-6? I want Inoo Kei's OLD hair! There's a JJExpress member that has really got the star look. ((: And not forgetting that cute little smallest size member! KAWAII. Should watch him dance. Really really cute.


Nakajima Yuuto! I only knew him because Sky told me he acted with Kimura Takuya in Engine.


Yes that cute little small sized boy!

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Sukiyanen, Eighto-kun!


...Eighto-kun desu.
Can you believe I actually made Eighto-kun?!! For Kanjani 8? lol! But it was actually pretty fun (though messy). Me and Sky were happily spending some hours on this. ^^; We made one each.

Yuppp Eighto-kun is a "symbol" of the Sukiyanen Osaka performance. ("Sora ni ....taiyou na. Machi wo...") And we added our own stuff to the bottom! (The names of K8's members.) One strip for each K8 member, and luckily there were the 8 colours of each member in the construction paper set. It's hanging on my bedroom wall now. ((:

yes I know my Hiroki's name got turned into a stickman. WAHH!

Maybe one day I'll make the big cloth one? xDDDD Not possible~

SMAP GOODS!! Wheee (((: My lovely Sample Bang ketai strap and my Nakai uchiwa~ kekeke thanks to minna who helped get them!! <33 Uwaa~~ so lucky, they got to go to the concert!

Maybe I should make another Eighto-kun after the promos (: And start giving them out! xD Or maybe I should make an Eighto-kun keychain.

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my after-promos to-do list

Yesh. This to-do list is really tempting.
By the way, the school actually called me. Miss Victor, to be exact. And guess what. She never called Waiyan and Jiawen. They skipped more days than me okay. Do you know that things are always so unfair?

-Finish noting down contents in my CD-Rs.
-Finish Sky's present.
-Me and Shuting's birthday trip.
-Get OP over and done with.
-Rewatch Lord of the Rings.
-Rewatch Stand Up!
-Continue stalking VK xDD.
-Collect more jewel box accessories. xDDDD
-Bombard VK with Ya-ya-yah stuff.
-Finih sewing my quilt.
-Pass presents to Yana.
-Pass present to Heike.
-Rewatch SMAP concerts.
-Finish unfinished letters.
-Finish Shiki no Kagi.
-Finish Bokura no Matsuri.
-Finish Gakkou E Ikimasshou.
-Finish The Last Letter.
-Buy a new notebook for an organiser at Kino.
-Go flip magazines.
-Add more posters to my wall!
-Finish my GEISHA (Liza Dalby) book.
-Write more poems!!
-Finish my Harry Potter and the HBP book.
-And anything I can think up of later.

Studied at Liang Court with VK again yesterday! The toilets there are good. ((: A lot of toilet paper. xDD Okay that sounded disgusting. Anyway, we went to Meidiya and looked at that whole shelf of sweets. Kekeke. And then while VK chose, I turned back to see that Meiji bears had been stocked up!


...and it's not like that wasn't enough. Tomo-chan no meiji Teddy. But I found Keii-chan's, and I was so noisy in Meidiya when it was so quiet there! I went, "Oh my gosh, my husband's Meiji teddy!!!!" And I grinned non-stop like a baka.

... ... And it was then that I realised... I actually outright addressed Keii-chan as 'my husband'. O__O; Hajimete. KOWAI. (Never mind lah, hor, VK! xDDD Keifu + VK = )

And I bought this box where there is an unknown accessory inside. They called that 'jewel box' lol. And I got a pair of earrings~ Whee!

Studied at Mac's again, and we had apple pie again. The apple pie is a symbol of the last time we studied too, haha. Remember?? We actually wanted applie pie a while later, but then two Japanese High School guys walked in and we immediately went to get apple pie just to see them !! HAHA. But it was fun lah. ((:

We had nuggets and sushi at Mac's too. (: Crab stick and Salmon. Sushi was really cheap yesterday. $1.20 for 14. I think it's because it was put there for some time already? But nevertheless, VK + Syl = early aunties. ha! We are super cheapskate yah?

I nearly tripped and fell from crossing the boundary by the Singapore River! Oh my gosh bikkurishita! Shall remind myself never to try that again when I am in my school uniform. (Is it just me or did they raise that line?)

90 steps, down, down, down again!

And then very strangely we keep travelling towards the topic of SMAP in the MRT. Isn't it strange??

Ba-su-de--te-de-i = Birthday Teddy.
I was reading aloud the katakana pronunciation and wonder what it was. xDDDD And we laughed at it again!

Thanks VK!! Always have so much fun with Japan stuff with you haha! Ei, cannot believe we laugh over so many things. O__O

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Precious One ~ KAT-TUN

Precious One

Time goes by 僕らは
Here I am 谁かの

今, 过ぎ去った季节を数え

Sometime 时になぜか, 胸に迫るloneliness
I don't want to be all alone 切なくて
One day いつの日にか
见つかるさprecious one
空见上げれば ほらね
ひとつのShining Star

たとえmillion years 时が过ぎても
We never change, no worries, you'll be alright
Your precious only one 必ず出会えるさ
One day you'll find この地球で
I believe in love ずっと

Sometime 时になぜか, 胸に迫るloneliness
I don't want to be all alone 切なくて
Somewhere どこかにいる大切なonly one
You're not all alone anymore
Someday いつか会える
運命のsomeone you love
ふと気がつけば ほらね 君のそばにいる
You'll meet your only one

Somewhere どこかにいる大切なonly one
You're not all alone anymore
Sometime 时になぜか, 胸に迫るloneliness
I don't want to be all alone
Only one


Did you know long I actually took to come up with this?!! Oh my gosh, blame it on my computer not being able to type Japanese. I had to copy and paste individual characters! If I coudn't find it in my Microsoft Word, I'd just go Google and type "hiragana ___" in the search engine to find it. (Replace __ with any hiragana pronunciation.)

I *heart* this song.
And it was because of something that made me change my blog song. ^^;

In every warm little corner I turn into, I face the cold back outside again. It's not the people, it's how I ran too slowly, how I considered every door in the pentagon room too openly and widely, until when I reach each door, they have been slammed shut. Though the occasional lovely little moments spent with the dwellers behind each door, one is never certain how much one can squeeze past one of those doors.

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Sukiyanen Osaka Regular Edition


Yes I bought it finally. X_X But I guess I was too late for the limited edition! Had an initial heartache, but because I was really too exhausted and didn't want to make a second trip, I actually got the regular edition. Kanjani 8's songs are super nice!!

And then I was wondering... why is 乱太郎 on the cd case and in the sticker inside? Until now I don't have an answer yet. X_X Because I am much too lagging behind in K8 news! Err Sukiyanen Osaka is not the new theme song right?! I used to watch that anime when I was young. xDD It was always on channel 8. Don't know where it's gone now lol.

There's another thing. I flipped the lyrics booklet open and then I spotted silver sheets covering the talking parts of Sukiyanen Osaka. (e.g. where Hina starts saying, "Satte, minna-san, koko ga Osaka desu!") So I read that little 招财猫 sticker on the wrapper and it said "su-ku-ra-chi". So funny!! Later on I said the whole thing at one go then I realised it was SCRATCH!! xDDD Nvm that was fun. WHY ON EARTH DO WE HAVE TO SCRATCH THE THING OFF ANYWAY?! It totally ruined the Sukiyanen Osaka page of my lyrics booklet. Then later on I realised that the limited edition has a different speech from the regular edition's. Heart pain again.

Bahhh. Never mind. And I totally fell in love with Sakura Tasuku Uta (Oh!Enka) track number 2 wahaha...
Was deciding between that song and Mugendai to put on this blog and endedup choosing Mugendai instead becasue Kelly-chan has Oh!Enka on her blog heehee.. ^__^

Mugendai is the theme song of the movie ROBOTS. (: Wahh how come they show the movie so late? But it's cool, Japan has their very own version of the movie soundtrack. Tsuyopon voiced over for the movie too. ((:

<3333 Subaru! And his enka voice.
Okay and Ryo, Uchi, Ohkura, Yoko, Yassu, Maru and Hina!
Miss Uchi.
When I was watcing the clips Sky passed me, oh my gosh!! Uchi in Ganbatte Ikimasshoi! CHO KAKKOI.

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Watch this MTV. It's in Korean, 8 minutes long but oh my gosh, the ending!
Our Chinese teacher ever showed this to us.
Thanks for sharing the link, Faust. (:
I have no idea how my chiense teacher came across this.

And I miss Huang Lao Shi!
He's like an otou-san to us all.

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under that warm orange umbrella


When we were under that warm orange umbrella
You never whispered more than one word
But we stood silently side by side
And you held my hand
And told me everything was fine
Under the dark black sky
When everyone around us whizzes past
I'm sure we'll make it.
With your beautiful orenji smile (:
I never knew how much
I'd ever advance with you
When I first saw you.
I am glad I saw you
I'm glad I STARED at you
I know I sound like a stalker now but...
When you see that bright orange smile
Under that bright orange umbrella,
One just can't help it.
Thanks so much.
For bringing that warm orange umbrella everywhere
Where we can huddle under it together
Even when there is no rain
Even if it is pouring right inside
You are just there
To love me
To hold me
And tell me
Everything is okay.

-dedicated to Vk. (:
Thanks so much for today's study session!

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K-chan NEWS 12/9/2005

xDDDD CHO KAWAII!! CHO CHO CHO KAWAII!! Keii-chan's nephew sounds really kawaii! And the first thing that he says upon seeing Koyama was "wang wang" (aka "woof woof"). Lolll and Koyama was trying to converse with his nephew. Nephew seemed to be gurgling Japanese words though. ^^;

Okay as usual, 90% of the stuff on the radio show, I can't understand, hope one day I will.

Tegoshi speaks really fast.

They played Cherish and Zutto. (:

Am halfway through the radio show now lolll. But that was really cute. Couldn't resist the urge to post about Keii-chan's nephew.

side post:
I feel very tired. I think someone is pissed off with me. In a way recently I'm quite shocked that I am pissed off with that person too. I'm supposed to like that person, but recently this feeling crept up. And I'm very irritated by this fact. And then again that drifting away feeling. I hate it.

i may be going to liang court tomorrow to study. i've tried shopping there alone. maybe i should try studying there alone if no one is free.. (:

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this week's schedule.

Thunderstorm approaching!! Kowai..

Hmm it's not bad by the way, I accomplished my task of finishing chapter 2 of Shiki no Kagi by this week. (:

This is my rest of the week plan.
Friday --> History Project meeting. Study session.
Saturday --> Study SEA history. Sew shirt for Hist project.
Sunday --> Study SEA history. Sew shirt for Hist project.

So basically I feel like my time is all packed up. I haven't done the history assignment.

...and I feel like I'm drifting away. I don't want to feel lonely. : (

After promos, PW and Chinese AO exam. I'm tired. X_X
3 whole hours for a lot of papers...

I promised to study today, but suddenly WHAM! We are supposed to pass up our history stuff to Faith by tonight. Oh well. Never mind. I shall "chiong" Measure for Measure tomorrow. And remind me to study for Literature PC.

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Shounen Club 11/9/05

Kanjani 8 sang Mugendai and Sakura Tasuku Uta (Oh!Enka)!! But they wore the outfit which I hated most... -___-" The feathery one. WHYYY!! They've got some many nice traditional costumes you know.. And they had to wear the feathery one.. Subaru sang a little off though. ^^;


Kame didn't want to let Nakamaru ask a question. xD And Ohkura just sat there being very quiet until he was called on and he said, "Hai!" Kawaii <3
And of course that's Jin acting baka again. xDD He's recently taken half his cool image off from stage haha..


Jimmy: Sorry sorry.
Yoko: Hurry up!
Jimmy: What the...
(PS: That's Yamapi behind Yoko xD at 16 years of age.)


...you're lying right? Ueda is a girl RIGHT?! Oh my gosh he's pretty more than umm kakkoi...

Wheeee (: I learned Mugendai's hand actions! K8 also has a lot of hand actions. errr I didn't learn Osaka Rainy Blues because... why do you flap your hands above your head?

(side note: I just heard the siren. I think it's total defence day today. every time i hear sirens i get really scared.. hm and i just heard Wang Lu Jiang on the TV. Sky speaks like him. xDDDDDD)

hmm and Mr.X was Yokoyama Yuu. At first when Ohkura was question him on something about money I guess, then errr first clue was that Kansai dialect he had... And so I narrowed possibilities to K8. Who knew Ohkura went to guess the Kansai juniors instead!! I didn't think of that. =X And Koki guessed Kame?!
Later on I was thinking of Hina, but I super can't guess for this one because I don't know K8 a lot.

Junno: Would you see Mr.X as your nii-chan (elder brother) or otouto (younger brother)?
Girl: Nii-chan.
Junno: Why?
Girl: Kakkoi. (Handsome.)

Huhh! Yoko is kakkoi?? Okay I'm quite bad. But I think Yoko is more of cute! Err he was the first K8 member whose face has a super strong impression on me. Yayyy but my favourite is still Subaru! (Ohkura is catching up haha.)

Hina was saying what the next two songs on SC would be, and then I was laughing pretty hard, until my mum could hear. xD It's only funny on the first hearing though. When he announced what Ueda was going to sing, I thought he said 'PCs'. Then I was thinking, "Huh? Since when did Ueda ever sing this song called PCs... And I realised it was PIECES. And then the next song was 'She Said', lollll. Hmm now it's not funny though. ^^;

yupp shall go do homework now.. bahh. all that homework. no need to revise today!
I didn't go to school, by the way.
and when i heard that excited conversation about PRIDE (Kimura-kun!) in Lit lecture hall, I was so happy xDDDD Ehh but of course I was the only shen jing bing one. so have to suppress excitement. -.-"
sigh. Kimura-kun is probably the most famed throughout Singapore. Hm.

He's in ENGINE right.. But I didn't watch!! haha.
I still like Beautiful Life. (:
And also the theme song. xD
But Kimura-kun always acts in a drama that focuses quite a bit on the profession he is in. And the acting is the same.
But yahh so kakkoi~

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put me on a ferris wheel

put me on a ferris wheel.
with you.
And we go high up.
Even higher up.

Not quite there, go higher.

We haven't reached the treetops.

Go quite higher.

Higher, higher higher.
I see our home.

There! We are at the top.
But then, your chattering increases twofold.
I smiled at your nervousness
shifted closer, and felt
your hands in cold sweat
your eyes darting around.
And we finally kissed.
You're afraid of heights.
You leaned closer.

And we toppled backwards
And I held on for life
onto your Arms
No this would not do
I was the one afraid now.

And we go
From where we started
We turned one round
And we're just back
Back where we begun
Back to the days you told me
Ferris wheels were no fun
And you held onto me for life
When our eyes first met
--Did they call that electric signals?

No I don't believe in that.
I only believe...

to be put on a Ferris Wheel
with you.

A/N: And guess who inspired that?

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Best Friend - SMAP

The two lines that I still remember the meaning of, and my favourite lines, too. Coincidentally these parts were sung by my favourite member. (:

Even when we quarrel, I didn't mean it. (Kenka nanka shi demo boku wa honki janai yo)

Tonight, I'm going to leave a memo on the table saying "sorry" in small letters.
(Konya, TABLE ni MEMO oite, oku yo "gomenasai" te chiisaku kaku tsumori)

Best Friend, Best Friend, suteki na egao. (:
Ashita wa misete yo, boku no Best Friend.

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liang court wa saikou!!

haha yepp yesterday and today I went liang court's macdonald's to study. Went to get a letterpad yesterday and a rainbow pencil today. (: Cannot resist stationery. As quoted from yesterday: "We are just suckers for stationery."

Yes I love Liang Court. Because me and Eewei felt like we owned the whole of Macs while we were there since practically nobody was around! And of course, the two little childish friends always do silly things like: You pick this french fries then I pickt he shorter one. Okay you get the crust... Wheeeee (: And we made really baka but fun jokes.

And of course, with the presence of Kinokuniya and Meidi-ya around, I was more than overjoyed to be studying there.

Wahh and when I went to get a second pack of fries, this Japanese mum and CUTEEEEEE little boy were at the counter getting a drink! <3 "Taberu?" "Omoi?" Wahhh so kawaii~ Okay sorry I love kids.

Yesterday was super fun too, though I arrived home late. Keke we ate sushi in Macs, and that guy in Macs was very friendly towards us. If we could I wanna vote him as the best Macs helper in Singapore!! Not like the other one whom JY, VK and me were so scared of...

Me and Eewei had onigiri today (:

And oh my gosh can you believe this, we even had a PERSUASION encounter xDDDDDDDD ANNE ELLIOT AND CAPTAIN WENTWORTH!!! Okay it was stupid but we laughed. There was this foreign couple, with the old guy wearing a sailor captain outfit, all in white, and Eewei said, "Captain Wentworth!" Then I saw a female with him and said, "Anne Elliot!" Later on we were having onigiri and saw tem again. xDDDDDD

Wentworth parked his grand Laconia ship at Singapore river huhh!

JY, throw stones huh! xDD so funny~
VK, if you want to buy letterpad, I'm going Liang Court again tomorrow, so if you want you can pass me the money. (: (Gomen, I run short of cash!)

Maybe I wanna buy that pack of Kyoto candy tomorrow.. Taka price. >.<

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keii-chan = woof woof

that day me and Sky-chan were at Liang Court, there's always doraemon playing right? suddenly when we passed by the section, this little inu appears on screen with "woof woof". Then the first thing I said was...


so baka.

okay that was random. xDD
image stuck in mind after reading keii-chan's message.

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another winkup photo haha~
I made it into a banner for my signature at Abaka. (:
I think he doesn't look TOO arrogant this time. He's pretty cute. And peaceful. (For the blog banner picture.) I hope he gets back to being yasashii-looking soon...

And I feel very horrible to know that I felt jealous to see another Yamapi fan in the store! No no I should share the Tomohisa love!

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...so lonely.

...is that what comes with being an only child?

I wish tomorrow I could take another little trip to Liang Court. But I know I can't afford the time. It just feels so safe and carefree meandering down the rows and rows of snacks and daily necessities in Meidiya. And the magazine browsing in Kinokuniya.

And the other thing is... I so want to write snail mails that aren't too long or too short. Penpals! And I want to get myself a new letter pad. A new pen. Actually, bring me anywhere near places not invaded by lots and lots of teenagers and I'll feel so comfortable.

Yes, this stupid sense of loneliness comes over again in the weekend. I don't know how I can survive all the workload. After promos, PW. And I already dread promos.

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Best Friend - Kiroro

I was watching Shin Domoto Kyoudai Live, when I came across this song. I found the lyrics + translation from AnimeLyrics.com. And... like any other song about best friends, it reminds me of the near 7 years I've spent with my cutest, dearest tomodachi, Eewei. (:

Best Friend - Kiroro
I don't have to worry anymore, cause you will be by my side when I cry
You always smile at me
I am blessed because you always shine before me
Things that we have missed hastily at time, that's the way it is
Faces that always being looked at
Forever hugging each other
Your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend

These plenty happiness that I felt at this moment
All the friends that I have here, you the best present
I am blessed because you always be by our side
Surely things that I have accomplished here, those things too give me strength
Faces that always being looked at
Forever hugging each other
All of your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend

Things that we have missed hastily at time, that's the way it is
Faces that always being looked at
Forever hugging each other
Your smile has helped me endless time, you know
Thank you thank you Best Friend

Always always always my Best Friend

-Translation from AnimeLyrics.com

...and you're listening to it now.

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baka, baka, baka!


What is baka little ouji trying to do with those boxes??
Domoto Koichi wahaha! Kawaii na~
From Wink Up October 2005 issue, my second ever Japanese mag bought. (:

Listening to: Private Hearts - K.K.K.

Hmm. Is that how Kusano's voice sounded in the past? If everything remained the same (as in who sang what portions) then that should be Kusano. Is his voice that HIGH?!

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