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I am in love with MOW ice cream. I am so in love with it. Oh my gosh I jumped at the price of it but in the end it was super duper nice!! But my mum took the other vanilla one. And now I'm only left with one choco one. :( *depressed* *vows to buy back more* *sigh*


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arigatou. (:


Thank you for being there for me when I was down. When I had so much to rant. Sorry that you had to listen to my non-stop complaints the whole time!! Our 6 years and still counting friendship is the most most most precious one to me. I won't forget all our little promises. All our little trips. All our slacking when we were supposed to jiayou and study!

We've been on Shinkansen for the whole of this year, zooming through JC life. You held on to my hand and refused to let me fly out the window. We pushed through mid-years together. We even watched NEWS and KAT-TUN together, even though you didn't like them. You commended Tego-chan! We discovered your room. We had so much to play, so much to share.

Thank you so much.
If I marry first, you'll be my bridesmaid. If you marry first, I'll be your bridesmaid. (:
Yakusoku yo.

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The Bus Ride

It was just any ordinary Friday. So ordinary, but I realised something that I've never realised before. That I was cold. She told me she had bumped into several schoolmates at the mall. I didn't expect to meet one on the bus.

I saw her, my impression stayed still, of her being tall, cold, arrogant and so we smiled at each other, and then no more. My back was to her; I felt an awkward tension. She was my basketball classmate, an enthusiastic player, very opposite me. She ran forward, I ran backward.

Not long after we saw a free space. And she took a seat beside me. We fiddled and played with our phones, not speaking, not looking at each other, not attempting at some kind of communication. My impression of her still stayed.

Where was she heading? Was she going to Bugis Junction too? Was she going home? What did she think of me? Was I quiet in front of her? Should I talk to her? If so, WHAT exactly should I talk to her about? I utterly could not answer these questions -- not without speaking to her.

We arrived at her destination.

"Bye bye."

I turned to her in surprise. She smiled at me. She said goodbye to me. And all I replied her was a TINY smile and a TINY wave of my hand. She had said goodbye to me like I was a good friend of hers. It was only then that I realised my coldness. It was not her who was cold -- it was me. Something that once again taught me not to judge from appearances. Something ironic that had me ponder on it for a very long time.

And I shall not forget that sweet, sweet, genuine smile, which warmed my day up.

The bus rode on.

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ima gakkou desu~

Keke am using th computer in school again. =P Mrs Gan didn't come today. The only lesson that I would probably look forward to!

I'm still considering if I'm coming to school tomorrow. It's the teacher's day celebration which ends at 10:30am tomorrow, and I live so near, but imagine if I don't go tomorrow, I can stay up late and wake up late tomorrow!!

Jiaying is right beside me! XD And she says she loves Donald a lot and wants Donald to stalk her!!
JY: jiAying loves DOnald: )

Surprisingly, until now, I haven't taken a photo with my camera. I just changed the battery today~ (Ehh I am so crappy today! I even have to tell that I changed battery for my cam. ) Hmm well I can't think of any moments where I might take a photo. Wheeee (: Photo-less entries today!

I'm reading Persuasion with Eewei again later after school. Hmm I was reading it just now in the Discussion Room, and I realised the library is a WONDERFUL place for me to read up on my Literature books. I won't fall asleep, and I can understand what Shakespeare and Jane Austen are saying!

I think NATSU is ending soon, next month? Uwaa~ I have a wedding to go to this coming Monday! Kita kitai! It's my cousin Sunny's wedding. I'm thinking if I really should wear my yukata there because ehhh I'd be attracting a lot of attention. ^^; But then I bought the yukata already, of course I should wear it right? Yes I will wear it. I'm still worried that the obi will untie itself!!!

I feel baka again. Because I was listening to K's Taisetsu Na Hito, and I understood quite a bit wahaha =P

Heehee JY finally could link me. (:

Eyyyy VK didn't come to school today! Can't stalk her haha. Shall stalk JY instead!

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I'm home! And I have a lot of photos to post today... But before I post them, I have to say... Please stop me from jpopsuki. I need an utter break!! So does my computer. So does the electricity bill. It's not helping that Keii-chan, Tego-chan, Hiro nii-chan, Shige-chan, Massu-chan are constantly in Ya-ya-yah shows!! I mean, it's a good thing, more stuff to watch, but at the same time, I really can't keep up anymore. I haven't watched KAT-TUN X3 from the day I said I was going to watch. I haven't completed Tsubasa CHronicle. And the whole pile of YYY shows, two episodes of Utaban, Gakibara All Stars, Gakkou E Ikou, two recordings of Keii-chan's radio show, I don't know what else! Japan Walker.

Spare me!!

I've been listening to Rag Fair recently. Not bad haha. And also Kizuna by ORANGE RANGE. (:

Photo time! I went alone to Bugis Junction alone to collect my photos from the yukata shop. I think there were quite a few photos spoilt because when she took my photos, the battery was running out lolll. Demo there were still three saved!

Again, going out alone wasn't so bad. It made me think a lot again, which is both a nice and troubling thing. And when I am alone, I am free to stop or run, to not have to attempt at conversation if I'm tired.

Have I been posting too many photos by the way? I am not as wordy as before. ^^;


Hahaaa this was taken yesterday while I was at Eewei's house. Very pretty clouds!


And this is what I wrote in my notebook. (Which is now discarded. *sigh*)


Kawaii desho?? This photo was from Straints Times! Some penguin article I guess. Jiawen was reading it...


And when I went to collect photos, I bought this coin pouch too! <3 I love it!! And pink again.. *double sigh* ||| I'm bringing it to school! I saw a lucky box keychain but it costed $19.90 and I got a heartattack when I saw the pricetag. Oh and I passed by Kinokuniya, so I went in to take a brief look at the magazines section. Ehhh luckily VK hasn't reutrned me the money, or I'd be tempted to buy Myojo. *triple sigh!*


Tegoshi desu! Lolll. This is one of the photos taken by the shopkeeper!


Wheee (: Another photo!


Last one from the shop! Ahhh my yukata sleeve wasn't placed properly. Makes me look weird haha. XD

And the following are ourtesy of VK's super camera!!! wahaha.


The clogs that the ladies lent me to wear for photo0taking haha! I couldn't get into those clogs without help. >.< But they were fun to walk into. And I gained height haha!!


Helping me with my yukata. (:


I was looking in the mirror! I'm guessing the lady behind was either saying 'you can balance on the tip of the clogs' or 'we'll lend you a pair of clogs for the photos'.



Thanks VK for the photos!
Okay I shall go do some work heehee.
For once I actually did Econs in advance, althoug I left the last two questions blank...

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coffee, fly and fly.

...yes I know, HOW CAN COFFEE FLY? well, when the can of mocha spills over, it can. And my new notebook got coffee stains all over such that I really had to dispose it! *heartache* Was studying at Eewei's house just now... Have nice nice photos of clouds hehehe... But not posting now. I have to finish that stupid play review. I just washed my pencilcase (which got coffee stains too).

if now we are filled with happiness
I want to be by your side forever.
I don't need anything else other than this feeling.
Because you're the most important one to me.

Hmm very short entry. I was reading Persuasion aloud to myself. I imagine the people passing me by must've thought I was a psycho. After all, I am an IMH graduate wahahaha. jkjk. I'm only on chapter 3. In 3 hours? That's not good enough.

I'm going to collect my photos tomorrow. I wonder if Bugis is close enough to Orchard? So I can go to the library if I'm meeting Eewei at Orchard Library? If not I'm just going to find somewhere in Bugis to sit down and read my book. *sigh* Oh welllll. eh collecting photos myself is a bit paisehhhh. I don't know why i have to be paiseh! And I really have to stop my slouching if I want to carry the yukata well enough...

Okay okay! Shall do my lit now.

edit: and as a second thought, people who don't study for their quizzes + tests should just live with the fact that they can fail all they want and NOT come to us for the answers. we don't owe anyone something like that. fullstop. -.-"
It's not nice to feel used.

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Listening to: Tegami no Chikara - Rag Fair

I went shopping alone at Liang Court yesterday. Hey, and I realised shopping alone isn't so bad after all. I went walking round Meidiya looking for snacks, and I went through almost the whole row of Meiji bears. (Well there weren't actually a lot there.) And then! On the second box, I caught 21st July and I took it immediately. Because that's Kinki Kids' anniversary day~ I also got a box of biscuit sticks that can be dipped into cream. Hmm you know those childhood snacks. And this packet of sweets caught my eyes. Because I can't read katagana (hmm or is it katakana?!!) very well, so I named the sweets myself. =P Hanabi (fireworks) sweets XD I think they have this soda thing inside the sweets so after you put it in your mouth for a white, there's this hanabi effect inside. No wonder they had hanabi on the packaging. And baka me just stood there trying to read the flavours of the sweets!! I could only make out "Melon" and "Ichigo". keke. Melon one is oishii~ The blue one is cho cho cho special! They have some patterned stuff inside ne~

I went up to Kinokuniya later, and saw Myojo... But no $$$ to buy! It's a good thing to come out alone too, because there's no temptation to get things over one's budget.

...and the reason I went out to shop alone was because I actually felt kind of troubled. It's the first time ever that I felt this kind of mixture of feelings of being touched and afraid at the same time. I didn't know the two feelings could exist together. It wasn't the thing about the spirits that terrified me. It's the haunting question about religion. Maybe I should think twice next time about something like this if I'm so easily affected. And it was quite embarrassing that while the lights were dimmed and they all had bowed heads and closed eyes, I was trying very hard not to let my tears fall. :( I didn't understand why I was crying. Maybe it was that mixture of feelings again?

I was hungry so I went to breaktalk with Peisi before we boarded different trains. (: Kekeke I still have some cheese cake in the fridge~ Shall eat it later.

Going to Eewei's house to chiong PERSUASION later!!!

And my camera is always with me nowadays. At the rate I'm posting photos, I think my 1gb space will run faster than it should.


The ail on the sort of bridge-like pavement I was walking on. (: I took another angle of it when I was walking towards Liang Court, but this one is the one I took while walking back to the MRT station...


Rainbow building! I love to look at this building everytime I go to Liang Court. Makes me feel happy because of the colours~


Lamp lamp!! I am crazy haha. XD


When I was walking towards Liang Court...


...and when I was giong home. (:

And *cough* lastly...

I AM SO BU SHUANG WITH MYSELF! -____-" If you notice carefully, I DIDN'T TIP THE COLLAR ENOUGH, that's why it looks odd!! And I am so unexpressive in front of the camera when my dad is taking the photo for me lollllll.

That's all for today's post wahaha.
So many photos again. ^^;

ag: the yuakta set costed $255 after student discount.. T_T takaiiiiiiiiii~ They have $128 ones but they aren't as nice though... They also have $228 special with the strings, obi and pouch, but that was the last one and I didn't like the pattern..

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yukata! (:

Yes yes I finally got my yukata, but at a price that I thought I would not have wanted to pay. At Parco Bugis Junction, The Edge. And the lady at the shop took photos for me and VK! And we did one 'Tegoshi desu' action... ehh it's become a common thing for me to do if I don't have anymore poses. XD Want to see VK in her own yukata next time too... VK jiayou!! Save up money!! Ehh I didn't take photos with my camera of me wearing; I only took the costume. Because... it's kind of paiseh to wear just to POSE for photos in front of okaa-san!


Keke kirei desho?? (I know I know, PINK again. My obsession with pink lately.) We saw another yukata that had white sakura patterns on it and I nearly got that one instead. And I was hesitating whether to look through the range on the table inside. But luckily I did... There were some with really nice patterns like dragonflies, but I didn't like the yukata colour..


Keke, I think okaa-san bought toothpaste and the set came with this free Snoopy cup! LINUS AND SNOOPY ON IT!! MY TWO FAVOURITES IN PEANUTS!!! Yes, and the reason I like Linus is because... HE IS JUST SO COOL. WAHAHA. And plus, he carries a security blanket around!! I love that. Because I have a security pillowcase. =P

Last night when I was trying on my own the yukata again, arghhh, the obi fell out a while later. Imagine if that were to happen in public! Must tie my obi tighter... And the tipped collar didn't go very well too. Must practise!!

Going for the spook talk later... So tired... Should not have agreed on impulse because ... I didn't know term 3 was so stressful. More so when the PW teacher starts telling you when is the PW oral presentation rehearsals and all. Well honestly... What does she teach in our PW class anyway? Are we supposed to be all-knowing about what is expected? NO. We are not in Perfect Competition. (Eyyyy gomen! Economics again. )

VK, thanks so much for yesterday!! Wahhh I enjoyed the day.. ^__^ *big hug* Love you!

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shashin desu~

Eeek I just realised that I wasted a whole afternoon away, doing NOTHING. And temporarily my computer can read Japanese. But I can't input anything. X_X
3rd post of the day. (:

Anyway, these are the new photos...


This was taken yesterday evening. The orenji sky! Sora wa kirei desho?


Haha! Photographer = Waiyan. Jiawen was resting on her bag and I just leaned onto her... Wheee (: The two sleepyheads in class!


PEST!!! Haha this big big pesty bully is also lovable...at times! XD Ehh is that a soccer wound or what? Yarhhh! Goalkeeper! And who is very proud of her blood type!


Pretty colours and a water bottle. (: We were in Lit room then. They have this kiddy coverings round the stage lolll.


It's funny how my camera frequently focuses on what I don't want to focus. And doesn't focus on what I want to focus, of course. That's Jiawen's bag. XD


I was bored, and peeked through the gap in the stage. And guess what I found. Massu will be so upset!

I was hoping that the cd-r would load today. But it just wouldn't. Yea so I'm guessing I've lost my photos permanently. *sigh*

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listening to: Solitude ~Shijitsu no Sayonara~ - Kinki Kids
The last message, I love you.

I'm alone at home now.

Was thinking of going to Liang Court but nobody seems to be free. Then I thought about going on my own since I already know the way. But that feels so lonely. And I am lazy. =X Anyway, what can I buy there with $50?!

The road home alone always makes me think too much. It's been months -- ample time for everyone to mingle around and form into pairs. I am on pretty good terms with everyone, but if you ask me who in class I'm extremely close to, I don't know what to answer. It's the question of pairs, not groups. Even within the group I usually stick to; it is usually they two if we were forced into pairs. And just watching everyone know they have someone to hang on to in class makes me feel lonely.

And definitely going to Liang Court alone today would only intensify those feelings.

Gee. Why do I talk only about ME, ME, and just more ME? Do I actually sound very self-centered?

I'm supposed to attend a spook talk with Fidelia tomorrow, but if I were to tell the truth, all of a sudden I don't want to go. But I still am going. It's not about the money -- it's about the responsibility that I've promised her. I've been really tired recently, I couldn't believe that while I was typing last night, my eyes were closing. It was a very horrible feeling to struggle to keep awake. And on several nights/mornings, I wonder if I had brushed my teeth.

Tell me, if I'm already succumbing to the horrible treatment of JC Year One life, how am I surviving Year Two?

It's times like these when I need someone to embrace me, but there's no one there.

Ehhh I bring my camera to school every day now. I take random silly pictures of anything around me. And today was no exception.

anyway am going to do something now. :P shall post the pictures later~

added at: 3:02pm
*imitates nii-chan aka Kusano* cho ureshii yo~
Yes yes I was pretty gloomy just now that I had to face a dull hectic weekend ahead, but now I'm pretty alright! And you know why? Because my second attempt at onigiri succeeded!!!!!!!!!! I know, I know, I can't even do such a simple thing as making onigiri. ^^ So you know my future partner has to know how to cook... Kekeke but then... I've just found a way to cheer myself up. If I ever feel gloomy and lonely again, the kitchen is a nice outlet for making simple little dishes. Wahhh~ That sense of accomplishment that I have not experienced ever since Home Econs ended in Secondary 2!

Wanna try toast + butter + that packet of toppings I used for my onigiri next time heehee. Wonder what I can experiment with mayonnaise??

I the rice cooker!

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gakkou desu~ keke (:

Haha am in school XD
Hmm cho ureshii~ Finally got a chance in MONTHS to access the computer here. -___-" (And hey at least the school computer can read nihon-go. (: gahhh someone save my computer!!

i saw things yesterday!! I was looking for VK, then I saw "her" putting down her bag somewhere before/after Margeret. And then when I walked up to her there was nothing wrong, I assume she was still there; I had no recollection of what happened, but I gave her the box of tidbits. Ehh~ Like I was half-sleeping. Then when I looked up it was Sian Boon instead! It was funny yesterday morning, now it's not. I don't know if I'm too tired.

You obviously should know how exposed blogging in the library is.

Yeaaa but like FINALLY?? Finally you can see the japanese characters on the screen?? My computer is outdated. Gahhh. Maybe we should upgrade it soon.

Nippon wa kitai. Umi wa kitai. Natsu matsuri wa kitai!!!

Wheeee (:
It's Friday. Isn't that GREAT. Yea right.
I think I'm going to be busy this weekend again. And I'm starting Econs in 15minutes without having done my DRQ. Starting History after econs and I haven't done my tutorial.

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it's time to recap how to treat a rude/noisy kid

gahhh. HE is making a lot of noise again. I still remember there was once when he actually screamed and shouted while I was having an afternoon nap, and... My temper is HORRIBLE when I wake up in the morning/from an afternoon nap. Afternoon naps especially. (I've been a bit better in the mornings now.) And I was awoken by him, until I actually shouted that it was noisy. It totally ruined my day!!

Hmm anyway I brought my camera to school again.

Poor water bottle. ) Abandoned on the steps of the grandstand. It stood out very significantly there~~ No companion!


Yup, and this is Abloissant (well I hope it the correct spelling!). I spent months thinking it was 'Amazon'. -__-"


Our parade square which has never been used to assemble us. Well, isn't the school just so rich... We ARE supposed to assemble there, you know. Why isn't the school using it?


Mickey da yo! This is a part of the Mickey + Minnie file Waiyan gave me heehee. (: Naisu~~ Was outside the library when I took this.


Wahaha otou-san bought this home!! Doraemon desu~~ I put my precious markers and colour pencils inside heehee. Speaking of colour pencils I finally drew something again today...

And then the following are the photos taken yesterday. (:

**Click to enlarge. (: version is smaller than JY's. Because somehow I couldn't upload JY's version... Scan credited to Jiaying!!!


Our library. Where I usually hang out~~ Ehhh I manipulated the photo. XD


After JY and VK finished their tangyuan, I took a photo of these HUGE posters of bone marrow donation in Chinatown...


Auntie dunno how to SIAM! Haha XD Looks like she was with us lolll. Photographer = my dad. From JY's camera lol.


I think me and JY were laughing at someone who walked past us while we took that photo XD


VK and her adorable smile! (:


JY and her funny face! hahahha GP teacher imitation! :P


Buildings!! Utsukushii~~~~~~~~

I've got a few more photos of the streets... Ahhh but I'm running out of time. I need to do my lit homework NOW. Kept the bigger resolutions in my computer. (:

It's pretty scary how impressions can change so much even after a few months. Some for the worse, some for the better. You just get used to the whole thing suddenly, of the atmosphere; it is not as horrible as before. Because you know them individually. Because some of them just share that common link with you. And I'm content. It's not as bad as I made it out to be.

Yea I'll do my homework now!!!

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kyou wa tanoshii desu~~

Our first outing together!! --> Me, VK and Jiaying. Although we didn't manage to find yukata, it was overall still a SAIKOU day~~

I want to write EVERYTHING down, demo as I watch the clock, I know I have to go have my shower soon... Heehee shall post photos next time. And also Jiaying's photos. XD Yayyy we even took Neoprints haha.. And VK finally got her Teppei photo!

We spent a great deal of time at the stationery section of Kinokuniya, and I believe this is the longest I ever stayed around that section! All the stationery was just super duper too KAWAII! <3 I bought soft rubber (which I've been looking for years. and seriously I was thinking about it today and taddaaaaa, there it is!), a letter set (cho kirei yo!) and two pens --> one for school use, the other for decorative purposes. Jiaying bought herself two files hahaha. And they were super duper kawaii too! Ahhh VK bought a rainbow-coloured pencil and a notebook to doodle in. (: yay-ness!

And of course now that we have enjoyed ourselves the whole day... It is back to schoolwork. It's going to be a really long day tomorrow, so minna, ganbare!!! Shall bring my new stationery to school, wheee. (:

Oh yes, and those super duper ultra extreme loveably horrifyingly beautiful earrings make me want to go pierce my ears! But apart from the pain, it's about my parents. They probably will say 'up to me' but then they'd say it in a way that'll make m feel so guilty. Should I? And okay, plus that spli-second pain... I am so prone to pain. >.< yowai! nd that cho cho cho cho cho kirei + utsukushii + any other word you can think up of as 'beautiful' BRACELET!! And that pair of Mickey slippers! I haven't exactly gone shopping through these areas for months and months already. Yes, I am targetting new slippers to wear. My old slippers are now very prone to killing the life of Shiroko.

Ya! So jiayou everyone~~

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15-sai no hana

Hmmm remember the pots of fake flowers that I arranged to look like Tegoshi's drama's (15-sai no BLUES) flowerpots?
In the darkness of my room I took two photos...
Click on them to see the larger version, or at the same time, you can visit my deviant gallery to see them too. (:


Title: oyasumi
Desc: Just before you close your eyes, look at the gentle flowers. (*blurred effect. closing eyes mah!)

Title: The fragile in a jungle
Desc: ...


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Massu, Kusano and Tegoshi singing Towairo no Koi!!
Wahh~~~~ My three favourite singers in NEWS together. (:

And I just realised I haven't moved my JE posts from my old blog to here. XD

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catch up if you can't hold on


to ag~~~~
hallo hallo! I shall reply your tag here okay? if you've read it, please reply so that i know. (: if not I'll put it in my next entry!

anyway, yes, Japanese festival! you know every year's summer they have natsu matsuri (summer festival)? Singapore's Japanese Association holds one every year, so the next one is around this time next year! (: if you get there early you get to rent yukata too.

I got the news from my classmate vk!
Hope to see you there next year!
By the way, you can find yukata in Chinatown!

Keke because I'm assuming you haven't read my reply.

grrr I need to cut my fringe! It's really irritating my eyes unless I pin it up. If not I have to get a hairband~~ Drinking Apple Tea.

Was looking through my old photos on the computer and I found this. XD

This is me when I was a small lil kiddie!
Ahh thought of putting up the kimono combat costume one~~ Demo my cd-r is damaged I think. Therefore in conclusion I've lost the photo. T_T hmm or maybe I can try loading the disc again next time.

I'm feeling kind of troubled. I think it's just me reflecting on what I have done for the day. Every single thing. I really do mean every single thing, down to staring at Vk and then commenting on Siti's curls. And then... I am starting to think if I have been doing the right thing.

I feel stressed too. Actually up till now perhaps I don't really feel it, but people around me say I feel it. So... How can others know whether I have stress or not but I don't know it myself? I've been pretty forgetful lately. I was frantically searching for my stupid tie-a-yellow-ribbon-round-angsana-trees form but I had no inkling that I had passed it up. Same with my chinese homework. And then.. Mrs Gan's homework. *sigh* I handed it in late because I forgot on a Monday. Then Mrs Gan said my face was pale today. She told me to eat a lot, and to pull through and survive throguh first year. Oh but she was really nice! She actually still accepted my assignment!

Anyway, so I don't know if I've been doing the rigt thing. Faith, you should know why I'm saying this. It's a sandwich thing. And you know it!!

The fact that I believe I'm not having any stress is actually worrying me. Am I slacking too much? Things are going so fast, I'm just flung out the window, my tiny hands holding onto the window rail for life. If I know I can land safely on a fluffy cloud if I let go, why aren't I letting go?

Yea in any case I shall go do my History homework now and figure out how to go about finishing up my Lit group assignment.

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XD I am addicted to this song! *points to post title*

I couldn't access the site at all yesterday, so here I am, posting the pictures which I had intended to post yesterday.


First of all, this is what I had yesterday. Chocolate + strawberry. At first it was really OISHII~~ But later on it turned out to be too sweet and I kind of have this phobia of eating strawberry in chocolate dipping now!


Heehee went for Natsu Matsuri last Saturday! I didn't get to wear yukata though, because I was pretty late. Demo otou-san is accompanying me to find yukata this wednesday! This photo was taken by my dad and now I seriously doubt his photography skills. XD Okay I shalln't be so bad...


When we were gong to leave! Well but it was a bit too far away to capture the splendor of the crowd dancing... Oh yes and I forgot to mention that we were queuing up for corn, and then oh my gosh! THEY PLAYED TEPPEN!!!!!!!! Along with Biroodo no Yami and Sakura Sake!! I nearly screamed out but of course, without a fan beside me, I won't scream... Awwww but Tammy said they cut out Pi's portion. -__-" And their song cutting was horrible. The way they cut made me thought that there were technical difficulties...


Me and Amanda playing with our balloon yo-yos haha XD We felt like little children squatting beside the japanese kids trying to hook up a balloon but the balloons kept floating away and we actually asked the balloon not to float away lolll. I got a red one, and coincidentally, my cousin did too! I wanted a white one, and you know why. Next year I shall hook a white and a pink one!


A close up of my balloon yo-yo! Me and my cousin kept swinging it round, bouncing it and then tangling the rubber bands up!


I got this at Meidiya on Friday. (:
Kirei desho??


Yesh, another photograph by me~~~~ This is the paper miniature sitting next to my Yamapi poster. Nice angle~~ Wheee~~ You can see the larger photo of it at my deviantart account.

Pest came over just now, and we ended up talking so much, we didn't do our homework!! Well I am used to this situation when I am with Sky. ^^;

...i just forgot what i really wanted to blog today.
But anyway I better go do my homwork ya?

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i learnt my lesson >.<

...to not be rash again. Maybe that was a good spend. It prevents me from ever being tempted again. And it was a lesson learnt. Sometimes I feel like I think and worry too much for my own good. hmm yea. But I feel guilty. And certainly please do not ask me what is it.

Went to watch Dim Sum Dollies with Jiawen and Waiyan! It was extremely entertaining, although, yea... you know, propaganda. ^^; Never mind about that. But hey I was laughing really vigorously during the coffeeshop aunties segment because it related to what just happened in school today! "And we have to clean after the toilets because people just anyhow aim!" That was what they said right? Well, before Econs today, we went to the toilet -- Jiawen, Waiyan, Jiaying, Esther and me, and then I was in the cubicle while the cleaning auntie (an Indian woman) came in.

Indian auntie: *speaks in Tamil language* *goes out later when I just came out from the cubicle*
Joanne: ...
Someone: I think the auntie thought Joanne was an Indian so she spoke Tamil to her. XD
*the auntie comes back in. she starts retelling her whole story! I was washing my hands*
Me: I think she's trying to say that other people don't know how to aim, then pee all over the cubicle.
Someone: Huh? You mean you understand Tamil??!
Me: .. uhh no. it seems like mah.
*The auntie starts making hand signs while still speaking, pointing her hands here and there, and then using the toilet door as a prop, she says it is a toilet cubicle. Then she starts ummm putting her hands there and doing the action of the guys peeing while rotating her hips. XD*

Oh my gosh we were all laughing non-stop after that!!! You didn't see the sight of her complaining! HAHAHAHA. Imagine we couldn't understand her language but we knew exactly what she was talking about.

Anyway, tomorrow's the last day of Dim Sum Dollies. awww. And that was my first Esplanade trip, did you know? I loved the interior of the theatre.

I am very tired out today. Hopefully I can get to go for Natsu Matsuri tomorrow.. Went to Liang Court in the afternoon with my dad, mainly for Meidiya. And I finally found the snack that I've been missing for so many years!!! And hey, guys' yukatas are much mor eeasily available than the girls' one. Meidiya is selling guys yukata right... My dad bought me an uchiwa. $12.90. I love it!! It's a nice size to bring around and display too~~ Then we saw the windmill stick. But I guess it's too expensive to actually buy it. So maybe next time then. My dad nearly bought the male yukata. XD

Ehh then I got this box of satchets of Apple Tea from Meidiya too, even though it's not a product from Japan. There were so many to choose from!

My eyes feel like closing already. Yea shall go rest now.
Oyasumi. (:

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cheer up (:

Vk card

Anyway, well, I didn't manage to study for Chinese. And.. the thing was, I don't think any words came out from the section we were supposed to study. ^^; And I just discovered that the Chinese test somehow drove that head-poounding ache away -- or was it the panadol? In any case hurray.

Am going to Liang Court with otou-san this Friday, umm okay which is tomorrow, then I guess I can ave some early dinner with him before I go off to City Hall to meet Waiyan and Jiawen to see Dim Sum Dollies for our Lit assignment.

I'm stuck with Lit homework for the rest of the week. Wow. Another week just flew by. That was fast. I'm going to be cho busy this weekend, AGAIN.

Hmm after Chinese test I accompanied Faith to the washroom, and my guitar pick necklace + Kame's ketai accessory was out. She said I looked... hmm how did I look? Then she said I suddenly changed my appearance. XD From my nerdy bag to a tote bag, then my big black shoes to sneakers, and my hair. And now my necklace. But I haven't changed inside. I wonder what kind of impression I give to others? Do I still look guai and studious? What do I want to be like?

Sometimes it's scary how I've taken a notice to how I look. Maybe it's just a growing up thing. You know I grow up late.

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that pounding in my head

Lies and Truth - L'arc~En~Ciel
Fan Choy~~
Atttempting to study Chinese. -___-"

I have a Chinese test later. But I can't bring myself to study because I have a pouding headache in my head!! Well it's not a headache. Is it called migraine? In any case, I took two panadol tablets. The thought of me not studying for the test is making me guilty. The worst thing is I'm upset not for myself but upset that I feel like I'm letting the teacher down! What if everyone knows how to write the words and I don't? It's just that thing about keeping up with that "dilligent" image again. The feeling is so hard to break.

My CCA has this writing competition on now and then there's this $50 HMV voucher as the first price. Cho tempting. SUPER TEMPTING!! But.. I'm a member of the CCA so I can't participate!! Of course I can participate through other people, but... nah. Anyway thining through thoroughly, there aren't really any CDs I'm eyeing on now anyway. Okay maybe Janne Da Arc's but I only saw singles there. And K? No no no.

I always forget to blog about this:
I was reading Kelly's blog and came past the picture of Koki wearing livestrong bands. It reminded me that I used to wear a pink one which said 'dream'. I stopped wearing it after the second orientation. Somehow (I guess I was just superstitious) I felt like something bad happened to me to make me gloomy when I wore it. Weird. :S

Koki is on my ketai strap now. = P And along with my guitar pick on my necklace I hung Kame's ketai accessory too.

Hmm Mr Mao is our assistant CT now. He gave us some ray of "hope" that he would be a better CT. Actually I'm still pretty okay with Miss Victor, because we don't have much interaction during CT periods. They bombard us with sex talks, photo shoots, extra assembly and goodness knows what. And when I heard he misplaced Esther and Wai Yan's term paper, I just went...
"I guess he's like Miss Victor after all." XD
Yes!! He misplaced their term papers! At least the lucky thing is we still have it on our computers.

I'm having another headache. I really need a download vacation. I cannot take all the downloading anymore. It feels horrible. I'm sure Dragon Zakura has more than just 4 episodes now but they aren't subbed so I'm waiting for the subbed version. Meanwhile, JPOPSUKI came up with a lot of Ya-ya-yah shows, and you know Kusano, Tegoshi, Keii-chan, Shige and Massu are almost always in it right?! Do you know how much I have to clear off from my computer, even though I know I have pretty much enough space now? Worst still, somehow the subs aren't working for Ima, Ai ni Yukimasu. It's not helping when I have to burn two to three copies of each. Even WORSE, some avi files can't be played on my computer probably because mine is Pentium 3. So I have to convert the files to vcd format. And when I convert, it takes about 2 and a half hours for each. PLUS, it's not very nice to use one cd-r for the yyy shows each, since they are only 20 minutes long. I know, you can squeeze three into one. BUT, somehow my burner just can't put three into one!


Yea I guess I should really attempt to flip through my Chinese book now.

I just find it all the more horrible when we KNOW, but of all things, when we know, we just constantly cross paths. When you don't know, I don't see you that oft. What is wrong? Why need I be afraid anyway?!

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high, high and higher [2nd post]


My dad came home just now with these cute little containers! I took a photo from another clearer angle but somehow the pink box looking as though it is almost toppling off seems much more interesting for me. ^^;
I used one to contain my $1 stickers, another to put sweets so I can bring them to school. There's the green one left which I've not used. Am figuring out how I can use it!
I was cho happy when there was one white and one pink container in the packet! Shiroko + YamaPINK. XD

I'm supposed to do my revision for Chinese today and also my Literature essay. But I haven't. Oh no I haven't. I feel quite annoyed that an early day home, at 11:40am, is being wasted from waiting patiently for the computer. Gahhh. In the end I didn't write at all today! so sad. I've been leaving stuff hanging there.

I'm feeling very drowsy already. I don't tihnk I actually will have the energy to do what I plan to do today. Lazy Shi-chan! Okay instead of doing this here, I should go do my Lit essay now alright?

Jiaying, wahaha... NEWSNIPPON0304!!
Tomorrow ya? Wheeee (: Sorry for the long wait!

I have some flavouring stuff in the kitchen hidden in some corners, and only I am consuming them. Well, my parents should try them!! One is that kind of seasoning which I don't know the name of that you can put on top of onigiri. The other is my QP bottle of mayonnaise!! Mayo wa suki!!
I was pretty full up from having my noodles since my mum made quite a large serving for both my dad and I, and I was thinking, I can't eat anymore! And my dad had just finished his share, and he was sitting aside and watching me eat.
Me: I wonder how noodles will taste with mayo.
Dad: Try lo!
Me: Later I vomit?
Dad: Test first la.
Me: *goes off to get mayo* ...you can only taste the mayo and noodles separately.
Dad: That's bad. You're suppose to taste both together!
Me: And that packet of seasoning, I always to top it on my rice before dinner.
Dad: Hey why don't you try it with noodles?? It can go with noodles you know.
Me: *runs off to get it* Ya lo!

XD Me and him.

Yes, it is my mother's birthday today! Lol their birthdays are so close. My dad is older by three years, and by days, they are 5 days apart for their birthdays. (My dad's birthday was on the 12th!)
Hmm at the same time, Happy birhtday to my auntie too!! Well guess what? My aunt (Amanda's mum) and my mum are twins!! Yeaaaa twins rule! I don't know how many times i mentioned they are twins already. XD

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i'm home early!

Dolls - Janne Da Arc
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle [5]
Mayonnaise + fish snack

Wheeeee (: I came home early today. Walked home with Alex and Eewei. (side note: Alex is narcissistic wahahaha!!!) Did you know, that three of us being such introverts, and me always not knowing what to say when three people are in a group and I know both but the other two don't know each other, conversation is like, so strained?

I didn't get caught! But the security guard caught Alex and Eewei instead lollll. they managed to come out later. (: Maybe because my nanny (Waiyan! XD) was with me so nobody dared to bully me.

Just received an sms from Pest... There's a pervert in our school?!! He was secretly filming girls changing! Pest says he's someone who works in the school. They caught him red-handed and informed the police~

Koike Teppei

Kekeke vk I shalln't tempt you with Teppei's photo again! This is for you. (:

Ahhh I haven't posted the photos me and Sky took at the beach and the photos me and Eewei took while we were studying! >.<

I just forgot what I wanted to blog about. ^^;

Shall make another JE post hahaha~

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vk, this is for you!

Gekkouka - Janne Da Arc
vk, this is for you. (:
Not sure if you'd be interested in this. My first ever favourite j-rock band. My first ever favourite j-rock song. Wanted to send this to you yesterday but I realised I was disconnected and then you went offline!!

vk!! *points to our outing promise list XD*
-go look at yukatas
-*cough* what were we talking about on national day?


Yasu from Janne Da Arc!! My favourite J-rock band so far. (: kekeke.

Probably going to study with Sky tomorrow! Have to study for my History test. Well, I did all the required tasks I set for myself today.
1) My part for Written Report
2) Study for Econs test

Kelly is left-handed too! Click here to see who are the famous left-handers in Japan! (This excludes Tegoshi though. I dont' know why they don't know him!)
Hmm left-handers! Wheee (:
My class is full of left-handers. It goes to show that left-handers cannot do math.
In JE, the left-handers include: Ryohei (K8), Goro (SMAP), Nino (Arashi), Yamapi (NEWS), Shige (NEWS), Tegoshi (NEWS), Taichi (TOKIO), well who else?
Did you know? Shun and Hiroki (both in Stand Up! dorama) are also left-handers. You see? The hour main actors of the drama are left-handers. Also, Koike Teppei is left-handed. Haha.

I shall stop my left-hander obsession. Hmm demo did you know in several parts of the world, left-handers are looked down upon and there are old people who feel that using your left hand to write is rude. Yo. They are not the ones who have gone through the blisters-on-your-fingers-because-scissors-were-made-for-right-handers experience.

Okay okay. Shall stop ranting!

And yes, JIAYING, here's your big name!! XD

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Princess 1

Princess 2

Princess 3

wahaha I'm acting as the queen for our History Project! Comparing us with the other group that's doing poem presentation, I think our group is better already. But gomennnn to my group members! I know I did a horrible job with the poem because it sounded like prose narration instead. (Yes and now whenever I say 'gomen' I think of Junno. Yahhh he and his lame jokes!)

Uwa~ I act cute too much in those photos! >.< If you say I'm acting as one of the princesses I think people will believe, but the queen...

Am touched! Sky-chan actually found the Meiji teddy with my birthday on it! Uwaaaa hontou ni arigatou!! (kekeke a blue colour heart for you since you like the colour so much~

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Meiji Teddy (:

Meiji Teddy

Heehee I love this photo, so I decided to post it here too! Jiaying's Meiji Choco + Teddy gift!! kekeke~ Hmm she's planning to collect the teddies ne...

Ahhh I'm supposed to do PW. Yes. Me am here slacking again! I finally can change the stuff in the menu area. *points to the right* Yokatta~

And I really can't stop singing to TEPPEN!!!!

Aileen hasn't sent me her survey results stuff yet, because.. well, Miss Victor did promise us to pass us the file so that we could finish up our WR andgive it to her tomorrow, but we haven't gotten the file yet! Terrible~

I haven't been writing lately either. Oh well. And I'm still not writing my dream out today!! That one I had of Kinki Kids + Shingo. XD It was actually quite funny...

So basically today I shall go finish up the WR and then watch the Econs video and make notes for it for Wednesday's test! Ganbare yo!!!

UWA! Waiyan saw that snack I've been missing for a few years at Meidiya~ And Isetan. Oh my gosh I miss it. When I have time I sohuld really take a trip there to get it! And MOW.

I feel very worried this week. But generally I worry too much. ^^; It's always about tests and homework.. WHY

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i am such a baka sometimes ^^;

I tried to figure out the blog thing the whole day and... it boiled down to that I found out HOW to edit the stuff. I can be such a baka at times. So now I can change my layout eh? I'll leave that for next time.

I was panicking about PW just now! Horrible panicking. Horrible horrible. I have to finish it by tomorrow and then study econs as well!!

But for now...

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*yawn* I am cho cho cho tired! I just moved quite a few things here. At the same time, it allowed me to read back and laugh at what I have written in the past. I guess I'm moving my blog here. But I'll miss my old blog a lot. Well, I'm still going to keep the other blog because it contains all my precious memories.

And I am stil trying to figure out exactly how to get everything working around here!!

I should get started on doing my WR. I've spent too much time trying to do up this blog. I can't seem to upload songs. I've only been able to upload pictures so far... But 大丈夫! I will get this one day.

I feel so so so tired. Three tests up next week and also our WR. I am not making it.

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i need that break alone :(

<-- haha kawaii~ looks like that Teppen handsign!

I am pretty much more attached to my main blog. Because I spent two years with it already. Yet I really like the functions of this server! Plus.. Japanese.. You know I'm biased. So now I'm torn between the two. Which should I actually use?

Anyway, I think I need some time alone again. But at the same time when I'm alone I feel lost. Yep. This is what happens to me every Sunday without fail. Especially at night when I just lay there, unable to fall asleep, a lot of thoughts running through my mind.

I'm supposed to do my work but I'm blogging here.

Maybe it's because of the emoticons that Japanese blogs have that I'm so attracted to this! SAVE ME.

Umi wa kitai.

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new blog!

Ehh uso! I actually managed to sign up for a new blog here! Previously I failed to, but all of a sudden I could read the Japanese characters on the screen. I tried yaplog's, but it didn't work because my computer could read Japanese I think.

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Yamapi Sand Writing

My sand-writing of Yamapi's name on the beach on that outing with Sky-chan! I never rubbed it away. But I guess some little kid has trample over it lol!
Sky-chan rubbed hers off though~

Sketch of Pi

Andmy little sketch of Yamapi! In his Dragon Sakura hair.

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