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Harmony of December;


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Domoto Tsuyoshi.
Darn. I miss his songs and variety show. Which are both inadvisable to do so, because:

1) His variety shows will suck all the time out of studying.

2) It is even more inadvisable to listen to his songs days before the exam because you might have the tendency to jump down the building. (Hmm okay that kind of amused me. )

うわぁぁぁぁぁぁぁぁ~! 可愛い!
After 21st November I can fangirl again ね!

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he promised me back snow cherries from france;



Vanessa, for you: つよちゃんの写真!(click). (:

Super adorable. (: Actually to tell the truth, the magazine is not overwhelmingly fantastic this time (the fact that it's on discount shows hahhh) but since it had a 30% discount on it, so I bought it. (: (Speaking of which hey, Liang Court's Potato, Wink Up, Duet July issues are having discounts at the row of magazines, only $9+! :D Yay lucky scoop today! Bought on impulse, the aftermath of which was guilt because I and Vanessa stayed there to flip magazines for so long.

It sounds exaggerating but it was...liberating. xD Got to see my favourites again ! Although it's pretty outdated. And Pi doesn't have the shy leaer look anymore, which I really miss. Hey, if you ever see Okada's pinup on my wall, it's only because of the yukata. x)

Lots of 日本人 reading 漫画 at Kinokuniya today, so I guess manga comes in on a Saturday.

We saw the random-est set of people today at MacDonald's. The baby who hit his head against the table without the parents knowing (and which baby-entertainer Vanessa saved), a boy who looked like Wentz, an European with punk hair, a lady with a pretty dress, a touchy couple, the most hardworking MacDonald's worker, a fierce-looking MacDonalds manager, uncouth Singaporean ah bengs, and right across me, a girl with an Abercrombie jacket. (:

Oh and yesterday at school, Shuting had a study session together, and we had fun picking out animal biscuits. xD Shuting has an adorable papa!

Shucks. Still thinking of Origami. Shall get it tomorrow !

Please give me a good Johnny's dream tonight, which I haven't had in months. (: I don't want anymore of Shingo getting into hospital, or Koichi with something bad happening, and most of all, not Tsuyoshi sitting in the same bathtub eating sushi foaming with bathwater !


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Natsu Moyou


夏模様 (natsu moyou) - KinKi Kids

WOW. I love this. (: Haven't been following up on JE for very long, and am glad they put a smile on my face. :D TSUYO'S HAIR ROCKS !

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the rainbow star;


I chanced upon this today. So weird, but so TSUYO. And he's still with that suit, can you believe it? (x My first time listening to this song. I still love that EDWIN symbol that was flying around. (Is it called EDWIN even? But that triangle anyway.)

This guy is unbelievable.

How come he doesn't produce anymore clothes? ^^;

ps: i'll reply everyone tomorrow yo !

edited on monday morning: I replied minna HERE. :D

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Pain - NEWS

Walking alone on the street
The cold of winter pricks the skin.
Walking against the crowd
I think of the times I spent with you.
The stain on my jacket
--that's what we quarreled over.
Even such a (painful) memory
Feels so warm to me now.
Just like the falling snow
My love for you keeps on growing
(a.k.a. snow piling up)
Tightly grasping those matching rings
It feels like you're still here.
Looking at you in the photo
I wonder what you're doing now.
You'll never come back,
Because you're in someone else's arms now.
The snow is falling
But we can't admire the scene together.
The days when we loved each other
Are not gone forever,
But they have become precious treasures.
If wishes could come true,
I won't say, "Give us another chance."
Let us go back to the time before we met
So that we wouldn't have to suffer so much pain.

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lucky lucky baby x)


WOW. My day was completed with the cutest, most colourful PV !
Veekay is my Kitto Daijoubu twin <3

Shopping was fun; haven't been doing that; bought a pretty pretty new dress !
ごめん, Vanessa, had to make you hear me rant all day x))
*pokes asshole's cheeks*

「きっと大丈夫」- 嵐

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This has got to be the cutest SMAP PV I've ever seen. x)
The sweetest grandpa and grandma love story !
The song is very touching :D
It's about the world we live in today that has become so full of destruction. :(

「Triangle」- SMAP

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fourth entry.


I didn't want to blog four entries in a day but this is darn amusing. x) They imitated KinKi Kids, Tokio and SMAP! There's something about their looks that make them look somewhat like the idols but yet not look like at the same time. Can't stop laughing. xD Since when was Tsuyo-chan looking taller than Ko-chan?! HAHA.

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everybody stand up x)


「言葉より大切なもの」 - 嵐

さぁ行こうOur life.

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ohaiyo (:

Listening to: People of the World - J-Friends

A few minutes before I set off for school!


His birthday falls on a Monday on the day before I usually do homework. (But yesterday I spent it crying over Nino's Drama SP xD and reading up on the Communist Manifesto.) GAHHH. But I'll make a belated drawing, 約束よ!

Keep on drawing.
Keep on singing.
Keep on bowling.

And most important, don't stop smiling. :)

Hold on. (:

Lastly, ありがとう。

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Happy birthday to YAMAPI!
The first person who got me into the whole of Johnny's Entertainment. I miss Ken-Ken days. Can't wait to watch Kurosagi!

I finished that drawing just 15 minutes into Pi's birthday

...and tomorrow is TSUYO-CHAN's BIRTHDAY!

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nicholas: Hey I had to reply your request here because you didn't leave an email address behind for me to reply. (: CLICK HERE. (It's Water Screen from KinKi Kids' H Album.) Sorry I only have the .wma version left in my PC. Enjoy. (: Thanks for dropping by!

I got this from Kelly's blog.

(Click on the link below. )

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Received a truckload (my new favourite word! ) of Keii-chan pictures from VICKY nee-chan! Yes I've been missing out so much. It's made my day. :D

And now I have to go back to studying my history notes.

I wanna put those pictures on my wall! I haven't been redecorating my room much; I want to do more...

"He's cute!"
"...You used to say I was cute."

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naniwa iroha bushi;


I miss this song!
Yes they should play this at 夏祭り instead! I remember NYP picked Teppen, Velvet no Yami, and Sakura Sake instead which didn't sound very natsu matsuri-ish. And they all didn't have a dance to it.

I missed doing the Naniwa Iroha Bushi dance! They should have fireworks at 夏祭り.

A whole truckload of letters to reply to. But I love them anyway.

I saw a Japanese girl wearing a face mask because she was having a cough, that day at Liang Court. I guess we Singaporeans really aren't considerate enough.

べんきょう ファイト!

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Found this on YouTube. x)
The title was Monster Kitagawa: Johnny's Hitting Me. Amusing choice of song lol.

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babyface ._.


Our group was suddenly talking about some physics rule/issue with fingers yesterday, and I came across this CM today! HAHA. HI-CHEW green apple CM.

He just can't stop going on about "あなたの事が好きだから"!

I've got a lot of photos to share but ...


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Original Colour;

Listening to: Original Colour - Domoto Tsuyoshi

Should call him ENDLICHERI☆ENDLICHERI deshou? And I just found out that Endlicheri is a type of African fish. Tsuyo-chan wants to be an African fish? Haha. He and his love for fish !

Original Colour is a song I'd like to sit at home in the morning, alone, close my eyes and listen to. Something about the song made me feel happy. Somewhere among the whole album of moody songs, there seemed to be something comforting about how he sings:

The gentleness felt from the blueness of the sea
Can it bring me happiness?
You said you loved the colour green
The shirt that you wanted me to buy
Made the soft/gentle scene get
Added with vibrant colours in beauty
You see, we have used Original Colour.

It's not very accurate, because his songs are somewhat hard to comprehend most of the time, but I liked that part of the chorus. (:

And of course the second stanza where he sings:

The more I move forward, the more
My heart feels heavy
Although I've deliberately refrained from looking back
Trying to be strong
I still want to acknowldge that rush of emotions in my heart.

Gahhh. And, guess what I'm going to say? I relate to that.
(Yess you probably were expecting that. )

I hate it when things come in dribs and drabs.

How many entries have I devoted solely to Tsuyo-chan already?! Until Kelly added Tsuyoshi next to my name in her links HAHA. So now it's Pi x Koyama x Tsuyoshi - Sylvia x)

I remember this last year! I learnt the dance from start to end through this. (: Fantastipo hahaaa. I still listen to it at school. But I've never watched the movie. Tsuyoshi and Taichi! You should see how Nakai keeps standing up to laugh at them behind. x)

And of course, the whole of Jyannis. :D Although that person up there really knows how to earn money. BUT, wow, I haven't spent on them recently! Fandom approach has to change this year. So that I can save up enough money by the end of the year. Maybe... A year + of fandom has made me consider and think through more before I get something teehee.

...And just when I was so determined to save up money, Tsuyoshi attacks my poor wallet by releasing a single AND an album.

Lately I find that it gets kind of hard to express myself in front of others.


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Shoujiki Shindoi 1 Feb 2006

Listening to: Someiyoshino - Domoto Tsuyoshi


Eh. I get a bit... worried whenever I upload any JE photos/screencaps.

Anyway, Tsuyoshi had to do a batsu and pay for the yakiniku even if he didn't have any! (Last screepcap.) And because Chinatsu didn't want to give up on eating the yakiniku, she kept planning which time slots to rush back. Then Tsuyoshi said "aho" ! In the second screencap, Tsuyoshi gets an electric shock from the cable teehee. Speaking of the shocks, they kept letting "Sadako" (The Ring; Zhen Zi aka the girl who crawled out of the TV that made me uneasy in sleep for MONTHS gahhh) appear in front of the group! At least it wasn't really that alike to the "real" Sadako, or I'd just freak out and close the whole thing altogether.

Kekeke then there were the soldiers who came out and shouted "Sayonara!!" and captured Tsuyoshi.
Soldier: "You Koichi??"
Tsuyoshi: *stares at soldier*

And then the weather report station lady said "Domoto KOICHI-san is here!" And the other corrected her. x)

Oh and I haven't finish watching Shindoi Asa made SP. I fell asleep halfway at about 1 hour and 30 minutes. I still have 2 hours and 30 minutes to go. But Tsuyoshi sings at the later part of the video. :D


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Ignore the hair. It's his new single.

We couldn't understand each other.
Tone. Language. Knowledge. Superiority. Nobody wins in the battle.

*you can now turn off the blog's background music right below my phlogger. ^^;

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Missing You.


It feels like it's so long since I saw SMAP. I was looking through my CD-Rs and came across Clip! SMAP! and I rewatched it. Even though the PVs look low-budget.

Anyway, see that screencap! It's been so long since I last saw Nakai's cute smile!! It was fun to watch the PVs, for all those little actions they did.

Oh, and, Happy Chinese New Year. (:

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I think this is a video of Tsuyoshi some one compiled. Really cute! Tsuyoshi's EGAO (: Is the most infectious of all.

This is Nino VS Tsuyoshi! xD I was so amused by this during Sports Day. I was so so so bored with the baseball section but when I caught this scene, YAY-ness.

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an overdose of KinKi Kids.

ハイチュウ (HI-CHEW) in the morning, ダース (DARS) in the afternoon. Yesterday was a Morinaga brand products day x) But no matter what morinaga products you try, don't try the pudding, especially the one with the sun face on it.

Tsuyoshi in the morning, KinKi Kids in the afternoon! x) And I finished everything in one day... But after I saw the DARS CM I get very different impressions of the chocolate in each one of the CMs. My favourite is still the Valentine/Toilet Paper/Samui Na CM! xDD

Check out the HI-CHEW website here. It's super cute!
Click Here.

Ahh gomen, I had my share of youtube videos again so I'm throwing all these video links here.

This one was funny!
Tsuyoshi: You are DARS right? Why did you change this much?!! You-
Koichi: Madam, the problem of its change- *holds tsuyoshi back*
Tsuyoshi: Chotto, you!! WHY!!

Just because DARS had a new packaging HAHA!

this came from a whole series of couples breaking up ^^;
A bit sad. There feels like one really innocent Koichi in one apartment and the one opposite is in quite a bad state. And Tsuyoshi is in the middle watching all this. If I'm not wrong, Tsuyoshi says, "Love starts with one person...and love ends with one person."

I thought posting more than one of those Morinaga DARS chocolate series was too much, but when i watched the following, i immediately said "OH MY GOD" when I am usually silent. o__O

Hehehe one of my favourite portions during the 2005-2006 countdown. Tsuyoshi stealing Nagase's portion in singing and Koichi jumping on Nagase! x) And no matter what style Tsuyoshi wears, even if every year's countdown he paints something on his face and this year even on his neck, no matter how weird, it looks nice <3

Tsuyoshi is the only person who can carry any weird style of clothing/hairstyle!!

Except, why did he ever change back to his perm?!

That day I went out with Vanessa, soooo fuN! Let's go shop again na! Yakusoku :P

I still love my previous post ahaha. Shall go peek into my photos folder and see if I have any other nice photos to share!

Been quite busy recently. Now I have 5 essays to do. I finished two before and at the end of the week more come in! So, I guess I could only pick one drama to watch this season, and I chose N's Aoi, because I wanted to see how good Keii-chan's acting skills are. Ganbare (:

Vicky nee-chan, gomene! Haven't been on MSN recently..

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kinki kids forever x)

HAHA. I found this video on youtube. (had a sudden uge to go watch KK videos there. ^^; ) Seems like a long time since I fangirl-ed. o.O SCHOOL. :(

Tsuyoshi kept blabbing KANSAI-BEN!! xDDD And Koichi + Tsuyoshi rabu rabu HAHAAA.

And I have such a bad feeling that Tsuyoshi has reverted back to some curly hair... Or maybe the screencaps were too small. Let's wait till I get to watch Domoto Kyoudai! >_<

And Tsuyoshi with the ah-beng Prince xD:

Kyaaaah gomen so many video links! An old performance of KinKi Kids: (The highlight of te video for me was NOT KinKi Kids xD It's SMAP! I mean, why is SMAP dancing for them? haha so cute xD)

Ehhhh when I saw that video, I kept thinking, you can't imagine KinKi Kids used to have those songs, as compared to Anniversary, BVelvet no Yami, 99%Liberty, etc etc etc. Oh my gosh.

Mr. 金田一, how come you changed so much? Eh okay but actually now he can be quite kawaii and kakkoi at the same time. x) Plus he has a nice voice na~ hm.
But in the past his eyes could SMILE!

*watching Kindaichi*
Dad: hey that guy looks a lot like Domoto Tsuyoshi. (he says his name in Chinese)
Me: ... papa. That IS Tsuyoshi.
Dad: HUH!?! Is ah? He looks so different last time!
*Koichi appears*
Me: HAHA!!
Dad: Tang Ben Guang right??
Me: It's Tang Ben Guang YI lah!

You see he could point out Koichi better, because Koichi hasn't changed that much! And he kept saying, "he changed a lot leh!" when I watched SUMMER SNOW. ^^; And no, my dad doesnt purposely sit down and watch these with me. It's either he has nothing to do or after dinner he just sits in the living room x)

But I think the only group where he remembers the names is KinKi Kids. o.O haiya but the names are easy to remember.

I still remember Koichi's cameo in 金田一, haha! So cute. But I was kind of freaked out by the first two episodes of Kindaichi season 2. The masks. >__< You know luckily I don't take science anymore or forever I won't want to step into the labs.

And Vanessa, you still dared to watch it in the middle of the night!!

Okie. finished fangirling. I shall go for homework marathon now.

Listening to: FANTASTIPO - Toraji.Haiji
Tsuyoshi's voice inside <3 Listening to this song reminds me of the polka dot skirt Vanessa was eyeing on!

I checked my last.fm account, and I saw the song PANIC DISORDER ranked pretty high on my top tracks list. WAH. Did I actually listen to that song that much? I like that song. (:

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double *kon*!

Shuuji: "...gomena! Kon Kon!"
Akira: "...Shuuji ga kitekurete, ureshii! KON!"

From Music Station Super Live 2005! xD

Ahh listened Only Human until I cried. >__<

Going out with Vanessa today! ((: Homework and some shopping. ^^

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i am a fangirl after all xD

Yes I did say I don't want to "fangirl" Tsuyoshi but I am doing that!! xDD Sorry I get excited over things related to tortoises/kame. (Kame as in tortoise, not Kamenashi Kazuya ^^;; )

He wore this in October's Wink Up, and in December's Wink Up I couldn't see it because he hid it behind his shirt, so I thought maybe it's the same black strap but the pendant is different. Then I saw the same pendant in H Album (limited edition) photos! xD

So cute! See? Tortoise pendants are nice. :P (Okay maybe that's what I think only.)

It reminds me of that time at Underwater World with Resha and Sky. I wanted the dolphin pendant because it looked so pretty. Then before I really decided to buy it, I changed my mind and picked out a tortoise pendant instead. xD Because...

It's unique! I mean, people usually get the dolphin one... Because dolphins are graceful and beautiful and all.. But they don't get the tortoise one. (Few people do I guess.) So I took the tortoise one because it reminds me of my obese "little" kame at home, enjoying her time behind the door of the washroom. ^^;

NOOOO I did NOT get that necklace because of Tsuyoshi! I bought that pendant WAYYYYYY before I noticed he wore one! I mean, I only saw this today and I bought the necklace, like, 2months plus ago. Besides mine is silver. :P Silver is a nicer colour :PPP


Yes I finished fangirling... over a kame pendant HAHA.

Not forgetting...

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You're Mukai Arata from "Aiken Rosinante no
Sainan". You have absolutely no idea
what's going on most of the time--not that you
don't care, your brain just can't register it
fast enough. But you've got your heart in the
right place.

Which Domoto Tsuyoshi Character Are You Most Like?
brought to you by Quizilla

quiz result Tsuyo
You are Domoto Tsuyoshi! You are overstressed and
slightly depressed due to your hectic work
schedule. Your only and favourite hobby for how
is fishing, if you can somehow find the time to
do so. You paint your nails and wear skirts
every now and then. You are simply getting

Which member of KinKi Kids are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Are? I mean... Tsuyoshi doesn't wear skirts.....right? O_O
Ahaha but I got Arata?! "Maa ika!" xD Arata is like a blur little student who has a real love for animals. <3

sou desu, some time ago someone by the nickname of Fujiwara passed by my blog. Arigatou ne!! And for your comments and rakugaki doodling! ^__^ Couldn't email her/him because she/he never left an address/email na... (:

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in my heart;

Uwa, sometimes this song makes me wish I had bought the regular edition instead. Hm okay, I don't understand the whole song, but I could make out some English and.. some of the English was only realised after looking at the romanji version of the song. *faints*

"I believe this story hasn't ended yet, but...
In my heart
I’ll never need your love again
Everything is over now..."

Holidays are ending!!!!!!!!!!!! *cries*

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Shounen Club 11/12/2005

Producer: Kato Shigeaki
Theme: Arigatou

Ryo looked happy playing. And he rid himself of his 1 Litre no Namida hair!

Hikaru's letter was sweet! He addressed it to Yuuto. He said something like:

"I have four siblings at home/ I am part of four siblings, but I don't have a younger brother. Yuuto doesn't have an older brother. So if I can be your older brother, I'd be very happy."

And I guess Yuuto's reply was that he mentioned that he wanted Kame and Hikaru as brothers in Jyannis. "Kamenashi is the eldest, Hikaru is the second eldest and I will be the third."

During the letter exchange section, they played Ao no Jidai, PIANO version! But then after the touching music, suddenly the light shies on Yabu and he starts to sing. I still can't adapt to his voice. Shoon seemed to be missing from the whole show! Did something happen to him? They always let Hikaru and Yabu sing. So unfair.

Didn't know Yamapi wrote Ashita he.

Keii-chan piggy-backed Massu! Massu is so heavy! Keii-chan is so skinny! And after their verse they fell down lol.

Kawai (from Acrobat Boys Club; eeee don't want to say ABC) was such a cute baby last time! But he grew up to be er..

I didn't like Shige's solo. :( He wasn't dancing vigorously enough. And It's practically all rapping! I'd rather he SING. Wahhh and why did they add so many English words inside?!

I skipped a lot. Including Takki and WONDERFUL WORLD. (Tbeen singing Wonderful World for AGES.)

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